NEW! What’s coming next?

Today I’m announcing the release of a batch of substantial releases, updates, and improvements and over the coming weeks I’ll be releasing these beautiful, highly requested feature updates and goodies, one by one.

This is going to be fun!!

The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

Today’s Release

Strumming Jumpstart (6 Part Course)

The Tony’s Acoustic Challenge membership includes access to the “essentials” section of the Acoustic Foundation Academy. This is a collection of courses that give near immediate gratification, taking you from zero to playing a song.

Currently the “essentials” section of the AFA includes Acoustic Guitar 101, Fingerstyle Jumpstart and Flatpicking Jumpstart. The release of Strumming Jumpstart rounds out the essentials section of the Academy so anyone can boost their knowledge of the basic techniques and concepts of acoustic guitar!

I can’t wait for you to check it out. Click here to start the Strumming Jumpstart

Below are some hints at the next 7 releases…I’d love to read your guesses so please leave a comment at the end of this post!

What’s getting released next?

I’ve got 7 more awesome announcements for you in the coming weeks. These are all designed to make TAC more fun and more addicting so you see greater improvements in your playing! Here are some hints in no particular order…

#1  Two new ______ categories
#2  The #1 requested feature (Ooo, this is going to be cool)
#3  A library of ______!
#4  _______ 101 course (this just might change your life)
#5  A _______ give away if you’re a _______ member
#6  The real story behind _______
#7  A new ______ badge & monthly give-away


  1. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    1. Forum
    2. Chat
    3. Backing Tracks
    4. Music Theory
    5. Guitar if you are a Premium member
    6. The creation of TAC
    7. Achievement

  2. Profile photo of Charlie D
    Charlie D

    #1 Two new _song_____ categories
    #2 The #1 requested feature? Favorite lessons selection
    #3 A library of _LICKS_!
    #4 _Theory______ 101 course (this just might change your life)
    #5 A _T-Shirt__ give away if you’re a _new _ member
    #6 The real story behind _the tattoos______
    #7 A new _achievement/performance____ badge & monthly give-away

  3. Scott Hunter

    #1 Two new LESSON categories
    #2 The #1 requested feature (Ooo, this is going to be cool) — TONY PLAYING DURING THE HANGOUTS.
    #3 A library of TAB!
    #4 TRAVIS PICKING 101 course (this just might change your life)
    #5 A GUITAR give away if you’re a TAC member
    #6 The real story behind THE TONE TAXI
    #7 A new PLAYER’S badge & monthly give-away

  4. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    1. instrument
    2. Key word search for past lessons
    3. music
    4. Guitar
    5. $1,000,000, bearded
    6. The Beard
    7. Wizard

  5. Profile photo of DeeDee L
    DeeDee L

    1. Song.
    2. Tony playing some metal and Levi on drums. I know that’s not a feature, but my #1 request. Feature probably some sort of play along.
    3. Scales.
    4. Music theory.
    5. Private Skype lesson give away if annual member.
    6. Hogs Back.
    7. Personal emoji guitar player badge.

  6. Profile photo of Eduardo B
    Eduardo B

    #1 Two new SONG LESSON categories
    #2 The #1 requested feature (Ooo, this is going to be cool) GUITAR DISCOUNTS
    #3 A library of GUITAR REVIEWS!
    #4 SOLO 101 course (this just might change your life)
    #5 A GUITAR give away if you’re a PREMIUM member
    #6 The real story behind THE BEARD
    #7 A new EFFORT badge & monthly give-away

  7. Profile photo of Greg W
    Greg W

    #1 Two new ______ categories FORUM
    #2 The #1 requested feature (Ooo, this is going to be cool) PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK
    #3 A library of ______! BACKING TRACKS
    #4 _______ 101 course (this just might change your life) SONG WRITING
    #5 A _______ give away if you’re a _______ member FLARE BUTTON, ANNUAL
    #6 The real story behind _______LEPRACAUHNS
    #7 A new ______ badge & monthly give-away SINGING

  8. Profile photo of Vince S
    Vince S

    two new classical music fingerstyle catagories
    #1 request..high end guitar giveaway to newbies….like me
    a library Greg Lake acoustic music
    classical 101 course
    A second year free giveaway for premium members
    the real story of what happened to jimmy Hoffa
    A “if you’re a Sicilian”badge and monthly giveaway…Sicilian folk songs

  9. Profile photo of Charles B
    Charles B

    Two new ______ categories new…. instruments banjo, dobro or banjo?
    #2 The #1 requested feature (Ooo, this is going to be cool)Tony coming to your house and teaching you one on one? That would be cool but probably a favorite button?
    #3 A library of ___everything___!
    #4 _____music theory __ 101 course (this just might change your life)
    #5 A ____Farri ___ give away if you’re a _____annual __ member
    #6 The real story behind _JJ, JH, JM’s__deaths____
    #7 A new _marten 000d28 for Domm _____

  10. Profile photo of Greg C. W
    Greg C. W

    OK, I’m filling this out without reading others replies. If there’s a common theme, I make no apologies but I suspect that may end up being the case.

    #1 Two new fantasy e.g., dragons and trolls categories (I actually wouldn’t mind an electric guitar section with classic electric guitar licks or an acoustic blues section)
    #2 The #1 requested feature (Ooo, this is going to be cool)-This has to be the Power Ball predictive algorithm…At least I hope it is 
    #3 A library of Classic folk songs, there is life beyond Bluegrass
    #4 Fly-fishing 101 course (and don’t forget the guitar for those wonderful fire lit nights, imagine the great camp fire songs!) (this just might change your life) – I can teach this one! I’ve spent many weeks on the Madison river!
    #5 A guitar give away if you’re a an annual member. You’ve done the annual thing before, wouldn’t mind if you did it again!
    #6 The real story behind -Tony’s beard, why he won’t cut his hair, and who is the fantastic girl that rounds out his life? Not prying, it’s all up to you Tony!!!

