Learn Last Steam Engine Train

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Learn to play Learn Last Steam Engine Train with this month’s deluxe, multi-section, step-by-step acoustic guitar lesson! Learn important acoustic guitar fundamentals that you can use in other songs and situations. Leave a comment below to let everyone know how you’re doing!

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  1. Ron M

    Woohoo! I’ve been working on this since at least last October. I’m kinda new to fingerstyle so maybe it was too advanced to start with but I really enjoyed the challenge and – I can play this now. Awesome. :-)))

  2. Oscar M

    Hey Tony, I’m almost there as I’m currently working on the second section of Freight Train. The first section included the slide which was a new technique for me, as well as the barre on the 7th fret, and after much practice I almost can play that section up to speed. Yeah! So, I am enjoying your lessons and hope to learn all the pieces you’ve provided. Thanks, Oscar

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