Get familiar FAST by doing these things now...

STEP 1: Take the virtual tour!

First, get a quick lay of the land by watching this video tour of the Tony's Acoustic Challenge website. After watching this you'll be able to comfortably navigate the site with ease. 

STEP 2: Add your profile picture!

The core of Tony's Acoustic Challenge is friendly camaraderie and encouragement between members. Let other members feel like they're interacting with a real person by adding your profile picture as your first order of business. You'll be glad you did!

HERE'S HOW: Hover over your username in the upper right of this page. Now mouse over "Profile" then select "Change Profile Photo". Click here to see an example.

STEP 3: Introduce yourself in the Pickers forum!

Where like minded people talk about acoustic guitar gear, playing, and exchange acoustic inspiration. Every day members post performances of songs they just learned or solos from their most recent Wednesday improv session. This community is supportive and encouraging and a huge source of inspiration and reassurance.

STEP 4: Do today's Practice Plan exercise!

See noticeable improvement in finger strength, accuracy, and speed so you can learn songs faster and play with more confidence. Every weekday you'll login to find a new guitar challenge from one of 4 key improvement categories. You'll finally experience well rounded, consistent practice! 

STEP 5: Check out the Monthly Live Hangout Q&A archives

The first Wednesday of every month we hold a live hangout Q&A where you can ask any questions you want and we'll hold the monthly drawing for the guitar give-away. These hangouts are a blast so make sure to catch the next one!