  11. Profile photo of Susanne P
    Susanne P

    I’m glad that I found TAC. You make a great job. I’m making progress, very slow but ‘m having fun.
    Thank you for your good work.

    #1 Two new ______ categories #1 Jumpstart
    #2 The #1 requested feature (Ooo, this is going to be cool) #2 I have no idea.
    #3 A library of ______! #3 Songs
    #4 _______ 101 course (this just might change your life) #4 Bluegrass
    #5 A _______ give away if you’re a _______ member #5 Plectron / new
    #6 The real story behind _______ #6 Hammerons
    #7 A new ______ badge & monthly give-away #7 I didn’t get nervous by playing along.

    If there is going to be a categorie like this ones:
    – beard growing techniques
    – a new beard braiding badge & monthly give-away
    than I like to have this ones :
    – a nail polish technique curs and maybe
    – a new manicure badge & monthly give-away.
    So that I have a chance. 😉

  12. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    #1 Two new [SONG GENRE) categories
    #2 The #1 requested feature [24/7 ACCESS TO TONY P]
    #3 A library of [GUITAR REVIEWS]!
    #4 [SINGING & PLAYING] 101 course (this just might change your life)
    #5 A [PUPPY] give away if you’re a [REPEAT ANNUAL] member
    #6 The real story behind [JOEL’S PAJAMA BIRD SHIRT – WHAT BET DID HE LOSE?]
    #7 A new [PIRATE] badge & monthly give-away

  13. Profile photo of Randy A
    Randy A

    1. Two new Jumpstart catagories.
    2. Most requested – beer?
    3. A library of songs!
    4. Electric Guitar 101 course.
    5. A new giveaway if you are a n annual member.
    6. The real story behind Tony’s addiction to sitka spruce.
    7. A new wizard badge and monthly giveaway.

  14. Profile photo of Russell S
    Russell S

    This is cool stuff! I stumbled upon the academy yesterday when I came on site. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  15. Profile photo of Tony

    Here are my guesses:

    1. Forum
    2. Live video instructional workshops
    3. Backing Tracks and Chord Progressions
    4. Guitar Music Theory or Improvising
    5. T-Shirt giveaway for new members
    6. Trace’s username changes or Tony P’s tattoos
    7. Leprechaun

    Looking forward to them!

  16. jeff s

    Changing lives one skill at a time as the mysteries are revealed. Keep em coming Tony.

  17. Profile photo of Mark B
    Mark B

    Okay I gotta say I love this whole deal! I’m actually making progress and every day I redo what I did yesterday as a warm up and it’s actually easier on the second day and I remember things ….WOW! So I am addicted to this process…..I may be slow but I’m getting there and that’s all that counts! Oh yeah and I’m having fun!!….Looks can be deceiving; I am actually a fun kind of guy! Ignore the scowl!
    Any way…..guitar riff……
    here are my answers…(i didn’t cheat…..although tempted because I like some of the others answers better than mine)
    1. “Style” categories
    2. No Earthly idea…..maybe a “magic potion”… to instantly grasp new techniques (could use a bucket full)
    3. A library of different “TUNINGS”
    4. A “Mandolin” 101 course.
    5. A “Recording” tool (of some kind) giveaway to members.
    6. Real Story behind the mysterious body markings ……”AKA” tattoos!
    7. New “Performance” badge of some kind…perhaps the “Geek of the Week”……awarded for best question posed to you or your staff…think how many emails you’d get then!

    THANKS ! for making this fun! Wish I had something more eloquent to say but that kinda covers it……

  18. Jeff Hendricks

    1. Stringed instrument categories
    2. A jam track including a banjo, mandolin, guitar, and bass with the option of silencing an instrument so you can jam along with that particular instrument?
    3. Unique chords like the “secret weapon” D chord I ALWAYS use now. I love that chord.
    4. String changing? I’m always a nervous wreck when I change mine…
    5. Guitar of the yearly member’s choice?
    6. Those cool tats on your forearm
    7. Elvish or dwarfish or maybe even a hobbit badge…

  19. Kirby Kohlruss

    Sounds intriguing! Love the site and the changes you made to date. Could that be Bluegrass 101? Wasn’t that familiar with Bluegrass before joking TAC but found I love it! Joining TAC has already changed my life. Im sure all of these new features will be great too.
    1 song
    2 beard growing techniques
    3 Song
    4 Bluegrass
    5 guitar TAC members
    6 tatoes
    7 completion

  20. Josh Rodriguez

    Excited for the new updates. You guys are awesome. Glad to be a yearly member.

    #1 Two new weekly practice categories
    #2 The #1 requested feature. (Ooo, this is going to be cool) Maybe a guitar comparison of some type. What kind of guitar is right for me kind of thing.
    #3 A library of chords!
    #4 Music Theory 101 course (this just might change your life)
    #5 A keytar give away if you’re a yearly member
    #6 The real story behind princes death.
    #7 A new beard braiding badge & monthly give-away

  21. Ted widera

    I like what you are doing with TAC. Keep it up. I just gave my son an annual TAC membership for his graduation.

  22. Lou Quick

    #1 – Two new SONG categories
    #2 – The # 1 requested feature….. Instant guitar mastery? or a favorites tab
    #3 – A library of LICKS!
    #4 – Theory 101 course… can’t wait, I need this.
    #5 – A NEW give away if your a LIFETIME member… or maybe monthly.
    #6 – The real story behind THE BEARD!
    #7 – A new WIZARD APPRENTICE badge & monthly give-away

    So much to look forward too! HOW MANY DID I GET RIGHT!

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