November Live Q&A


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  1. Hi Tony, Ryan from Lancaster, PA. As a multi-instrumentalist what are your thoughts on learning more than one instrument at once? I am interested in both acoustic guitar and upright bass but concerned that I won’t have enough time to devote to both.
    Ryan Donahue
  2. I have been playing for 1.5 years. I love starting new songs and have a tendency to try to learn too many songs at the same time. What are your thoughts on the number of songs that you should tackle at once?
    steve scott
  3. Hey! What guitar plays the infamous strum at the beginning of all the Acoustic Letter reviews?
    Debra Fordham
  4. Tony, what are your opinions on nut, saddle, and bridge pins? ie: Bone vs Syn?
    William Schuver
  5. Bridge Pins — was gonna put FWI pins on my custom Martin, but local shop guy says makes no difference. As proof, he points out Martin puts plastic pins on even its most expensive guitars. Like mine — adi/madi, hide glue, Waveleries…& plastic. Thoughts?
    Debra Fordham
  6. New web site is great. Any chance of adding a simple backing track for learning and practice? Maybe just a rhythm strum at a slower BPM and at normal BPM.
  7. Could you say something about the genre of bluegrass music. Is that an umbrella term? I hear people throwing around different terms- roots, americana, indie folk, etc. I’m new to this genre and tryng to sort it all out. Does learning one genre help with
    steve scott
  8. I always have had issues with dry fingers and holding onto picks. I’ve switched to the 2.0 Ultex’s and like them a lot but still keep dropping the pick when strumming. Any advice?
    Ryan Donahue
  9. I broke a string while going back and forth between standard and altered tunings (for “Bury Me…” and “The Smoke Has Cleared”). What can I do to avoid this? I wondered about leaving it tuned down after playing, is this a good idea?
    Kelly Luse
  10. Wanted to throw a question out there about cold weather and acoustic guitars – If I have a lesson at 5:30 and my guitar sits in a car when it’s -15 out, what affect can this have? Is is dangerous to let the guitar get so cold?
    Brian Sweeney
  11. Along the lines of learning different instruments, for a beginner/intermediate person, is there any advantage/disadvantage play one guitar as opposed to playing a different one every day as I tend to do now?
  12. I’m currently playing on my $150 20 year old Blueridge guitar saving up for a “better” guitar. As I continue to save, I’m trying to figure out when to buy a guitar. I What are the features in a guitar between $1,000 and $2k? $2k- $3K or 3k to 4k.
    steve scott
  13. What did you buy?! What’s the new guitar?!
    Debra Fordham
  14. I have been playing for a two years now and I’m excelling very fast and my friends tell me I’m really good and I love your lessons. My question is this… Should I play a bunch of different styles like jazz or should I just focus on one to learn fast?
    Alex Trca
  15. I wonder if you ever venture to do Flat Pickin with an archtop guitar and I always wait for a review for an Archtop guitar on AC .. Feter !!
  16. I am old guy trying to learn guitar. I took a few lessons once but you learn tunes as fast as you can. New song each week when I was still on the old song. My approach was to want to work on technique first, hammer ons, pull off’s etc,. Is this wrong?
  17. Just wanted to say thanks to you, Levi, and the rest of the AC team. My wallet is lighter (new Martin OM-35) and my playing is slowly getting better and it’s thanks to you folks!
    Ryan Donahue