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Our daily, 10-minute guitar challenge will make you obsessed with playing every day instead of feeling guilty for letting your guitar collect dust.

People *really* like Tony's Acoustic Challenge.

Over thirty five thousand guitar students have made the switch after trying the other options.

“I have been learning Guitar for about 4 months now. Adding TAC to my practice routine has skyrocketed my progress!”

Sam H.

“I’ve been taking private lessons and I’ve also subscribed to several other online guitar courses, and they lack a clear path. With TAC I learn about five times as much per week as I do from a once-a-week guitar lesson.”

Tim Picks

“It’s the best method I’ve seen to develop a guitar routine that will stick with you for the rest of your life. And if you want to play guitar for life — that is, if you want to become a better guitarist over the long haul — TAC is the way to go.

Joe Amato

Hey guitar friend —

Learning guitar is one of the most gratifying and healthy things you can do to increase your quality of life.

But it can be hard to gain the momentum you need early on to become an actual guitar player.

According to a study by Fender guitars, 90% of people who start learning guitar quit within their first year.


We believe the problem is information overload…

We don’t brag about having “10,000 lessons to choose from” because that’s the opposite of what will help you make progress. 

A study reported in the New York Times concluded that “the presence of choice might be appealing, but in reality, people find more and more choice to actually be debilitating.” 

Tony’s Acoustic Challenge fixes this problem…

After 8 years and over 35,000 guitar students, we’ve perfected an entirely new way of learning guitar.

Our daily micro-learning method cycles between the five essential guitar skills every week.

You just show up with your guitar ready to have fun.

Learning guitar doesn’t need to be complex or boring.

Try our 10-minute daily guitar challenge to see for yourself.

It IS possible for you to love your guitar journey every step of the way. 

Join today and try it for yourself.


Play The 5 Guitar Skills Every Week.

Become a well-rounded guitar player by improving at all the skills you need to learn and play songs. Click below to learn more about each day…

1 Monday
2 Tuesday
3 Wednesday
4 Thursday
5 Friday


Each week the daily challenges fit together like the parts of a song. Monday's are all about building the technique that will prepare your fingers for the week ahead while giving you fundamentals that will serve you through your entire guitar journey.


Guitar Licks

Day Tripper, Sunshine of Your Love, Brown Eyed Girl -- these all have iconic guitar intros also known as Guitar Licks. Used in intros, outros, and transitions, guitar licks are the building blocks of music. These small musical nuggets are a TAC member favorite!

Guitar Licks


First you'll learn a scale pattern, then you'll play that over a rhythm guitar track so you know what notes sound good. Next, you get to experiment with your own improvisation over the backing track! Extremely fun for new and experienced players.


Rhythm Guitar

Today you'll learn the Rhythm Guitar part that works with the lick and scale you learned earlier in the week. Like all days, Tony shows you exactly how to play the rhythm part and then you'll loop the play along video until you can do it on your own.

Rhythm Guitar

Chord Progression

Tony gives you a fun and musical Chord Transition challenge that works with the rest of the week's music. On Fridays the TAC community has a ritual of sharing their "small wins" for the past week. This gives you an important dose of positivity.

Chord Progression


Your Daily Guitar Challenge

The daily, 10-minute guitar challenge cycles through the 5 guitar skills every week. Each day builds on the last so you learn pieces of music that fit together. Here’s how it works:


Learn The Fun Piece of Music

First, Tony will teach you the Daily Guitar Challenge note by note so you quickly learn how to play the fun piece of music.


Play Along Until You Can Do it On Your Own

Follow the slowed down play along video until you can play it on your own. Click the heart to save any Daily Challenge for later.


Your Guitar Routine Dashboard

Never get stuck deciding what to play. Just show up and start today’s guitar challenge.


Each week you'll rotate
through all 5 guitar skills.


Each guitar session 
takes about 10 minutes.


Streaks motivate you
to keep showing up.

The TAC program is perhaps the best I have ever seen. It emphasizes the "fun" of playing guitar, which is why I began playing in the first place.


The Ultimate Guitar Learning Experience

Get going, stay committed, and build your music knowledge, all through a micro-learning method that puts the focus on a 10-minute, daily guitar routine — not more “stuff”. Here are the three core programs inside TAC…

Get started

Our 30-Days to Play program helps beginners and returning players build their basic guitar skills by playing actual music. We recommend that most new members start here.


