Set Your Intention for August!

Welcome to August’s “set your intention” event. My hope is that you (and everyone else!) will post a comment below stating their guitar intention for the month of August. And for doing so, you could be one of two members to win a free year of TAC valued at $197! I’ll explain below, but first…


The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

Because leaving a comment with your intentions for the month will instill a very powerful psychological phenomenon called “commitment and consistency” which is the desire to be consistent with what we’ve said or done. You can use this powerful mind trick to make you a better guitar player. Let me show you how…

Right here, right now, I want you to close your eyes and envision exactly what would make you high five yourself on August 1st in respect to your guitar playing. This is a game called “act as if”.

So act as if it’s September 1st and you’re REALLY happy with yourself.

What did you accomplish that is making you so happy with yourself? Did you learn a song? Finally get over your ambiguous fear of failure and submit a video performance? Did you complete the entire August Practice Plan even though you’ve fallen short the last couple months? Did you play your first open mic? Did you play a full song for somebody? What did it feel like? Was it awesome?

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how big or small your intention is for the month. If you have a crazy month of traveling, aim super low. As a matter of fact, if you’ve had a tough time being consistent with your guitar, just aim low. Let’s go for an easy win this month.


Leave a comment as though it’s September 1st and you’ve ALREADY completed your desired actions. Also, make sure it’s very specific and measurable (not opinion based). And make sure it’s attainable and relevant to your overall goals.

Once you submit your comment, you’ll get the August Intention badge (10 points). Now all you have to do is get 15 more points to get the August Action badge which will automatically enter you into the drawing for a free year of TAC worth $197.

Here are some example comments:

Example 1: I got the wizard badge! This feels great because I’ve been trying for the last two months have have always fell short!

Example 2: August was super busy so my goal was to learn a “starter” song and submit the performance. I’m happy to say that not only did I successfully do this, but it only took me a few days of focus!

Example 3: I played “descending chords” for my wife! She’s heard me talking about learning guitar but I’ve never been brave enough to play for her. Now she’s super supportive and she’s driving me to learn more songs!

Example 4: I submitted a performance for a Wednesday solo badge. It wasn’t pretty, but now I can say that I’ve submitted a performance and now it doesn’t seem like a big deal!


  1. Leave a comment with your August intentions
  2. Complete any one thing on TAC (practice plan or song lesson or any performance submission)
  3. Make sure your profile photo is updated with your photo (prerequisite for getting the Action badge)
  4. That’s it! You’re automatically entered to win a free year of TAC!

Frequently Asked Questions (Don’t see your question? Ask it in the comments below!)

Q. Does my intention comment need to be something I do on TAC?
A. Nope!

Q. Do I only get the badge if I complete my intention successfully?
A. Nope! It doesn’t matter to me if you are successful or not. The point is to set clear goals and be intentional about our learning.

Q. Why do I need to have a profile photo? I’m shy!
A. If we were all hanging out at a BBQ jam session and half the people had bags over their heads, it would be really hard to connect with them as humans. The real power of TAC is human connection. Show us your face!

Q. So you’re saying that the new monthly “Action badge” is what automatically enters me into the monthly drawing for a free year of TAC and in order to get the Action badge I need to 1. leave a comment below 2. do ANY single thing on TAC and 3. have a profile photo?
A. You’re a quick learner! Yes, it’s as easy as that:)



  1. Profile photo of David C
    David C

    I’ve only been a member for a few days…love the lessons….i’m practicing in ways I’ve never practice….look forward to becoming a better guitar player through these lessons….thanks

  2. Profile photo of James S
    James S

    wow – I sure am glad I got off my lazy butt and completed a lesson plan – August is the first lesson plan I have actually completed .

      1. Profile photo of James S
        James S

        hey, wait a minute…..hold up…..this is September 1st! You playing a trick on me for being so lazy???

  3. Profile photo of Benjamin S
    Benjamin S

    As a flat picker, I set out to learn a finger style song, and I did learn Freight Train, but it is not Stage Forum posting quality yet!

  4. Profile photo of leslie c
    leslie c

    Improve playing in September is Important
    will add to celebrate my Birthday, secret OK
    I want another Wizard Badge for the month
    of September 2016.

  5. Profile photo of Steve I
    Steve I

    Just signed up after debating weather or not I can commit to daily practice. It’s my intention to work on completing the flatpicking jumpstart within the next couple of weeks.

