Learn to Play Big Sandy River

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Learn to play Big Sandy River with this month’s deluxe, multi-section, step-by-step acoustic guitar lesson! Learn important acoustic guitar fundamentals that you can use in other songs and situations. Leave a comment below to let everyone know how you’re doing!

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  1. James H

    Thanks Levi, my folks live near Sparta,Tennessee,home of Lester Flatt.They have a nice momento to him on the town square area.They also have a Bluegrass Jam there during the week that I have always wanted to check out.Listening to Jimmy Martin now,my roots are in Rock,but I appreciate this style of music also.Thanks for this great site.

  2. James H

    This is my first riff that I have been working on since joining The Acoustic Challenge.Like Tony says,you have to take one section at a time with this.I have been playing Pentatonic scales and blues/rock material as a hobby for years,but this style of playing is relatively new to me but I really am enjoying it.
    I always liked listening to traditional Bluegrass.Jimmy Martin,Bill Monroe,Flatt And Scruggs were my favorites.This is a great program that makes it fun to learn this style of guitar playing,even at the tender age of 60.

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