Martin Dreadnought Junior ★ Detailed Guitar Review

This new Martin travel guitar puts up a great fight against the Taylor GS mini which has historically been my #1 pick for travel guitars. What do you think?

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    1. Russ H

      Thanks Christopher! I believe I’ll do the same. Did you have to adjust the action on yours? Mine is unusually high, so I’ll either have to exchange or have it setup. Appreciate the feedback!

  1. Russ H

    Tony, nice review! Seems your opinion on this guitar is evolving since you reviewed at the Acoustic Letter. Just bought 1 of these and right away wondered if replacing the tusk bridge and nut with bone would add anything. I wondered why Martin chose tusk or if it was just a cost savings, so I asked Martin. Here’s what they said so I wanted to get your take – “We use Tusq in our models that have electronics installed. The density is consistent where it may vary in bone. If you were interested in changing the nut the part number is #13NB ($11.00) and the saddle #13SRBC ($13.00)
    The case for your D Jr. is the 12C0094.” Keep the excellent reviews coming!

  2. Profile photo of Allan Davis
    Allan Davis

    Like the Martin Jr a lot, reminds me of my 35′ 0-17, will check more into it, maybe next Martin.

  3. Michael Strickland

    Nice job, Tony. It sounds really nice. Thanks, as always!

  4. Richard Rasmussen


    Where can I buy the arsenal t shirt you are wearing in the video?
    Dick R.

    1. Jimmy Mack

      Great to see your reviews again. Helped me choose a number of guitars. Too much talking tho, more playing please.

  5. Britton Mistele

    I second what Stewart said….that would be a great comparison!! I would be interested in buying the winner!!

  6. Stewart Rose

    would love to hear the difference between the GS Mini, the Dreadnaught Jr 2 Sepele, and the new Guild Jumbo Jr.

  7. Susanne

    Tony, When you are a woman and your chest gets in the way, so you can’t get the guitar too close if its too tall on your lap and your arms are too short, a full size dreadnaught is so uncomfortable to play. I was so excited to find that both Taylor and Martin made a 15/16 dreadnaught because i like the tonal balance of a dread. I did end up with the Taylor because I wanted a full scale length. Wanted to practice full hand stretched. I love my big baby as it sounds different than my folk and parlor sized guitars. Though now that Martin has come out with a mahogany/sapaele Dread Jr I may need to have one. Will you be able to let us hear one of those?? Thanks

  8. Scott

    Seems more comparable to a Taylor Big Baby than a GS Mini?

  9. Jim Bean

    Yea, I was looking for a travel guitar. I was playing a gs mini. I looked up at the sales guy and said,”I don’t know sure wish it was completely solid”. Then I met my new love in travel. The Martin jr. No question there I took it home then and there. Haven’t used the pick up yet. When I first got it I couldn’t believe how loud and punch it was.

  10. Profile photo of pj-pete

    Master guitar Jedi! Greetings once again. Thanks for this vid. I am in the market to get my adult daughter a good small guitar. She has a full size epiphone but has been talking about getting something a little smaller ‘to fit’ her better.
    This guitar may be the one. Smaller, yet with a big sound. I really like how you focus on the picking during playing. Very cool. Thanks….(padawan Pete) 🙂

  11. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    Hey Tony. I’m so happy that you are doing reviews again. I love listening to all the different guitars to see how they sound. The only problem for me is that to my ear they all sound good. When you were reviewing on The Acoustic Letter I always found it very helpful when you played and compared 2 guitars (vs.) so I could here how one sounds relative to the other. If you could occasionally compare 2 guitars that would be very helpful to me. Thanks. Gary.

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