  6. Profile photo of Rich C
    Rich C

    I used to be very active on TAC but ran out of free time once my kids got out of school. Before August is over, I intend to get back into the swing of things with twenty minutes of Tony Every day so that I can get ready and prepare to make more time for my guitar again in September. This feels great because I’ve been trying hard to pick up my guitar every day for the last two months have have almost always fell short!

  7. Profile photo of Jason S
    Jason S

    I intend to pick up my guitar for a few days this month and start getting back into the habit of practicing.

  8. Profile photo of Jim T
    Jim T

    I feel like I hit a wall and am not making any headway. Trying to get back to feeling like I am making forward progress again.

  9. Profile photo of greg f
    greg f

    This isactually late August. Been a member for a while but want to get serious now. The Blues part of the Practice Plan caught my eye. But completing and posting a song will probably be the easiest at this point, though I will try to get through the practice plan.

  10. Profile photo of Greg D
    Greg D

    New member here! So it’s the first of September. I have joined Tony’s Acoustic Challenge, learned my way around, played catchup on what I could, and am stoked to start the September cycle with everyone!

  11. Profile photo of Mackeye

    Finally completed a wizard badge! I’ve been trying since its start. Been so busy with learning the basics that I lost my way, but finally I’m successful. Now I’ve gotta get back to the final semester toward my degree.

  12. Profile photo of Randy A
    Randy A

    I can’t believe I just turned 64! I am still a strummer, and probably will stay that way, but I am learning to add a bit to it. F chord, you used to be my friend, now I am coming for you. I will master you again, I just need to get that arch back to the fingers. Damn you hand injury! I will beat you yet! I am getting the chords and rhythm down to “Take me to Texas” just as the month of August is coming to a close.

  13. Profile photo of Steve S
    Steve S

    Even though my work schedule has bumped up to 65-70 hours per week, by the end of August I found a way to squeeze in 30-60 minutes of practice daily while avoiding certain death by exhaustion.

  14. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    Here it is, September 1st already and I can say that I have earned my 2nd ever Wizard Badge for August!! I am also learning my CAGED scale formations, and experimenting with learning flatpicking

    1. Profile photo of Carol M
      Carol M

      Hey Tony just a heads up- before I posted my August intentions here, when I clicked on the button, it said I had already met the requirements- but I didn’t remember posting, and sure enough, nothing was actually there… ? Glitch

  15. Profile photo of Kevin L
    Kevin L

    My intention is to learn and play guitar everyday in the month no matter how busy I’m!
    New member! Nice platform! Excited to have more breakthroughs.

  16. Profile photo of MrBiLL

    I so happy to have caught up and got the wizard badge for August, after missing out the last two months!

  17. Profile photo of Stephen C
    Stephen C

    It’s September 1st and at the youthful age of 50 and 2 months, I have not only begun learning the guitar but actually learned a beginner’s song!

  18. Profile photo of Ron

    September is finally here. I did the daily practice and learned one new song. Another wizard badge!

  19. Profile photo of Jerod Q
    Jerod Q

    I’m done with the flat picking jumpstart and I can play Billy in the Lowground in my sleep. I’ve already jumped into the fingerpicking jumpstart and my fingers have begun to do what I want them to do. Boom.

  20. Profile photo of Jordan

    My intention is to practice every day using the lesson plan, no matter how difficult it is.

  21. Profile photo of Tony

    I learned two TAC song lessons this month, and took a shot at learning “Liberty” as performed by David Grier (as best as I could). Also earned my Wizard badge for August. Enjoyed a long weekend on Galveston bay kayak fishing with my lovely wife, and spent some quality time at the gun range. Most importantly, I spent a little time thinking about how Blessed I am. Pretty humbling… 🙂

  22. Profile photo of Tony E
    Tony E

    My intention for August is to finish the Finger style Jumpstart lesson that I started in June! Good grief I’m a slacker…. on the last lesson though, ready to learn Freight Train!

  23. Profile photo of pj-pete

    It’s 9/1/16. Thanks to guitar Jedi Master Tony I am starting to learn. I’m a bit slow, but determined to keep going. Tony has helped also by returning my e-mail questions. That, for me… is inspiring. Finally, I haven’t been sick lately and my physical therapy is beginning to help. It get’s hard to sit without pain but I’m improving. Anyway if I ever get a smartphone and learn how to use it and send a photo, maybe I’ll have a chance to win. Until then…good luck to everybody. — (padowan) Pete 😉

  24. Profile photo of ken k
    ken k

    Finally finished my boat, finally got the annual membership here, and finally got to practice everyday again.
    August was a good month

  25. Profile photo of Bill O
    Bill O

    September is here. Working hard on the daily practice schedule. My goal is to complete as many as possible , not rushing through them, to have building blocks laid for playing this fascinating instrument. Nice to have this well organized and well thought out guide line to follow each month, Thanks Tony!!

