October Live Q&A


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Below are the questions Tony answered on this month’s live Google Hangout!

  1. Good Morning Tony, I’m being transferred (for work) to a very isolated part of Canada where I will not have access to a Music store that can maintain my guitars (set ups etc.). What advice could you give me for learning how to maintain and care for my own

    Jeff Green

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  2. Greetings from Albuquerque, I’ve been playing guitar and banjo for 45+ years. I really appreciate what you share with us all online. I’ve enjoyed your lessons and reviews a lot. Thanks a million! The audio sounds great.

    Steven Young

  3. What about Light gauge strings on a Dreadnought? T.J. Thompson once told me , in the long run a guitar will last longer with Light gauge.

    Gary Swiech

  4. Are you able to flatpick that Marquis with the wider string spacing at the bridge? Is it a hinderance vs the HD-35? Do you think the Marquis is a fingerpicker only?


  5. HI Tony, I couldn’t access you this with my Ipad or my laptop, but was able to receive it on my desktop computer. The video is good and so is the audio. I like your video lessons and your challenges. I am attempting to learn them. I live in Nevada.

    David Winstead

  6. Have you tried Martin Monel strings or the Tony Rice Monels?

    Gary Swiech

  7. Serious question… .when you get a new Guitar from Martin, Taylor or Gibson, should you have the frets dressed by a luthier? Any other new guitar setup steps worth doing? Thanks!

    Brian Sweeney

  8. Hey Tony, Huge fan of John Fahey, have you mastered any of the open tuning songs that he is done – in particular I am trying to learn poor boy long way from home and I am trying to come up with the tab. Love the challenge and really appreciate you sharing.

    Bill Gercken

  9. I love playing my 000-15sm and tried it after your review. I would like to play a Gibson Keb Mo at some point have you done a review on the Gibson?

    Ken Schaible

  10. So Tony, over the last couple of years we’ve seen you at various levels of Bearded awesomeness….As you’re now at Beard Level: Epic are you considering another big shave?

    Jeff Green

  11. Mr . Hilfiger … … OK … the top of an acoustic guitar we hear is the most important component … yes? … no? … if yes … what is your view on pickguards & especially Gibson’s which despite are beautiful pickguards … are very bulky? jb / kr

    kingsley ronald

  12. I have a question regarding prioritizing practice time. Lately feel like I’m working on so much that after an hour of practice I haven’t done any practice at all. How structured is your practice? Are there things that you feel should be done every day?

    Dave I

  13. Hey Tony! Got any fretting hand exercises or tips to help with keeping fingers close to the strings rather that flapping around wildly?

    lewis cohen

  14. Hi Tony! Is it true that Martin in general ship their guitars with a higher string height than Taylor and Gibson ( for example). I have always found their guitars very good sounding, but very hard to play, and sort off…stiff. Especially the dreadnoughts.


  15. Tusk vs Bone for nuts and saddles? Why do some manufactures use Tusk?

    Gary Swiech

  16. Hey Tony, how should I incorporate the metronome into my practice? I love the Acoustic Challenges!

    Kelly Luse

  17. What kind of action do you like for Bluegrass?

    Gary Swiech

  18. You’ve mentioned that you use Dunlop Ultex picks which are relatively inexpensive. Have you ever tried Blue Chip picks or other expensive specialty picks which seem to be popular with bluegrass players. Do you think they are worth the price?


  19. How is possible to avoid moving on to another song before completing the one your on when you are guitar crazy, that,s the trouble I have in your lessons.

    Daniel Scroggins

  20. Which is best for practicing metronome or drum machine.

    Daniel Scroggins

  21. Can you show us exactly how you hold the pick?

    Gary Swiech

  22. I turned an old entertainment center into a guitar showcase with mirrors on the sides, back and bottom and led lighting. Water dishes and sponges keep my humidity at about 55 to 60 percent. Is that too much? It is very dry in Nevada.

    David Winstead

  23. Do you always need to use a humidifier in the guitarcase or is it something that is more necessary when the guitar is “young”?


  24. I’d like to own a Martin someday but live in a small town that doesn’t have a Martin dealer. I’m reluctant to buy a guitar online because I won’t have a local shop to stand behind it. How does Music Villa address this?

    Paul Spencer

  25. Sadly, I have a couple of guitars that don’t get played much. How often should I change the strings on them?

    Debra Fordham

  26. Great info today! I don’t know anywhere else you can get this kind of instruction and opinion. Thanks Tony!!

    Ron McCollum

  27. Just want to say I’ve been a viewer on your channel for a long time now and for just over year have been playing guitar(Self taught) I want to thank you for the acoustic letter email sign up addons! I must say; I was very very happy that I did so!

    Lewis Thomas

  28. Can you maybe introduce a new channel much like your “Tony’s acoustic challenge” very simliar but for:

    Lewis Thomas

  29. It was meant to be carried on before, I was meant to say for example, Dobro, Banjo and Mandolin?
    Lewis Thomas
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