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…what if you could use the whole fretboard to be a better guitar player?

What if you could…

Find any song’s key & chords by ear

Change any song’s key instantly

Find any note, chord, or scale

Improvise knowing you’re using the right notes

Create your own melodies

Speak “the language”

Explore new musical ideas

Or write your own music?

When you ask most new and experienced guitar players this question they believe, deep down, that…

"I'll never understand this stuff."

They believe they’ll eventually “get it” after playing for 20 or 30 years. 
But as you’ll discover, this is far from true. 
Let me ask you this…
Are you happy relying on tab and tutorials to learn songs? 
Are you ok with relying only on memorization to find scales, chords and notes? 
Are you satisfied with your limited knowledge about how music all fits together? 
I know what you’re thinking…
It’s challenging to figure out the minimum effective dose of fretboard knowledge that will be extremely useful in the real world, but not be confusing, boring, or overwhelming. 
It’s also challenging to put yourself in scenarios that will allow you to try out your new found knowledge and reinforce it if you stray from the correct path.
But what’s worse are the negative thoughts and doubts that begin creeping in. 
And if you’ve ever heard yourself saying “I’m never going to get this” or “how on earth am I going to remember this”, it’s ok. That’s totally normal.
And I have good news …

You are in complete control of figuring out the guitar neck and being able to remember it all so you can understand the big picture of music, create your own music, quickly learn new songs by ear, and play confidently with other musicians.

Imagine how it will feel to finally have fretboard fluency.
Imagine having the know-how to not only write songs, change the key of any song, improvise and create melodies, and to do so confidently…

...without any apprehension that you don't understand what's going on.

Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you… all committed to achieving a complete understanding of how notes, chords, scales, and keys work on the fretboard.
Just like you, these people want to play with friends and improvise with ease.
They want to play any scale on a whim and easily learn new songs by ear.
Some of them want to create a family culture of music and deepen their enjoyment and richness of life.
And many of them want to write their own songs and create a legacy for themselves – to be remembered by friends and family for generations.
This is the opportunity that we have today as new and experienced guitar players and it’s the reason that I am so passionate about this. 
This is the reason why I created Fretboard Wizard.

But up until now, there's been a problem...

If you wanted to learn theory as it applies to the guitar you’d have to takes months to go through extremely expensive college level classes, or you’d have to roll the dice with one of those cheap online courses, or worse yet, you’d have to read music theory books and try to make it through without falling asleep.
And after all that expense and effort, you’d STILL have to sift through the wheelbarrow of theory to find the few things that actually apply to the guitar. 
But there’s now a MUCH better way…
The Fretboard Wizard Method has been used by over 11,917 TAC members to learn the fretboard fast and immediately incorporate what they’ve learned into their day-to-day guitar playing scenarios. 
No math. No confusion. No overwhelm. 
So if you’re new to guitar and you’re lacking a foundation and a learning path, or you already know a few things but have always sensed that you’re missing out by not understanding how it all fits together, Fretboard Wizard can help.
Have you caught yourself making any of these common mistakes?

The Four MOST Common Mistakes ...


"I'm not ready to learn music theory…"

  • I’m brand new to guitar so I can’t learn theory yet.
  • I’ve been playing for years, but I need to reach X level before I’m ready to learn theory.


Understanding how the fretboard works is the #1 thing you should learn so you can improve at guitar much faster.


"I need a comprehensive understanding of music theory…"

  • There are six, 12-week theory courses at Berklee Online for $1500 each!
  • There’s so much to learn! How do I know what applies to the guitar?
  • Don’t I need to know standard notation?


You need to know less than 10% of music theory to fully enjoy what’s possible on guitar. (And standard notation is NOT necessary, so don’t let it be a roadblock.)


"I don’t have time, so I'll just stay stuck and play what I know…"

  • I’d rather just play my guitar now and have fun instead of reading about a topic that doesn’t give me instant gratification.


When you only learn what’s essential, you CAN learn the fretboard fast.


"I don’t have what it takes to learn theory…"

  • I’ve tried before and it befuddles me!
  • ​I just can’t learn this type of thing.
  • ​I’ll never get it.


Anybody can learn the fretboard. Even you!

"After taking the course I find that
I use it ALL the time!"

Watch Jo’s story to see her talk about her Fretboard Wizard experience.


Are you a new guitar player who’s lacking a foundation and a learning path?

The Fretboard Wizard Method will help you leap frog your guitar journey like nothing else by opening your eyes to a clear path to real fun and enjoyment.