The core of TAC is the daily, 10-minute guitar challenge that cycles through the 5 guitar skills every week. Each day builds on the last so you learn pieces of music that fit together.


Fretboard Wizard is our *optional add-on program that teaches you the music theory skills that guitar players use to find notes & chords, learn songs by ear, and solo confidently.


Live Guitar Coaching with Tony.

Every three months Tony goes live to help you with your progress, goals, and guitar routine using the 31-page Guitar Routine Journal™ included with your membership.


Tony Polecastro

Tony has made it his life’s work to guide guitar students through the overwhelm and noise of learning guitar online.

His clear, patient and empathetic teaching style has made him one of the most recognized guitar teachers in the world.

Tony’s infectious obsession with everything guitar related is what gets him out of bed in the morning — if you’re obsessed with guitar, you’ll feel right at home!

When you join Tony’s Acoustic Challenge, Tony will enthusiastically guide you to the land of focus, fun and progress.




Trusted by Guitar Students

TAC keeps guitar students coming back day after day because they’re having fun and seeing consistent progress. 

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How Much Does it Cost?

Tony’s Acoustic Challenge is five times the value and one sixth the cost of in-person guitar lessons. 

Weekly guitar lessons cost $100 per month to learn just four things…if you do your homework (and if your instructor doesn’t cancel any lessons.)

And you’ll have to direct your own learning because each lesson usually starts with the question: “so what do you feel like learning today?”

All at a cost of $1200 per year.

Tony’s Acoustic Challenge is just $29 per month for five guitar challenges per week plus member perks like our 30-Days to Play program for beginners, our Skill Courses, and live coaching sessions with Tony.

You’ll never have to decide what to play. Just show up and take the daily challenge that rotates through the five essential guitar skills.

All from the privacy of your own home.

But the deal gets even sweeter…

When you join today, you’ll get 60% off your annual membership fee when you choose annual billing which comes out to just $12 per month.

We’ve never offered this price before and will likely never offer it again.

But I’m going to make the deal even sweeter with a bold guarantee…

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try Tony’s Acoustic Challenge for two full months risk free. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll issue a full refund.


Only $6.69 per week
$ 29
  • Daily Guitar Challenge
  • 30-Day Jumpstart
  • 18 Skill Courses


Only $2.77 per week
$ 144
  • Daily Guitar Challenge
  • 30-Day Jumpstart
  • 18 Skill Courses
Save 60%

“Basically anyone I meet I tell them this is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done” – Neal D


What Our Members Are Saying


There is no better place to be for a total beginner. Before you start the Daily Guitar Challenge, I want you to go through the 30 Days to Play Guitar program that comes free inside Tony’s Acoustic Challenge.

From the very first lesson you’ll be playing fun, recognizable things that will keep you inspired to move to the next step.

Tony’s Acoustic Challenge uses an unconventional Dynamic Guitar Learning method that combines deep guitar immersion with structured variation. In other words, you’ll regularly attempt difficult things in small doses, and never get bored. Excitement is built into the system! Members report explosive progress after the first few weeks. There is truly nothing else like it.

Yes! The daily lessons are pre-recorded and get released every week day at 12:01am MST and are available for the entire month. You can bookmark any lesson and return to it later. All daily lesson videos include downloadable tabs.

Life happens, so the program is designed so you can take a day off or a week or two off then pick right up without feeling behind. The only pressure you’ll feel is from yourself, and that’s a great thing!

Primarily bluegrass, fingerstyle, fingerpicking, and rhythm guitar but we also incorporate blues and country. The techniques developed while focusing on these styles will build a foundation that will help you excell in all other areas and styles of guitar.

Nope. You can upgrade or cancel your account anytime – for any reason. If you cancel before the end of the billing period, you’ll retain access until that period is over.

Of course! We’ve got members from all over the world.

It’s easy to justify staying in your guitar den by yourself. 

But it’s a game changer when you know that you’re not the only one with buzzy chords or pinky control challenges or barre chord frustrations or a cheap guitar…

To know that you’re not the only one who’s deathly afraid to play in front of others…

To be encouraged and gently nudged to push past your comfort zone…it’s like magic for your guitar journey. 

And nothing makes you feel more fulfilled than pushing past limiting beliefs and discovering that you DO have what it takes to make your dream guitar scene a reality.

We’re here waiting for you. I hope you’ll join us.

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