Have More Fun Playing Acoustic Guitar

Have More Fun Playing Acoustic Guitar

And get better in the process.

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Tony's Acoustic Challenge

How Does it Work?

Tony's Acoustic Challenge is a daily guitar exercise that rotates through the 5 essential categories of guitar improvement so you become a well-rounded player and never get bored!

1. Login Daily

A new guitar exercise is released every week day.

2. Do The Exercise

Each exercise takes about 10 minutes to complete.

3. Reflect & Evaluate

Your progress is tracked within the online dashboard.

On Your Time

Every day you'll have something fun to play. Only have time for one or two logins per week? No problem. Easily download the tab, the full video lesson, or favorite any lesson and come back to it later.


At Your Pace

First you'll watch the short explanation video (4 to 7 minutes long), then you'll play along and gradually increase your speed.

A Virtual Acoustic
Guitar Playground

Rhythm Guitar

Solos & Improv

Chord Transitions

Finger Exercises


Backing Tracks

Bluegrass Licks

Blues Licks

Fingerpicking Licks

Flatpicking Licks

Cross-picking Licks

Traditional Licks

More Than Just Daily Practice

TAC Academy

A progressive learning path that guides you through courses that focus on specific guitar techniques and skills.

Weekly Coaching

Stay focused on your goals & keep a positive outlook with weekly  coaching  from Tony delivered to your inbox. 

5-Day Challenges

Join the group with our periodic guitar challenges that focus on common pitfalls like barre chords or pinky strength.

Collect Your Exercises

Curate your own feed of guitar exercises. Easily file them by category and come back to them again and again.

No Guitar Snobs

We have the world's most amazing guitar community full of positive, supportive, and genuine acoustic guitar friends. 

Local Jam Groups

Join a local jam group or start your own. It's super easy to get on the member map and find locals to play with.

Submit For Feedback

Get inspired by video submissions of other members or post your own on the forums for encouragement from members.

Monthly Live Guitar Party

Join the live guitar workshop Q&A with Tony on the first Wednesday of every month for a boost of guitar momentum, small wins, and fun.

Monthly Guitar Give-Away

When you complete all 20 guitar challenges for the month you'll automatically get entered to win a guitar during the live Guitar Party.

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The Acoustic Tuesday Show

Every Tuesday morning I bring you my list of guitar geek gear finds, music discoveries, and inspiration to keep you on the right path to maximum fun on your acoustic guitar journey. Guitar Geeks, Unite!

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We Play Every Day Community

In between Acoustic Tuesday episodes, the Guitar Geek community is staying inspired in the We Play Every Day group on Facebook. If you want to get out of your guitar rut and surround yourself with daily positivity and support that keeps you out of the rut, please come join us asap!

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