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The Ultimate Practice Routine

Play the RIGHT thing every day (without ever deciding what to play)

Is The Month of Perfect Practice For You?

This Checklist Should Help...

This is for you if you struggle with knowing WHAT to practice every day.

This is for you if you struggle to find the TIME to practice regularly.

This is for you if you feel like you've stalled when it comes to learning new things on guitar.

This is for you if you feel like you're in a guitar rut and you just can't get out.

This is NOT for you if you can honestly say you get better and more well rounded at guitar, week in and week out, without fail.

What is the Month of Perfect Practice?

The Month of Perfect Practice is a daily, guided acoustic guitar practice routine that will make you a well rounded player by evenly rotating through the essential areas of development. These daily 10 minute video practice sessions are highly entertaining (they keep your attention!) and perfectly well rounded. Here's the weekly schedule...


Warm Ups​

Learn an essential warm up to build up your speed and accuracy.



Learn a new lick to add to your lick arsenal. You'll use this on Wednesday!



Learn a scale then solo over that scale using Tuesday's lick as a starter!



Learn to play the chord progression that you played over yesterday! 


Key Chords

Learn the chords for each key & practice transitioning between them!

**This stand-alone Practice Plan is not offered anywhere else. You can only get it on this page.


"Tony's approach is just so simple, straigt forward, and clear!" - Bruce B

"In 5 months my playing has improved more than I have in the last 5 years!" - Gabe V

"Tony is gifted...he actually makes hard things seem easy!" - Tony M

"It just made me a better player because he breaks it down quite simply!" - Dom


Yes, I want to start my Month of Perfect Practice NOW!

Lifetime access, works great for beginner to experienced players

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Jeff P

I was concerned that TAC would be WAY too advanced for me...

I only started playing guitar one year ago. I have been taking weekly lessons and can strum very basic songs, but I am just getting to the barre chord stage and still slow in changing into more difficult open chords.

I found that it is challenging for someone at my level, but Tony’s instruction (along with the excellent downloadable tabs) is awesome and I can pause and start to get each part. I have been able to complete most of the exercises, although it certainly takes me longer than 10 minutes and I am very slow. That said, I am really enjoying the challenge and gaining an enormous degree of confidence. I also love the fingerpicking, although I am even more of a novice there!

Between work and family responsibilities I would often go a week or more without pulling the guitar out of its case. As all of you know, you do not pick up where you left off two weeks ago but pretty much start over on what you were learning. This made me want to play even less, making guitar a source of frustration instead of pleasure.

The way TAC breaks things into easy to process steps allows me to sneak in a lesson into any break I can get. I started to play during my lunch hour at work. I eat in the car on my way to a local park.

Now not only do I play at least 5 days a week, but sometimes twice a day. When I pick up my guitar after dinner I truly do pick up where I left of at lunch and continue on.

Thanks again Tony for breaking the cycle of frustration and allowing me to become a guiar player and not just a guitar owner.

Bruce B


Yes, I want to start my Month of Perfect Practice NOW!

Lifetime access, works great for beginner to experienced players

$50 Regular Price

60 Day Money Back Guarantee


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