Mule Resophonic ★ Guitar Review

Thanks to TAC member, Fred, for tipping me off to Mule Resophonic guitars! Please enjoy this detailed guitar review.

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  1. Jamie Etherington

    My Mule (#225 brass tri-cone) should be delivered within the week. If can’t praise Matt, Phil and Smithers highly enough – the whole build process from conception to Matt sending photos of the completed Mule has been a totally inclusive and uplifting experience. It is wonderful to these talented and skilled guys starting to receive due recognition and accolades – fantastic guitars built by wonderful human beings! There’s a growing Mule Appreciation Society down here in Australia.

  2. Profile photo of Mark D
    Mark D

    I have been on the waiting list for my Mule for about a month. REALLY glad I got on the list before Tony’s review. I’ve got about 6 months left until my build. I noticed a couple days after the review the wait went from 7 months to 11 months.

  3. Jo

    I, too, love the the finish and the sound on the slide demo. You realy made it sing, Tony!!

  4. John

    Great review of a very cool guitar. You sure can make them sing. Nice job Tony and Thank you Matt.

  5. Profile photo of James H
    James H

    Wow,that was great review on a cool guitar.I bought a Gretsch Boxcar with a laminated Mahogany body a few months ago just to try this type of guitar to see if I liked it or not without spending a bunch.It fills the bill for that,and actually sounds pretty good with the warm woody tone that it produces.
    But to me I really like the steel bodies the best,and this looks like a real stand out.+1 on Tony giving some slide lessons on TAC in the future.I have never had proper training on slide technique,probably why I pretty much flat pick the Gretsch most of the time.

  6. Profile photo of Gord B
    Gord B

    Bad news!
    Now I want one!

    Really nice to hear you play slide. Hoping it comes along soon at TAC.


  7. Profile photo of PJ- Pete
    PJ- Pete

    Guitar master Jedi Tony,
    As always…nice job and great review! I wasn’t crazy how this guitar sounded flat picking style but the slide guitar was really cool. Adios muchacho.

  8. Rich

    Damn Tony, you made that guitar cry and sing!

  9. Profile photo of peter m
    peter m

    Really nice steel guitar! Also nice to hear you play some slide. Thanks for the review and thanks to Fred for getting it going.


    Tony, we’re still waiting to see your review of the new Batson Acoustics. American Songwriter just wrote an awesome review of their Troubadour model, and I’d really love to hear what you say about them. They look gorgeous.

  11. Jerry

    “Distressed” finishes usually leave me cold, but that one is beautiful! I’ve had trouble with barring with resonators I’ve tried before, how easy is this to play?

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