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How to Use the Learn the Fretboard Courses

Ok, , if you’re like most guitar players, you’re wondering if you really need to understand music theory. The answer is no. It’s not essential to learn or enjoy guitar. Many “professional” songwriters and guitar players don’t know the basics. But, if you’re in this for heart pounding excitement and ah ha moments, you should definitely learn how the fretboard works! We’ve seen people’s guitar enjoyment skyrocket when they learn how to find notes & chords, create scales, change keys, and navigate the fretboard. 

If you’re not sure if you want to try Fretboard Wizard, start with Foundations of Fretboard Navigation to learn how to find any note on the fretboard. (Skip this if you have access to Fretboard Wizard.)

Fretboard Wizard is a paid add-on to your Tony’s Acoustic Challenge membership. This is an intensive 30-day challenge that follows the familiar TAC daily challenge format. Click here to learn more.

Decoding Alternate Tunings is only available when you’ve completed Fretboard Wizard because it builds on what you’ve learned.