  26. Profile photo of Steve P
    Steve P

    HI Tony and all TAC members I am just glad I finally a) joined and b) got through my set up, now all I need to do is work at the practise, here goes. Steve

  27. Profile photo of Emma S
    Emma S

    I’m so glad that I have kept up the hard work with Monday’s Warm-up Speed Challenge. This has really helped me build up strength and stamina in my fingers, I can’t believe that I’m becoming a speed demon lol.

  28. Profile photo of Behrens

    New member. Goal is to complete my Month of Perfect Practice (2 days away!) and learn 2 songs (which I did my first already!). Feeling really impressed with the site and content so far. Thanks!

  29. Profile photo of Lynne R
    Lynne R

    Sept 1 I know the five major pentatonic shapes and their corresponding full scales.

  30. Profile photo of Francis E
    Francis E

    For August, I learned Fisher’s Hornpipe, and to challenge myself, I learned how to play the Celtic tunes Deireadh Fomhair and Her Golden Hair by Stephen Wake.

  31. Profile photo of Don Howard
    Don Howard

    Well, I made it through August with out melting. And I finally nailed down that bluegrass G chord Tony uses. Took me two months to get comfortable with it though. On a bigger front, I started figuring out how to do video and post it. Hopefully soon, I’ll get the nerve to post my first one.

  32. Profile photo of David W
    David W

    It’s September and I have learned Cluck Old Hen and Cherokee shuffle. Now to record them and post videos…

  33. Profile photo of Eve D
    Eve D

    I stayed up with the practice plan while getting ready for and going off to school.

  34. Profile photo of Brett L
    Brett L

    By Sept 1, I will have my August Wizard Badge and have learned BlueGrass Rythm.

  35. Profile photo of Marc D
    Marc D

    It’s Sept 1st and I got my first wizard badge and can play a whole song using a pick. I might even like it a little.

  36. Profile photo of Charlie D
    Charlie D

    September is at the door and I have learned a new finger style and flat picking tune and have kept up with the practice schedule. Woo hoo!

  37. Profile photo of Paul

    I finally made that firm commitment to practice consistently and follow though on TAC practice plan.

  38. Profile photo of Chris G
    Chris G

    By September 1 I want to post my first video. I have been working on my first fingerpicking song, Wildwood Flower, and I think its about ready. Also will have a second fingerpick song I’m working on.

  39. Profile photo of Stephen W
    Stephen W

    Here I am on September first. I have taken care of my wrist and I am feeling great. I am playing guitar without pain and I am able to practice everyday!

  40. Profile photo of Fred O
    Fred O

    Well, here it is the first month of learning the guitar. I learned several chords and some rhythm to make practice easier. My fingers not hurting anymore and changed my first set of strings. Looking forward to learning my first song.

  41. Profile photo of Charles B
    Charles B

    Practice ,Practice ,Practice and more practice! its been a rough couple of months for me need to get back into it!

  42. Profile photo of Till

    Finaly I got some Tempo in THE Speed Challenger… That Hand a good influence on THE flatpicking Songs…

  43. Profile photo of Kelster

    I have started my Basic Musicianship class, I am excited to branch off into a new method of learning. I bet Tony has gotten me off on a good foot with the Acoustic Challenge!

  44. Profile photo of Duane W
    Duane W

    August is a total blur. Manage survive the 100+ degree heat, attended MidAmeriCon II (74th World Science Fiction Convention), completed the monthly practice plan and one Wednesday solo zone submission. Hectic month, now to catch up on rest.

  45. Profile photo of Steve A
    Steve A

    Here I am on SEP 1st and I have completed the AUG practice challenge and learned Freight Train.

  46. Profile photo of Steve A
    Steve A

    Had more time in August so I got a lot done. Wizard badge, 2 songs submitted and 4 solos. On a roll. Best thing though was strumming along to Beatle songs for my sister while on vacation. She’s been a dedicated fan since the 60’s.

  47. Profile photo of mike h
    mike h

    I am glad I recorded a song and turned it in. Wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be:)

  48. Profile photo of Karol D
    Karol D

    I earned the August wizard badge and submitted Angeline the Baker! I also submitted at least three solos.

