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I debated for awhile if I would actually have enough time to justify the cost of a membership to TAC,

…but going with the annual membership makes me want to keep coming back, (without the pressure of “getting it all done before next month”). The more I engage the easier it seems to get back to it. I love Tony’s easy going ways. It’s like practicing with a friend.

Having TAC available 24/7 is a real bonus and Tony is a great instructor. Thanks to all of you involved. It really seems like you all enjoy what you do and it shows.

Karen G
TAC Member (2 Years)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I have played a lot over the years, but I don’t have a lot of spare time and I wasn’t sure the Practice Plan would help all that much.

I was wrong… The more I play, the more I make time to play. TAC has stretched and improved my technique. Tony’s teaching is fun, clear and allows you increase speed as you learn the piece. I wasn’t a bluegrass player before, but I have loved it over the years and am starting to get the concepts and the grooves. It’s fun!

TAC is cost effective and an excellent teaching method.

Dale M
TAC Member (2 Months)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I was concerned that my crazy “un-plannable” life would result in not being able to spend enough time with the lessons to do much good, and also, I was initially concerned that the lessons might be way too advanced for a non-musically trained (little to no understanding of “theory”, can’t read music) person/ mostly “self-taught” guitar “dabbler”.

Those fears were quickly put to bed by the very supportive and welcoming group of guitar players of all levels, and Tony’s enthusiasm and non-judgemental approach help make it FUN! 😀 My schedule/guitar time are still often a challenge, and sometimes the lessons are “over my head”, but being able to work at my own pace, whether a couple minutes or a half hour at a time, has been very beneficial. And even if I can’t “master” a particular lesson within a day, or a week, being exposed to the training steps is still of immense value.

The option to work into schedule challenges, PLUS having daily skill-builders all laid out. Beyond that, I LOVE that the lessons are explained and demonstrated, then 3 speeds to “play along with”, to help build skill and sense of accomplishment in a linear fashion. The “songs” being divided into manageable “bites”, then finally the entire “piece”, is also very helpful and different than many instructor’s approach. Being able to succeed at a section helps build confidence and sense of accomplishment, so I am much less likely to get overwhelmed, frustrated, and just “give up” because of too many mistakes or trouble with a section, as would otherwise be the case.

I am often exposured to skills and stylistic influences that I otherwise wouldn’t have experienced or had access to, (such as finally starting to learn about flatpicking). It’s also great having songs available to learn that are arranged for various skill levels, vs. trying to find a song to learn, maybe finding a song to learn on my own but realizing it’s not at an appropriate skill level etc. PLUS, since I can’t read music, without Tony’s explaining of the rhythm/timing, advice for HOW to fret the notes or how to learn the picking patterns etc, then the chance to hear what each section should sound like at slower speeds then up-to-tempo, there’s no WAY I’d be able to learn to play a song that I didn’t already know quite well.. which would be more boring, and MUCH more limiting to attempts to improve!

TAC and the fundamentals course are ESPECIALLY helpful for those of us that wouldn’t otherwise have access to much if any guitar instruction of any kind. The ability to get FEEDBACK from Tony and crew is SO, SO, helpful and valuable! I’m always amazed and impressed with how quickly I can find a response to comments to lessons, or inquiries directed to “support”. Whether a question or request to “brainstorm” about the “how” to play something, or ideas to cope with physical challenges, ideas/suggestions re: gear, equipment, useful/important features when selecting a guitar for a particular playing style… the list goes on and on!

Heidi H
TAC Member (4 Months)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Before I became a TAC member, I worried about time and commitment. Was I going to be serious about guitar practice? I can’t count how many times I have picked up my guitar only to stop playing some random time later.

I was looking at some of the other sites out there but came across TAC and liked the practice format and Tony’s fun teaching style. So I tried it and I’m so happy I did because I really love it.
The lessons are just what I was looking for: small and progressive bite size lessons that don’t take a lot of time and keep it interesting. I find that as long as I get the guitar out I spend more time than I might have planned. The fun, geeky, goofy style that Tony brings to the lessons is great. The rewards system of badges while on the surface seems trivial but is an important goal oriented challenge. If I commit to all the lessons I get a token. The guitar giveaway for the wizard badge is brilliant and it pushes a lot of us to try even harder. I like that the TAC community is so involved in the whole operation of the lessons and the site. The community is great, the song lessons are great, the video format with the ability to download tab and or video is great. I could go on and on.
If you want a fun caring learning environment for acoustic guitar, then this is it. I originally joined to hopefully force myself to ‘pick up my guitar everyday’. What I actually get is so much more. You guys have put together a place that I look forward to coming to, lessons that I enjoy and people that I enjoy being around, if only over a wire.
Lou Q
TAC Member (1 Year)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I almost didn’t join simply because I wasn’t sure I could stick with the Practice Plan each day. I was concerned that I would get behind and then be lost.

Becoming a TAC member, I found a great lesson format and learning resources, a tremendously supportive community and challenges for every skill level in two great guitar styles: fingerstyle and flatpicking.
My favorite feature of TAC is the flexibility. In addition to the weekly lesson plans, I can choose to branch out and learn a song lesson or simply post a song that I like to play and get great feedback. Two other benefits are definitely the great supportive TAC community and the fun of getting better. I can really see a difference in my skill level in just 6 months or so.
I would recommend TAC for 4 reasons: (1) great learning format with the lessons and song lessons and other resources (2) the supportive TAC community (3) Tony P’s personality is great – I feel like I know him like an old friend, but I’ve never met him…that’s pretty cool. (4) I like how you have reached out to me a couple of times for my personal opinion. It’s a nice touch that helps me to feel like I’m not just part of an internet membership.
Tony S
TAC Member (8 Months)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

After becoming a member I began picking up my guitar for at least 10 extra minutes a day, and play things out of my comfort zone.

I usually open TAC while at work and play on a electric guitar not plugged in during my lunch break. I know it is not an acoustic, but with my door closed no one knows what I am doing. Initially i liked the forum the best.

Currently, I am digging the monthly format for the lessons. Due to work and work travel it is sometimes hard to keep up with the weekly lessons as before. Now if I get behind I can get on and in an hour get 4-5 lessons done. Tony and the crew make me laugh. It is not in a bad way, but things like Tone Taxi make me smile.

I love the variety of techniques from finger picking to flat picking and even palm muting. I don’t know how I am going to incorporate all of these things yet as I am still trying to define a style, but each definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Joel W
TAC Member (1 year)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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