March Live Q&A


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Questions that got answered in this Q&A:

  1. tell us more about the song packs for the web page?
     Glenn Anderson
  2. Hey Tony! Glad to be a part of another Q&A. I won’t be here for the full time this time, but I wanted to thank you for continuing this monthly live Q&A, as well as just say “hi”. 🙂
     Mina Armanini
  3. Would it be possible to have the live Q&A in the evenings sometimes? That would be easier for us office slaves. 😉
     Joe Gehring
  4. Love improv lesson we had. Looking forward to more. How much of practice time do you recommend your students spend on improve & noodling?
     Mark Young
  5. Hi Tony, is this a new Martin for you your holding today or just one we have never seen?
     Kevin Hollabaugh
  6. You guys have a lot of Bluegrass and Folk lessons, are you planning on covering other types of music aswell? Would love if you made some Blues lessons!
     Jacob Cedar
  7. Tony, what’s the deal with your G chord? Why do you have a finger on the 3rd fret of the B string when every other version I’ve been taught has a open B? (PS – What were you smoking when you came up with the trapezoid warmup?)
     Kelly Luse
  8. Does different bridge pins change the tone of your guitar? (like from plastic to bone or ivory)
     Anthon Rossouw
  9. Tony , if you were blindfolded, and were asked to play a random selection of 5-10 of your guitars, how many would you guess correctly?
     Alan Pallat
  10. so you have a newly refinished back on your guitar and you’re wearing a belt buckle…clearly doesn’t bother you, huh?
     Michael Schwartz
  11. I wanted to ask you to tell everyone : Thanx for their healing thoughts, and encouragement as I recover from a broken arm. Can’t play for bout another month.
     Michael Schwartz
  12. Tony, can you talk about Scale Length of different guitars and maybe number of playable frets?
     Bruce Bailey
  13. Any possibility of instructions on right hand FP mechanics? Mr Bill TAC member
     William Nicolson
  14. Ren Ferguson interview part 2? Really all I am trying to find out is whether Gibson had done anything in recent years to compromise the quality of their guitars as in using inferior materials (and is that why he left). Thanks for everything – enjoying TAC!
     Bill Gercken
  15. Tony, I love the finger exercises and daily lessons but some of them are familiar or I have practiced them on other occasions. Have you considered different levels of exercises? eg: beginner, intermediate, advanced…
    Daniel Haley
  16. I Tony ! if you had to invest in just one quality guitar, what will you choose between bass response and volume of dreadnought and the confort of a small body guitar ?
    olivier tremblay
  17. Loving the Practise Plan and especially Wednesday! How about on one day e.g with the chord progression days,have something like 12 bar blues so we can learn rhythm and lead? 🙂
     Zac Chattaway
  18. How many members are there? I see at least 250 per the leader board.
     Dave Henriksen
  19. I just had my guitar professionally setup and the action slightly lowered. With Martin Phos Bronze lite strings everything is fine but putting a set of Pearse silk & bronze lights cause buzzing. Do silk & bronze strings have less tension at the same gauge?
     Ryan Donahue
  20. Hi! i’ve read somewhere that you use the k&k pure mini pickup with an Fishman Aura DI. I’ve heard a transducer pickup sounds not well with the Aura images. So i am surprised of your setup.
     Carsten Bochner
  21. I wanted your opinion on strap pin placement.My
     Don Littlejones
  22. Tony, if you could play any instrument in the world at a high skill level; what would it be?