  49. Profile photo of Pat Horwath
    Pat Horwath

    I survived another hot and humid August in the Mojave Desert! I completed the months daily lessons, finally learned the Swallowtail Jig, and selected a new fingerstyle song.

  50. Profile photo of Andrew Townsend
    Andrew Townsend

    Here it is September and I just joined in August. I logged into the site and completed the practice plan every day. This got me used to picking up and playing guitar on a daily basis.

  51. Profile photo of Ben M
    Ben M

    August was such a great time, I enjoyed my holidays and learned some new songs on my guitar 😉

  52. Profile photo of Michael D
    Michael D

    It’s September 1st and I finally have finished “Don’t this Road Look Rough and Rocky,” and I have completed the August practice plan, which is an improvement over the past two months.

  53. Profile photo of Dave B
    Dave B

    I finally did the finger scale warmup at 120 bpm cleanly and learned another song!

  54. Profile photo of Josh W
    Josh W

    I spend a week backpack camping last month so it was hard to get all the daily practices done but I managed to catch up and finish them. I also learned Wildwood Flower!

  55. Profile photo of Ron

    I can’t believe it’s already September! I’m so happy I got another Wizzard badge. Also happy that i learned cumberland gap on clawhammer banjo.

  56. Profile photo of Joey V
    Joey V

    Just signed up this month for TAC. Looking forward to daily practices and keeping myself accountable 🙂

  57. Profile photo of Erick K
    Erick K

    August was a productive month for me. I completed 3 weeks of July lessons, learned a ton, and I think I am getting the hang of flat picking. I found two lessons to add to my growing collection of favorites.

  58. Profile photo of Dave A
    Dave A

    August was a busy month for me, but I was still able to complete the Strumming Course and post 2 more songs. Woo Hoo!!

    1. Profile photo of
      Jeff O

      Hey Janet,

      I’m Jeff, and I just wanted to say, great job on learning the new song. Btw, I love your pic of the motorcycles, that gets me to wanting another harley again too. There’s nothing like that rumbling sound of a harley, it gets in your blood. Seriously, I feel that way about my guitars too. There’s something like the sound of an acoustic guitar sound too, it can ease the heart and mind of a stressful situation. Anyway, awesome job!!!

      Jeff O.

  59. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    Continued to work hard on learning to fingerpick and posted another song to The Stage.

  60. Profile photo of Mark V
    Mark V

    I am glad to have met and introduced myself to my fellow TAC members during the month of August. This has helped my learning experience and gave me confidence in my practice sessions.

  61. Profile photo of David R
    David R

    So glad to have a productive learning month after July took all my time away.

  62. Profile photo of Sean C
    Sean C

    It is September first and in August I finished writing a whole song (really crap, but my first, so no worries). Woohoo!

  63. Profile photo of Sheriff Dave
    Sheriff Dave

    I just finished the August practice sessions! I actually submitted a Wednesday noodle video and I finished the last easy songs that I started way back when!

    1. Profile photo of
      Jeff O

      Way to go Sheriff! That’s a great encouragement. Later.

      Jeff O.

  64. Profile photo of Richard B
    Richard B

    I finished the daily practice….not sure on how to be creative….I can’t find any tab for that.

  65. Profile photo of Keith V
    Keith V

    I completed every lesson this month and during a month that was very busy with work commitments, I still found time to pick up my guitar at least three times each week to work on my TAC lessons!

  66. Profile photo of Thomas T
    Thomas T

    This month I will continue to build the basic skills and continue learning and getting better each day. It is all about the small victories and I make my journey to become a better guitar player.

  67. Profile photo of Jamie Mc
    Jamie Mc

    It’s September 1st – the busy summer is winding down – and I’m glad to say I learned a new song on TAC and posted it to the forum.

  68. Profile photo of jammybilly

    Wow! Two Action Badges in a row. This setting your intention malarkey really works! Didn’t manage the wizard badge but managed to try every lesson for two months. That’s loads more consistent practice than I had been doing and I can see the improvement, just by doing that! Roll on September!

  69. Profile photo of Joseph S
    Joseph S

    It’s September and I got back to practicing every day and completed the monthly lesson plan after 4 months of inactivity with a renewed sense of commitment.

  70. Profile photo of Scott B
    Scott B

    In August I earned my first wizard badge. Posting videos was less formidable than I imagined.

