Learn to play Freight Train

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Learn to play Freight Train with this month’s deluxe, multi-section, step-by-step acoustic guitar lesson! Learn important acoustic guitar fundamentals that you can use in other songs and situations. Leave a comment below to let everyone know how you’re doing!

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  1. Paul S

    Love this song. Any recommendation for playing it longer? Parts to repeat?

    1. jammybilly

      Hi Paul S, I’m not sure if you caught it but he said this was a song by Elizabeth Cotton. If you don’t get a quick reply maybe you could youtube/google her name and/or the name of the tune and see if there are any longer versions out there. Sorry if you have already done that. Yeah, I do agree with you though, good tunes, but quite short. Good for us beginners though!!!

      1. Paul Spencer

        Great idea Andrew J! I actually did not think to do that.

  2. Paul S

    I’m a beginning player and have learned this one after almost two months of perseverance and love fingerstyle. Which song do you recommend to learn next? Last Steam Engine Train or Brenda’s Blue? I know they are both difficult!

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