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Tony’s Acoustic Challenge got it’s first paying member on March 28, 2014. Now, just 15 months later, we’re getting our legs under us and preparing for long and steady growth. More on that in a minute…

In the early days we focused on validating the need for this unique approach to learning guitar. We spent several months listening to your feedback and refining the membership program.

The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

We still do this (and always will) but there were a couple of big wins like Practice Plan and Performances that really helped shape what TAC has become.

So now that we’ve hit a major milestone and point of stability, we’re planning some backend improvements and platform optimizations as well as a few things that will affect you directly.

These changes come in a few categories and they span much further than what I’m about to tell you, but these are the most immediate ones…

  • Website speed and overall platform performance
  • Forum speed and performance
  • Improved Support
  • Getting a little crazy & experimental with Hangouts
  • And how YOU can help TAC go to the next level

Website speed and overall platform performance

If you’ve been around for more than a few months, you’ve probably noticed a gradual increase in site speed and a decrease in weird site errors like 404 pages or login errors.

We’re happy to say that over the next few days we’ll be auditing the entire platform for performance and efficiencies.

We’re super exciting about this but we also wanted to let you know in case you experience a hiccup here or there over the next three to four days .

For example, right now the site is a bit slower than usual. This is because we’ve switched servers and are now optimizing everything on the new server. Please be patient and know that things will be blazing fast very soon!

So all of these performance improvements lead me to the next announcement…

The NEW Forum!

It’s almost here. Perhaps just a day away, maybe a few. Here’s the forum update we posted last week of you missed it.

Support gets an upgrade!

If you’ve had a question about your membership or needed help with a problem you were having, you probably noticed that we replied lightning fast. 98% of that is thanks to the one and only Mr. Joel Martin.

Today we’re announcing our new support phone line: (406) 205-TONY.

We’ll be manning the phones 9am to 5pm MDT but we will be offline when we’re filming. We’ll prompt you accordingly when you call so you know what to expect.

We know some of you would prefer to pick up the phone, but most of all, we love the idea of over delivering on service whenever it’s possible.

Which leads me to the next update for today…

Getting a little crazy & experimental with Hangouts

The last ten Live Hangouts have been the same format: Show up at a certain time and ask Tony your guitar questions. You guys have loved this and we’ve been having an absolute blast as well. (click here for the June Hangout Replay)


We’re ready to start experimenting with different times and different formats.

So the July Hangout will be in the evening (something many of you have showed interest in!) and Tony will kick it off with a live whiskey tasting:)

But I’ll let him explain it to you…

As usual we’ll send you a reminder, but make sure to put this event on your calendar so you don’t miss it!

And finally…

Sharing TAC with your friends

Many of you have asked about an easier way to get your friends into TAC.

Right now there’s a waiting list and an invite system which is not the easiest way to get your buddies on board.

We hear you, and we’re throwing around some ideas, but we would really love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and feedback about what you’d like to see.

If you were to get a few of your friends to try it out, what would make it easy and maybe a bit fun? Any ideas?


  1. Profile photo of Robert A
    Robert A

    Amazing course, really enjoy it.

    You should write a book on song writing. I would buy it.

    To write a song seems magical and so far away, it would be awesome to understand it and write one.

    One extra thing to tick off my bucket list 😀

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P


      Glad you dig it!!! There will be some more great songwriting tips and such in the future… actually what is starting to sound like the near future 🙂


  2. Profile photo of Charles B
    Charles B

    How would sending my friends a invite with some clips of what goes on @TAC mabey a mix of Tony playing, and some of the members? Something along that line, we could grab the a link from TAC and send it to our friends & family? What do you think? Imagine receiving that invite!

      1. Profile photo of Charles B
        Charles B

        How can I get a video link as mentioned above? Have some relatives I would like to send it too. Are the invites by TAC request, should I send you a email list? And TAC send out the invite?

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