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  1. Profile photo of Andy L
    Andy L

    Nice to see a Guild OM review – I’m very interested in the OM-150, which I’m looking at buying with some money I’ll come into in November. Positive reviews of its stable mates are always a good sign!

  2. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Tony, I enjoyed the review and I am glad to see you are doing guitar reviews again because that is what caused me stumble upon you in the first placed. But I am a bit surprised you wore a Taylor Guitar t-shirt while doing a Guild Guitar Review. I hope the folks at Guild are not offended.

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      LOL I tried to even that out in future reviews 🙂


  3. Woodsy Howell

    I have a Guild D30 and love it. Guild has the edge on deep, resonant bass tones in their acoustics. But I think the trend towards the dark top is ugly. Spruce is light. But then we live in an ugly age.

  4. Gary E Michaels

    Hey Tong – I am a fellow Chicagoan ( northsider, I know, go Cubbies). Anyway I owned a Guild cutaway purchased in the late seventies. It along with a rosewood Mossman, a first edition Ovation Adamas and a 1961 Gibson ES-345 were stolen off of my sailboat in the late 80’s. The Guild was a sweet player, produced at their Rhode Island Facility. It had mahogany back and sides. As far as the top, I want to say it was spruce. Tony, I have subscribed to both your Music Villa and your own website forever. I am now an old graying hippie that looks forward to all of your reviews. You give the buyer pretty much what one needs to know before laying out precious sums of that almighty dollar. I am pretty much a twelve string guy lately. I have a Martin D12-28 and a Guild twelve ( mahogany,made in China, $300 from basically an electric guitar dealer who wanted to unload it ). Tony, I have a habit of rambling on, but thanks for all the on point reviews and look forward to them keep on coming.
    A loyal fan and Subscriber, Gary E. Michaels.

  5. Joe Mudd

    Is Ren Ferguson still with Guild and what is the status of Cordoba and Guild?
    is this guitar the influence of Ren?

  6. Joe Mudd

    Hey Tony, what’s the story about Ren Ferguson and Guild and Cordoba? I haven’t heard anything
    for a number of years. Is he still there and having an influence? is this guitar his influence?

  7. Profile photo of pj-pete

    Hi Tony. Nice job per usual! I do like this guitar but here’s my problem. I went on line and read up on the specs in the interest to purchase it… but what turned me off was that it’s made in China. Almost everything I own is made in China. I can accept that. Maybe this is fine for a novice player or someone on a budget…but China? Really?? Not when it comes to me and my guitar! I think I would rather tell a beginner to get a Martin DRS2 …made in Mexico…but this is really all just my humble opinion. I’m just an old guy with a couple of guitars made in Nazareth, PA. You can’t get no better than that. Call me old fashioned and a purist… but China? No offence to the Chinese, but THIS is a guitar thing!
    Once again…You did a great job presenting this guitar. Take care and thanks. Looking forward to the next 10. 😉

    1. Profile photo of pj-pete

      Tony. This is a little revamp of my review 2 days ago. I did some more research and found something I was unaware of. The wood for making guitars is running low. That’s why we’re seeing all the different types of wood used in guitars. Apparently the rosewoods and mahogany’s are getting more rare, thus we have extremely exorbedent pricing on the older Brazillian rosewood guitars as well as very high prices on real rosewood guitars. This explains the upswing on Asian made guitars I guess. According to my sources, the value of Martins and all of our ‘good ol’ guitars are going to keep on increasing in value. The only real negative side of an Asian guitar, once again quoting my sources, is that it won’t keep it’s value. So…hold on to your guitars! 😉

  8. David N

    Tony, are you old enough to remember Ritchie Havens? LOL Another great review. Your description hits most of the key aspects of the guitar – I would have liked to know about bracing – and your playing the same songs and chords in each review really helps me compare one guitar to another. I can’t wait for the next 10 reviews 🙂

  9. Tony from Boise

    Tony- awesome- my first real guitar was a ‘Guild ’72 D-40. You brought me right back to my teenage self!

  10. jeff

    Excellent review Tony and I look forward to your upcoming reviews. What impresses me along with
    your in-depth description, is that your play many different styles to show off the guitar, and over the
    years you’ve played those same songs so I can hear and understand the different guitars you review.

    , Thanks

  11. Michael

    Thank you for reviewing and spotlighting Guild Guitars again. I have two Westerly’s in my collection, a 76 G-37 and a 94 DV-52. This OM-120 sounds every bit as good. I’m convinced that Guild is one of the best “bang for your buck” guitars out there.

  12. Larry Chisholm

    Hello Tony, YES!! Guild guitars are the greatest in the world! I should know I have two of the finest: Guild JF65-12 string made in Westerly, RI. Sept. 17, 1981. And Guild D-55 acoustic electric with the D-Tar Multi-Source System Pickup made in Hartford, CT. Nov. 13, 2013. They are both made in the USA! I am glad that Cordoba Music Group bought the company. I am very glad that Ren Ferguson is in charge of Guild Guitar Company. Thank you Tony for a great demonstration of the Guild OM-120 beautiful sounding guitar!

  13. Alan

    As a native of Newport, RI (and a veteran of many Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals), I just want to point out to your viewers that the “Westerly” on the label inside the guitar is a reference to Westerly, RI where Guilds were manufactured beginning in 1967. I owned a 1976 Guild D-35 for 37 years before trading it in for a Huss & Dalton dreadnought. Loved my Guild for all those years, and very pleased to see Guild guitars making a comeback under Fender.

  14. Profile photo of Charlie D
    Charlie D

    Hi Tony

    I am gla d to see you are doing guitar reviews again! A couple of years ago I bought my daughter a nice little M-120 all mahogany (made in China) as her first guitar. I found the size to be very comfortable for her (and me too!) and that the sound was warm and mellow but still quite loud. Do you know if the OM-120 is quite similar other than greater decoration purfling, etc.. I was hoping they would revive the M-20 , famously associated with Nick Drake. I guess this model comes pretty close!


    Charlie D

    1. Jim Duggan

      M-20 is back! Made in the new US plant. I just bought one from my local dealer. Well made, similar neck to this OM-120 and great town.

    2. Peter

      Guild is now making the M-20 in America in California. Believe they are now available along with a Dred model.

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