Have you felt that you’re missing out by not understanding how it all fits together?

The Fretboard Wizard Method will help you snap out of your guitar rut and answer all those questions that have kept you from advancing to the next level in your playing.

The Fretboard Wizard 3-Step Learning Process

Our unique 3-step process guarantees you’ll actually learn this stuff.

No overwhelm. No confusion.

Learn Each Concept

Watch each lesson to learn the concept and see the examples.

Try What You've Just Learned

Each day you’ll try what you learned with the hands-on challenge.

Confirm Your Understanding

Each week you’ll take the retention quiz to confirm your understanding.


Daily Time Commitment: 15 minutes

Each daily lesson includes a “challenge” that will help you apply the new skill in a real-world scenario.  You can go through the course at your own pace, on your own time, as many times as you like. You’ve got access as long as you’re a TAC member!


Musical Alphabet

Everything you learn in the rest of the program will build upon this simple framework. Get ready for plenty of lightbulb moments! This week: learn the musical alphabet, create a major scale (and why it’s important), find the key by ear, and learn the minor scale formula.


The Chord Matrix

The Chord Matrix is a simple tool you’ll use to find scales, chords within a key, and notes for soloing. This week: learn to make a chord matrix, how to make chords major or minor, find the chords to a song by ear, and learn the Nashville Number System so you can change keys instantly.


CAGED Navigation

The CAGED system helps you find chords, notes, and scales in five different locations to connect & unlock the entire fretboard. This week: learn CAGED, focus on one chord shape and scale shape each day, then see how they all connect. Prepare for your mind to be blown!


Building Blocks of Soloing

Learn the four methods of soloing. This week: First, play a scale over a chord progression, then get a bit more musical by playing chord tones as you solo, add even more to your solos by finding the melody of any song, then learn to find harmony notes.

30-Day Lesson Schedule

Watch a Free Sample Lesson

The musical alphabet is the foundation of the entire Fretboard Wizard program. Watch the very first lesson below for free.



This program is for new & experienced guitar players who want to stop relying on tabs and song tutorials, find the key and chords to any song by ear, understand “the language” and write their own music WITHOUT paying $4,565 for a college theory certificate, taking a chance on cheap online courses or reading boring theory books that don’t apply to guitar.

A 30-day program that helps you learn, confirm, and apply the fretboard concepts that guitar players use 90% of the time.

Get access to Fretboard Wizard for as long as you’re a TAC member.



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College music theory courses cost between $1200 and $6000 plus 12 to 60 weeks of your time. Fretboard Wizard gives you only the skills you need, without the “wheelbarrow” full of music theory you’d have to sift through to find these four skills you’ll use 90% of the time you pick up your guitar.

This process of learning the fretboard has worked for over ten thousand TAC Members, and I know it will work for you. But if you don’t think I’ve delivered on my promise or you don’t think this class is the right fit for you, email us within 60 days of purchase at [email protected] and ask for a refund.

You Might Be Wondering...

Fretboard Wizard is notorious for helping you get more fun out of the TAC Daily Challenge because you’ll make connections you never perceived before.

Since this follows the same “daily challenge” format as TAC, you can go through it while keeping your regular TAC guitar routine.

If you don’t have time to do both, just focus on Fretboard Wizard and then go back to your TAC daily challenge routine once you’ve completed the program.

If you’re new to TAC, replace the Daily Challenge with 30 Days to Play to get your momentum going before diving into Fretboard Wizard.

We highly recommend completing the Fretboard Wizard course imperfectly first, then cycling back through it once or twice per year. Each time you’ll make new connections and have bigger ah ha moments.

All lessons are pre-recorded so you can watch or re-watch the course anytime, 24/7.

Whether you’re new to guitar or you’ve been at it for years, you will absolutely get breakthroughs that are worth your investment.

Yes, only TAC members are able to enroll in Fretboard Wizard. Once you enroll, you can access it via the link on the top left of your member home page or within the Skill Courses section.

Class starts as soon as you purchase the program and you’ll have access to all materials for as long as you’re a TAC member. It is encouraged to revisit Fretboard Wizard over and over to make new connections and stay fresh on your fretboard skills.

Fretboard Wizard is a TAC membership add-on. In other words, you’ll pay a one-time fee to add this to your membership.

If you cancel your TAC membership, you will no longer have access to the TAC Daily Challenges or the Fretboard Wizard program.


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