Download Tony’s Two Albums!

I’m happy for you all to grab both of my albums for free! I can’t wait to get your feedback. If you’d like the physical CDs, I’ve made those available for sale below. If you would like to order both physical signed CDs together, click here. Cheers! – Tony

Want to download Tony’s two albums for free? It’s just one of the many benefits of being a member! Click here to learn more!

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  1. peyman

    hey tony i live in iran and i cant pay in this way for listen ur albums 🙁

    1. Tony P


      Please feel free to send an email to support and we can get you all set up 🙂


  2. Bob K


    I purchased Hog’s Back a while back and really enjoy it. Looking forward to listening to Driftwood.

    Thank you,


  3. Stephen S

    Awesome. Wonderful music that I’ll continue to play in many settings – including work (like right now). I love all the sounds in the background, the foot stomps, the birds, the traffic, and could that be a Montana breeze in there as well? Both these recordings are beautiful, just beautiful. This music creates a wonderful environment with sound and takes me away to so many places and settings in my mind.

    And it inspires me to keep on working at the craft. I will get better. Thank you, Tony.

  4. James [email protected]

    Sounds like a man on the back porch on a lazy afternoon just injoying life and playing on his guitar possible a beer neerby. This man can certainly play well and and loves music. Sounds like a person who would be a good man to make friends with. Good job Tony. very nice nice pickin. Did download however a signed copy would also be nice.
    How do I order TAC member Bigginer James

  5. Emma S

    Hi Tony, thank you so much for making your albums available to download. These are truly awesome and inspiring songs. Refreshing beautiful soundscapes.

    1. Tony P


      Thank you so much for listening to these and for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to listen to them 🙂


  6. Gregorio R

    I absolutely agree with Richard. Could you send me a physical copy SIGNED too please?

    1. Tony P


      Indeed, I will be sending out cds this week.


  7. Richard S

    Tony, You know I just sent Joel a message that in essence said I liked the weekly goals better than the monthly, BUT, after hearing your February objectives pitch, I must confess the whole WIZARD BADGE monthly concept makes great sense! As usual you are right in keeping us motivated and in the words of the Beatles, off of their Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band – “gettin’ better all the time” mindset.

    By the way, please send me a physical SIGNED COPY of your each of your 2 albums. You are a trmendous guitar player as well as a great acoustic song writer.
    I can’t wait for the 2 signed by you albums! Thank you so very much for the downloaded copies. But, I would like to have the composer’s signature on these excellent albums, for posterior

    1. Tony P


      Thank you so much for you kind words!!! I am glad you are keeping motivated; Joel, Levi, and myself are always brainstorming to keep the motivation level high 🙂 I am glad you dig the albums and want a signed copy of each, I will have those out to you this week 🙂


  8. BobGarrity1


    I’ve listened to both downloads and found my wife queuing them up while I was out. That’s a first and signals her continuing support for my attempts to play. The combo of hearing your original work and the semi-private video lessons is a much appreciated relationship and something unique to 99% of our favorite music. Looks like I have no choice but to sign up for the monthly TAC plan … Gladly.

    1. Tony P


      Thank you for signing up and I am very glad to hear not only you, but your family enjoys the albums as well!!! It is really humbling to read your comments, and I am so happy that you guys are digging the albums. Thanks for sharing also!!! Happy pickin to you!!!


  9. Jace O

    Thanks Tony,

    The albums downloaded fine…..great background music as I do my desk work…..looking forward to listening while at home.


    1. Tony P


      Thank you for checking the albums out, and giving them a listen. Enjoy!!!


  10. Ron P

    Thanks Tony for the music hope to listen to them in the morning. Can’t wait to get started with the lessons just bought my first guitar after 50 years.

    1. Tony P


      You are very welcome!!! Congratulations on your guitar purchase!!! Thank you so much for being here!!!


  11. Mike M

    Thanks Tony, I appreciate the gift of music. They will get lots of play time. Very nice tunes. Mike

    1. Tony P


      Thank you kindly, I am glad you dig them 🙂 You made my day!!!