  71. Profile photo of Arve

    Finally August is over, the three weeks of summer is long gone. And I finally managed to play Silent Night by memory. X-mas here I come.

  72. Profile photo of Alrock

    I buckled down and learned the solo to 18 and Life by Skid Row…now, the shredding just happens on it’s own!

  73. Profile photo of Roeland

    This month I’m going to buy my first house! Finally a place of my own, where my better half will have to listen to my guitar wizardry. All day, every day!

    1. Profile photo of
      Jeff O

      Hey Roeland,

      Great job on getting a new house. My wife and I are in the process of getting a new house as well. Matter of fact, we close on it in about 11 days from now. So, even with with all of the caos, I am trying to keep up with my guitar practice. I’m to the point now, where I feel as though I am drawn to it each morning. It’s really one of the first things I think about, so I hope I don’t lose that desire. It’s a really great feeling to have, in my humble opinion that is.

      Again, awesome job Roeland and I pray it goes well on your new house and congrats on buying your first home too.

      1. Profile photo of Roeland

        That’s great Jeff! Exciting times ahead 🙂 Awesome job on the discipline, good luck with everything!

  74. Profile photo of David P
    David P

    I am glad I was able to keep my wizard badge streak alive, even if that is all I had time for! September offers more time to play.

  75. Profile photo of David A
    David A

    September already! Wow the year is going by fast. August was great. I finally learned to play Blackbird.

  76. Profile photo of Curt T
    Curt T

    I’ve learned the Dead’s Touch of Gray at medium difficulty level and everything I play feels more and more like second nature.
    Confidence grows daily!

  77. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    This is the month you completed your hardest challenge yet, LSET! All that practice paid off. What’s next?

  78. Profile photo of Lenny B
    Lenny B

    Here it is September first and it feels great to have completed every day of August’s lesson plan and to have finally submitted a performance. I have procrastinated far to long and feel like I’m back on track now.

  79. Profile photo of Petra A
    Petra A

    This month I will do my guitar and me good. My guitar finally got new strings yesterday. As for me, I hope to have fun developing more skills to make me even more want to play my guitar.

  80. Profile photo of Mel J
    Mel J

    It’s September and I’ve earned my badges for August. I’m in the drawing for a Taylor GS Mini and I’m feeling lucky. Wow! I’ve got another song in my basket.

  81. Profile photo of Shawn Walters
    Shawn Walters

    August was great! I finally sound better flat picking. I played More Pretty Girls Than One and Bluegrass Rhythm without fumbling all over the place and made it look almost as smooth as Tony. Almost.

  82. Profile photo of Bruce B
    Bruce B

    Learned to play Cherokee Shuffle and submitted it for credit! Along with that song from TAC, I’m learning other songs that I’ve always wanted to play, so I’m getting plenty of playing time with my trusty guitar!

  83. Profile photo of David N
    David N

    Learned a new song and played it for my biggest supporter, my lovely wife. She’s the main reason I’m playing again.

  84. Profile photo of Ron L
    Ron L

    August is over & along with completing all of the TAC daily lessons I’m so glad that I was able to practice a minimum of 1 hour a day every week day this past month!!!

  85. Profile photo of Jim H
    Jim H

    It’s September. I’ve successfully completed the TAC lessons for August, having committed to practicing a minimum of 3 days a week – no matter what. I fees terrific about this because although I’ve been a TAC member for quite awhile, I haven’t quite been able to full commit to the program.

  86. Profile photo of Vic G
    Vic G

    It’s Sept and I’m glad that I was able to get my August Wizard badge, despite the fact that August was a very busy month for me outside of TAC.

  87. Profile photo of David Cagle
    David Cagle

    After not being able to complete any of the wizardry requirements in July due to unforeseen family circumstances and not receiving the custom guitar as promised, August has been a much better month where not only did I get my new guitar, I was also able to complete the wizard badge requirements and learned the new song of the month.

  88. Profile photo of Adam H
    Adam H

    September 1st, wow summer flew by. 2 months into TAC and I have 2 songs under my belt. I’ve stuck with forcing myself to play with a metranome at least 1x a week and even though its tough, I know its worth it. Still progressing, still happy.

  89. Profile photo of Fred R
    Fred R

    This month I want to learn and new song and post it before the 15th–enough of this scrambling at the end of the month!

  90. Profile photo of Patt T
    Patt T

    Hi all, last month I wanted to log in every day but I did not do well . This month I will try again.

