Learn This Simple Bluegrass Flatpicking Ending

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Hey there. Tone Polecastro here and today we’re going to look at an ending for the key of G. A little flat pick flurry if you will, starting on the high E string and ending on a closed position G chord. It’s a very nice delicate way to end a tune, maybe you just finished a bluegrass rager and you want to throw a curveball and finish it delicately instead of the classic G run. This lick will suffice. 

We’re going to start on the high E string and essentially descend a G major scale. Once we get to the G string, then what we’re going to do is fret it on the second fret, slide forward to the 4th fret, grab the 3rd fret of the B, and where I’m going with this is our closed position G, which is just like a little mini F chord slid up 2 frets to the 3rd fret. It’s a great way to end a tune. Take this one slow at first because it’s kind of a little roller coastery in the beginning. It’s kind of a tongue twister, but once you get it and you end up sliding in that high kind of closed position G chord, I am sure you will absolutely love it. So we’re going have a look at this closing G lick right now.