Is TAC Premium a Perfect Fit For You?

  • Build skills with the daily challenge
  • Build your repertoire with the monthly song lesson
  • Over 40 Fingerpicking & Flatpicking must-know songs in Starter, Easy, Medium & Hard

Yes! Please upgrade me to the Tony’s Acoustic Challenge Premium monthly membership for $29 per month. I understand that if I sign up today, I’ll have instant access to the three bonuses Tony mentioned in the video. I also understand there’s a 60 day money-back guarantee so there’s zero risk for me to try it.

Emma STAC Premium

I was worried that I wouldn't be capable of playing any of the songs and lessons.

But I found that the friendly supportive like minded folks on the site really motivated and inspired me to push past my boundaries. The lessons are superb, and are very clearly demoed and explained. The song lessons are broken down into bite sized chunks, which really helps to understand the note values, rhythm, tempo and technique required for the song.

The Daily Practice Plan has been amazing with my progress. This was the structure that I was previously lacking. I never in a million years thought I'd be recording videos of my playing, but TAC has given me so much confidence. I used to feel really frustrated with myself because I couldn't play when my family were at home, but thanks to TAC I now play in front of family and friends. I've already told a friend about TAC, who is fascinated with fingerpicking. Fingers crossed he hops aboard.


Tony's Acoustic Challenge is the best place to learn fingerpicking and flatpicking, period.

But this needs to be a perfect match for you so I'm offering my 60 Day Perfect Match Money-Back Guarantee. 

If TAC isn't absolutely your dream come true "perfect match" then I want you to email me at [email protected] within 60 days of signing up and I'll immediately refund 100% of what you've paid.

But I want to take it one step further...

We've all had the experience of signing up for something online that seemed absolutely awesome, but then we just never used it. If this happens to you, please email me within 60 days of signing up and I'll refund 100% of what you've paid.​

Roger LTAC Premium

I almost didn't join TAC because I was already taking online guitar lessons that were very well done and I didn't think I really needed to take any other.

I found that TAC simplifies the lessons by breaking them down into learnable segments which makes the learning process a whole lot easier. Most online lessons go through a song and you have to rewind it several times to see finger placement, what is actually being played, etc. Tony breaks it down and tells you the finger placement and why (cause it's leading into something a bar or two later - very helpful).

TAC substantially raises the bar for all other online instruction courses. There's a combination of things that keeps me coming back to TAC: The humour, the help from staff and students, the variety, the daily instruction, flatpicking and fingerpicking, the weekly lead practice, and the community news. My guitar skills have definitely improved as well as my confidence as a guitar player. I've been an intermediate guitar player for some time, but my confidence in playing in public was low. TAC is closing that gap and I'm enjoying the spotlight. I recently accepted invitations to play at a friends wedding and my granddaughters daycare. Big stretches for me in the past. TAC is second to none. The daily workouts challenge you to pick that guitar up EVERY day even if it's for only 10 minutes. The easy format makes learning songs far less of a challenge than the traditional methods of online teaching. I have to say, I almost passed on TAC. I had online instruction that I was happy with. It was Tony's video of him at breakfast with a bourban and an axe to crack his eggs that did it for me. I laughed good and hard on that one and made the decision to give it a go. I am glad I did. Love the humor in all his videos!"

Mark RTAC Premium

Having this is soo much better than a weekly 30 minute lesson...

I was initially searching for a guitar teacher where I live and couldn’t find one. If I would have, I probably wouldn’t have signed up, so I'm very lucky that I didn’t. Having this is soo much better than a weekly 30 minute lesson.

My goal initially was just to play 2 x per week for 10 mins, that was it, playing every day would have been too overwhelming. So what hooked me in was this 10 minutes a day thing. I liked it how you weren’t applying lot of pressure to play an hour a day or something like that.

So I started playing just a little bit using your site, maybe once or twice a week, And then, in the holidays, I saw this cracking band playing, with this great guitar player playing, and I thought... I’m sick of wanting to play guitar and not committing, I’m in, from now on, that was it, a done deal.

Since then Ive been playing every day. The Practice Plan is amazing, without a doubt. Tony’s humour is great. I would hate this to be all too serious. I wouldn’t continue. It’s got to be fun. This is so much better than what you get for free. Why? I have never played as much as I do now, that’s why.

Heidi HTAC Premium

I was concerned that my crazy "un-plannable" life would result in not being able to spend enough time with the lessons to do much good, and also, I was initially concerned that the lessons might be way too advanced for a non-musically trained (little to no understanding of "theory", can't read music) person/ mostly "self-taught" guitar "dabbler".

Those fears were quickly put to bed by the very supportive and welcoming group of guitar players of all levels, and Tony's enthusiasm and non-judgemental approach help make it FUN! :D

My schedule/guitar time are still often a challenge, and sometimes the lessons are "over my head", but being able to work at my own pace, whether a couple minutes or a half hour at a time, has been very beneficial. And even if I can't "master" a particular lesson within a day, or a week, being exposed to the training steps is still of immense value.

The option to work into schedule challenges, PLUS having daily skill-builders all laid out. Beyond that, I LOVE that the lessons are explained and demonstrated, then 3 speeds to "play along with", to help build skill and sense of accomplishment in a linear fashion.

The "songs" being divided into manageable "bites", then finally the entire "piece", is also very helpful and different than many instructor's approach. Being able to succeed at a section helps build confidence and sense of accomplishment, so I am much less likely to get overwhelmed, frustrated, and just "give up" because of too many mistakes or trouble with a section, as would otherwise be the case.

I am often exposed to skills and stylistic influences that I otherwise wouldn't have experienced or had access to, (such as finally starting to learn about flatpicking).

It's also great having songs available to learn that are arranged for various skill levels, vs. trying to find a song to learn, maybe finding a song to learn on my own but realizing it's not at an appropriate skill level etc.

PLUS, since I can't read music, without Tony's explaining of the rhythm/timing, advice for HOW to fret the notes or how to learn the picking patterns etc, then the chance to hear what each section should sound like at slower speeds then up-to-tempo, there's no WAY I'd be able to learn to play a song that I didn't already know quite well.. which would be more boring, and MUCH more limiting to attempts to improve!

TAC and the fundamentals course are ESPECIALLY helpful for those of us that wouldn't otherwise have access to much if any guitar instruction of any kind.

The ability to get FEEDBACK from Tony and crew is SO, SO, helpful and valuable! I'm always amazed and impressed with how quickly I can find a response to comments to lessons, or inquiries directed to "support". Whether a question or request to "brainstorm" about the "how" to play something, or ideas to cope with physical challenges, ideas/suggestions re: gear, equipment, useful/important features when selecting a guitar for a particular playing style... the list goes on and on!


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