Announcing Annual Memberships!


UPDATE: If you’re one of the early beta test members, send us an email here if you’re interested in a recurring annual payment. 

The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

We’ve had so many members asking for this feature that last week we dropped everything and just made it happen.

Today we’re finally announcing annual memberships for Tony’s Acoustic Challenge.

Why should you be excited?

Because it allows you to get a whopping 45% discount.

When you switch to the new annual plan, you’ll go from $348/year to just $197.

That’s $16.41 per month (or $0.54 per day!)

It’s the best way we could think of to give high fives to the most committed and loyal TAC members…

How to upgrade to Annual Membership:

STEP 1: Make sure you’re logged in

STEP 2: Click this link to visit the upgrade page

STEP 3: Click “Yes, I want to save 45%!” and follow the prompts

Your current month will automatically be pro-rated.

Don’t wait, upgrade today!



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