Learn The Most Popular Bluegrass Lick

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Hey there, Tony Polecastro here. Today, we’re going to learn the Bluegrass G Run, probably the most popular Bluegrass guitar lick. You can use it to kick off a song. You can use it to end a song. You can use it right smack at in the middle of the song as filler. It is something you absolutely need to know if you own an acoustic guitar.

The G Run starts in the third fret of our low E string, and then ascends all the way to the open G string. The one thing that I want you to pay special, special attention to is pick direction. We’re going to use the pick direction as follows: down, down, up, down, up, down, up, down. The reason why I think this is so important is number one, if you’re going to add this to your repertoire, you need to do so smoothly. If you’re adding it to the middle of a song and you use a weird pick direction, it’s going to present a very obvious hiccup within the song. 

However, if you use that pick direction, it will no doubt be a great addition to your playing and you will do so smoothly. Let’s take a look at that G Run right now.