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In the Tony’s Acoustic Challenge world of one awesome 10 minute guitar practice every day, sometimes it can feel like water under a bridge around here. One day you discover an awesome lick, warm-up, or chord progression, and the next day it’s gone, lost in a sea of amazing guitar exercises.

But what if you really LOVED that one scale lesson or lick and you want to come back to it again and again because it’s just so darn fun?

The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

What then?

Before now, you’d have to keep track of the month and day it occurred and then navigate all the way back to that day. Not the most optimal situation!

Today I’m so very excited to announce the release of our most requested feature EVER…




Now you can click the “favorite” icon at the top of any exercise and have it filed in one of five categories on the favorites tab of your profile. Click “Favorites” in the left hand navigation to instantly return to your list of favorites.







Are you excited about this? How will you use this new feature? Any ideas for what we should work on next?



  1. Profile photo of Jeff O (Strummer5557)
    Jeff O (Strummer5557)

    Yeah, I woke up this morning and said to myself, “Self…You need to thank Tony”. Of course I agreed, and so…

    Thanks so much Tony, the sight is so much better. I think we’re all going to enjoy the sight even more now.


  2. Profile photo of Robert G
    Robert G

    Here I am on Sunday after frantically trying to catch up with the Mon-Fri lessons and having a few minutes to actually dig in deeper and work on harder-to-me cool sounding lessons. Marking 4 as Favorites it was so easy to get to what I wanted to work on without having to write down, print or otherwise attempt to augment my limited memory. Not sure what the limit might be on favorites but I’m thinking I’ll test it. This is indeed a valuable new TAC feature.

  3. Profile photo of Emma S
    Emma S

    Hi Tony & Levi, this is a awesome feature and I’m putting this to good use. Thank you for adding this feature.

  4. Profile photo of Bart H
    Bart H

    Hi Tony,
    a very useful feature! I was about to download my favorites on my computer, but this really is a very nice alternative!

  5. Profile photo of Michael D
    Michael D

    Holy cats! What an awesome update. As Steve Martin said, “I want to thank you all personally. Thank you, thank you, thank you…even my thank yous thank you!”
    So, unless I was unclear in my use of Martin’s quote, Thank you 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Gord B
    Gord B

    Tony and Joel

    You’re right this is the long awaited feature I’ve ( many) of us early “students” have been waiting for!!!
    I can now save a tree lol from printing off lessons that most beneficial to my guitar journey !

    Excellent work !

  7. Profile photo of Corrado M
    Corrado M

    Yeah! It’s a great feature. It helps me when I want to come back to a daily lesson that needs some more work. I suggest to add the option “remove from favourite”. Thanks for all!

    1. Profile photo of Levi

      Hi Corrado! All you have to do is click the favorite button again on the exercise and it will be gone. Empty star = not favorited, full star = favorited. Hope that helps!

  8. Profile photo of James H
    James H

    Great feature,I started mine out with Fairy Godmother,will have to go through the archives to add some more.Thanks so much,this site is really evolving into my go to place for all things guitar.

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