  12. Kevin B

    Thanks very much Tony, I look forward to a great listen!


    Kevin Barrett

  13. Andrea P

    Thanks Tony for this two beautiful albums! I really love every single song in Hog’s Back, very emotional. Keep going!

    1. Tony P


      Thank you so much for your kind words about the albums, I really appreciate the feedback!!!


  14. Bryan S

    Nice tunes and superb style! Brought some warmth to my soul on this chilly Canadian ‘spring’ day! Thks Tony

  15. Gary S

    Tony, Your style is wonderful. It seems you are into alternate tunings more.
    Great songs.

  16. Bill C


    Just bought them both on iTunes. Appreciate the freebie offer…but thought I’d rather give you a sale.

    Great stuff. Plan to listen to it while drinking and cooking. Would be great to get some of these into your challenges.


  17. Carel M

    Tony I love your albums.I allready bought them .They are superb and it inspires me to carry on in the Bluegrass train.You brought me in the world of John Fahey and Tony Rice and many more ,but you are one of them as well!

  18. James H

    I downloaded both albums,have been listening to Driftwood today.Absolutely beautiful guitar playing.Your attention to detail and in the clarity of individual note playing is commendable.Thanks Tony.
    I have been struggling with the Bluegrass Rhythm exercise and needed some inspiration.Need to slow down a bit and get the fluidity necessary with the single note transitions required with that piece.Taking a break and listening to your music helped much.

  19. OldManJam

    What kind of strings are being used on the slide guitar….I don’t hear a lot of string scratch/buzz. Also do you have videos of these songs. You should add all of them to your lessons.

  20. OldManJam

    Hey Guys FYI: I was able to download and extract. But when I click on a track in the folder in Windows Media Player I get this: Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. But I click again and it plays. I’ll try burning on a CD and see what happens cause i want to listen while on the road.

    BTW is Tony going to do some lessons on some of your originals soon? Please…I also want to learn how to be effective on lap steel guitar. I converted one of my high action guitars to lap (think Kelly Joe Phelps) and it is a fun experience. So far the last four of Tony’s songs I ‘ve listen too are slide. Let’s do some sliding! Great job Tony!

    1. Joel

      We do have plans to bring more of Tony’s originals to the Challenge. Good to know there’s some support out there to do this! Were you able to get the media player thing figured out?

      1. OldManJam

        Aloha Joel I am still not able to find a solution to video scratches. They seem to only happen when I open a file online on your site as well as when on Facebook or YouTube. I googled question but the info I get is dated 2012. wonder if I have issue with whatever video player I ‘m using which I don’t know cause I’m not well versed with computer. I did download a lesson and it opened up with QuickTime and the audio sounded fine. I hope you can help cause this scratching noise is annoying. If I find a solution I’ll let you know. Have you gotten this issue from other members?

        1. Joel

          We have not so far seen this issue with other people. Do you have another computer you can test this with, by any chance?

          1. OldManJam

            Okay right now I’m watching Tony and Tommy Emmanuel on YT and no scratching noises at all…went to big Sciota lesson and no scratches either….go figure. This method of me asking or addressing a problem and it simply goes away is my life story…go to the doctor about something and the issue disappears. Hope this does it for me and I won’t have this issue later…we’ll see. Thanks for your efforts! Back to Tommy and Tony!

        2. OldManJam

          Joel the extracted files from Tony’s albums came out as mp4 so I had to convert them to mp3 for them to be recognized by my Windows Media Player. All is well and I’m able to enjoy all of the songs at one time instead of having to open one at at time. All is well. Some really really good music and I do hope Tony will post some lessons of his originals. Any song (all) will make me happy!


    i cant seem to down load the two albums . i click the link and it sends me to my dash board

      1. ARMANDO

        ok i got it i logged out and came back in after clearing my hard drive and the album pics came this time and everything worked out fine thanks again

  22. Kelster

    I love Driftwood (esp. Chicago Song). I’m looking forward to hearing Hog’s Back!

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