Our Core Values

We have 3 core values at Tony’s Acoustic Challenge that guide everything we do and teach. 

#1 Simplicity

Others think more is better. More instructors, more lessons, more, more, more! At TAC, we believe in essentialism and we work hard every day to focus on the vital few things that get you the most fun and consistent improvement without overwhelm.

#2 Fun

The common belief is that your goal should be to "master" the guitar. At TAC we believe that creating a fun process of getting better should be the goal. Don't put off having fun until you master the guitar. Instead, focus on having fun every time you pick up your guitar.

#3 Connection

Guitar is better with friends. Plain and simple.  TAC gives you the tools to find locals to play with and the education to get the most fun out of playing with others. We're always looking for better ways to help you connect with and be inspired by others on TAC.

The 3 Pillars of Guitar Practice

Follow the 3 Pillars of Effective Guitar Practice to build a rock solid guitar practice habit. When something just doesn’t feel “right” with your guitar practice, review the 3 Pillars of Practice to get back on track.

#1 Prime Your Time

#2 Practice With Purpose

#3 Reflect & Evaluate

The 5 Essential Categories of Guitar Practice

When you rotate through each guitar practice category every week, you’ll improve finger strength, accuracy, and confidence so you can have maximum fun when you play songs or jam with friends. Plus, you’ll become a well-rounded player without the fear that you’re leaving out key elements from your practice routine.

1. Monday Warm Ups

2. Tuesday Guitar Licks

3. Wednesday Improv & Scale

4. Thursday Rhythm Guitar

5. Friday Chord Transitions