  91. Profile photo of
    Jeff O

    I feel like I have known a lot of these folks for years, in other words, comfortable and welcomed. That’s a great feeling. Wow, there are so many things that are helping me to become a better player, and having fun and enjoying it along the way really helps too. I may not be getting things exactly perfect, but I am learning a lot of new things and some things I knew about. Through the years I have learned things from different people that I have met along this journey of life, you know, little tips and tricks (i.e. easier ways to do chords differently, etc.). I really like how Tony has designed this website, it’s nicely organised, and I like that. It’s easier to learn when things are in order, so thanks Tony. Seriously, I wake up each day, looking forward to practicing and playing my guitar, it’s not something I feel like I must do, but rather, it’s something that I have a deep, heartfelt desire to do. I look forward to getting to know each of you better as we go along in this musical journey together. I honestly believe that music is a part of our soul, and that it is a very powerful thing, a peace maker, therapy to relieve stress from the things in life, and a wonderful sound to hear, and our life’s blood. I am certainly thankful to becoming a better player and learning how to make my guitars an extension of myself, and thus becoming a better musical artist, the best that I can be. That’s something different for each of us, and also something that’s achievable too.

  92. Profile photo of Corrado M
    Corrado M

    Here I am. On september first I have completed all August program (including recorded song and solo) even if I’m going to spend two weeks at sea with my family…!

  93. Profile photo of Mike K
    Mike K

    I finally played and submitted all four solo performances in August. Way to go me!

  94. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    I attended and participated in my first public jam. It is hosted on Thursday nights by Southern Nevada Bluegrass Music Society. I have been thinking about it since the Jamboree in Bozeman and have finally taken action. My confidence has increased. I now play with fewer stress errors.

  95. Profile photo of David S
    David S

    I still had 11 finger picking songs to learn at the beginning of August – so glad to get through 4 of them and post performance videos.

  96. Profile photo of James H
    James H

    August flew by fast,and I can play More Pretty Girls Than One straight through with no Tab.

  97. Profile photo of Dave H
    Dave H

    Well Sept 2016 is here, summer is over, but I finally finished learning and posted Till There Was You.

  98. Profile photo of Ron "One Ton Tex" M
    Ron "One Ton Tex" M

    I intend to complete and perform The Smoke Has Cleared, earn my Wizard Badge and perform an original song on Open Mic forum!

  99. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    It is September 1st and I am entering the last quarter of my 4th year of playing guitar, I can’t believe it! I really made some significant improvement this month in trying to understand scales and how to fit in and connect with modes. Amd I completed another successful month of TAC lessons and learned some kickass songs.

  100. Profile photo of Greg C. W
    Greg C. W

    OMG, I can’t believe that I not only learned 2 new songs including “Here come the Sun” but finally posted my first performance video. I so psyched!!!

  101. Profile photo of Russ

    I am happy to say I attempted each lesson, the important thing I learned is take my time and have fun.

  102. Profile photo of Joe A
    Joe A

    Man August went by fast! It was just last month I learned and performed my first song and Wednesday solo. It wasn’t nearly as scary this month. I am truly thankful for TAC for getting me jump-started on the Guitar. It feels great!!!!!!

  103. Profile photo of Garrett

    I’ve made great progress in August to play with more dynamics, even riddum, and learned how to play staccato more with palm muting or however you do that.

  104. Profile photo of Darrell C
    Darrell C

    I’m finally seeing progress with my right hand in terms of my picking technique. Discipline growing and unlearning some bad habits of sloppy right hand technique

  105. Profile photo of Richard S
    Richard S

    Finally September !st, 2016, Tomorrow is my birthday; 64 yrs old. I have learned the Beatles song, “WHEN I’M 64!” HOW APPROPRIATE, AND I’ve learned a new song and recorded it on Tony’s Acoustic Challenge, AND I recorded it without errors. I am so proud. The other members of TAC have been so supportive how could it have been different. I am proud to be a member of such a wonderful group of fellow musicians.

  106. Profile photo of Jonathan S
    Jonathan S

    August was the month I finally got over my fear of submitting a solo. I learned Angeline The Baker (have been obsessed with it ever since seeing Tony do a review for the first time) and got a little better about learning how to record a song.

  107. Profile photo of Jason T
    Jason T

    I learned a cool new song this month after taking a month off….posted it to the Forum!

  108. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author

    Here I am on September first and I have completed learning Tony Rice’s solo from Little Sadie by ear. What an awesome feeling!!! This is a solo I have wanted to learn for a long time.

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