Set Your Intention for July!

Welcome to July’s “set your intention” event. My hope is that you (and everyone else!) will post a comment below stating their guitar intention for the month of July. And for doing so, you could be one of two members to win a free year of TAC valued at $197! I’ll explain below, but first…


The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

Because leaving a comment with your intentions for the month will instill a very powerful psychological phenomenon called “commitment and consistency” which is the desire to be consistent with what we’ve said or done. You can use this powerful mind trick to make you a better guitar player. Let me show you how…

Right here, right now, I want you to close your eyes and envision exactly what would make you high five yourself on August 1st in respect to your guitar playing. This is a game called “act as if”.

So act as if it’s August 1st and you’re REALLY happy with yourself.

What did you accomplish that is making you so happy with yourself? Did you learn a song? Finally get over your ambiguous fear of failure and submit a video performance? Did you complete the entire July Practice Plan even though you’ve fallen short the last couple months? Did you play your first open mic? Did you play a full song for somebody? What did it feel like? Was it awesome?

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how big or small your intention is for the month. If you have a crazy month of traveling, aim super low. As a matter of fact, if you’ve had a tough time being consistent with your guitar, just aim low. Let’s go for an easy win this month.


Leave a comment as though it’s August 1st and you’ve ALREADY completed your desired actions. Also, make sure it’s very specific and measurable (not opinion based). And make sure it’s attainable and relevant to your overall goals.

Once you submit your comment, you’ll get the July Intention badge (10 points). Now all you have to do is get 15 more points to get the July Action badge which will automatically enter you into the drawing for a free year of TAC worth $197.

Here are some example comments:

Example 1: I got the wizard badge! This feels great because I’ve been trying for the last two months have have always fell short!

Example 2: July was super busy so my goal was to learn a “starter” song and submit the performance. I’m happy to say that not only did I successfully do this, but it only took me a few days of focus!

Example 3: I played “descending chords” for my wife! She’s heard me talking about learning guitar but I’ve never been brave enough to play for her. Now she’s super supportive and she’s driving me to learn more songs!

Example 4: I submitted a performance for a Wednesday solo badge. It wasn’t pretty, but now I can say that I’ve submitted a performance and now it doesn’t seem like a big deal!


  1. Leave a comment with your July intentions
  2. Complete any one thing on TAC (practice plan or song lesson or any performance submission)
  3. Make sure your profile photo is updated with your photo (prerequisite for getting the Action badge)
  4. That’s it! You’re automatically entered to win a free year of TAC!

Frequently Asked Questions (Don’t see your question? Ask it in the comments below!)

Q. Does my intention comment need to be something I do on TAC?
A. Nope!

Q. Do I only get the badge if I complete my intention successfully?
A. Nope! It doesn’t matter to me if you are successful or not. The point is to set clear goals and be intentional about our learning.

Q. Why do I need to have a profile photo? I’m shy!
A. If we were all hanging out at a BBQ jam session and half the people had bags over their heads, it would be really hard to connect with them as humans. The real power of TAC is human connection. Show us your face!

Q. So you’re saying that the new monthly “Action badge” is what automatically enters me into the monthly drawing for a free year of TAC and in order to get the Action badge I need to 1. leave a comment below 2. do ANY single thing on TAC and 3. have a profile photo?
A. You’re a quick learner! Yes, it’s as easy as that:)



  1. Profile photo of Dennis J M
    Dennis J M

    I am going to try and learn one new song every month. Right now I am learning to play LZ’s ‘Going To California’ using Travis fingerpicking .

  2. Profile photo of Jarret C
    Jarret C

    Record and post Freight Train and Bluegrass Rhythm. My fingers are finally starting to move in some resemblance of coordination.

  3. Profile photo of Anna K
    Anna K

    Well it is August 1st as I finally found this page. I will reflect on all that happened to keep me from practicing as much as I wanted to and set some August goals.

  4. Profile photo of Chris T
    Chris T

    Just joined today, so will spend the remainder of this month exploring and getting used to the program.

  5. Profile photo of Russ

    Since being a new member and joining at the end of the month I am going to take this time to explore the site and noodle around

  6. Profile photo of Thomas T
    Thomas T

    This is going to be fun. I am just starting but can’t wait to learn. I just got my first guitar last week.

  7. Profile photo of Thomas T
    Thomas T

    I am a brand new beginner but I am committed to learning and getting better. I am looking forward to the journey.

  8. Profile photo of SB

    I want to get back into TAC. I’ve been away for a couple of months. I love this site and have missed it!

  9. Profile photo of Bill

    I want to learn a starter song and submit a recording!

  10. Profile photo of Stanley H
    Stanley H

    I am new here. I hope I am able to complete July’s daily lesson plans on time! Of course also get my first wizard badge.

  11. Profile photo of Jamie Mc
    Jamie Mc

    It’s August 1st and I’m happy to say I’ve gotten caught up and back on track and am able to complete July’s daily lesson plans on time!

  12. Profile photo of Wendy M
    Wendy M

    It’s August 1st and I am back on track with TAC and my daily playing. I was gone for quite a while due to really poor internet at my house and being scared to sit in public wifi situations to play my beautiful GS mini mahogany along with the practice videos. I am trying to download the videos at coffee shops to then practice at home. One day I will be confident enough to play in those coffee shops 🙂

  13. Profile photo of Gregorio R
    Gregorio R

    This is august 1st., and I could accomplish the wizard badge. I had 2 weeks of holidays away from home and I was disconnected from TAC those two weeks.

  14. Profile photo of Cameron B
    Cameron B

    July goal is to learn a song outside of TAC in addition to my activity on this site.

  15. Profile photo of Maddie

    It is August 1st and I am so grateful that I got my first Wizard Badge with TAC and completed at least 1 previous months practice plan, (I just joined this week and want to catch up.)

  16. Profile photo of Fred R
    Fred R

    I am half way through the month and have completed a song and recorded it, along with keeping up with the daily exercises. I am on track for the month. I often waited until the end of the month to learn a new song. Procrastination was not getting it done.

  17. Profile photo of Kevin S
    Kevin S

    I am happy I lived through surgery with no complications. The pain meds were awesome and don’t need em anymore and I’m not addicted to them. Yay! I enjoyed the time off work and playing guitar.

  18. Profile photo of Juan N
    Juan N

    I’ve submitted my first video, so I have officially broken the ice. Ready to dive deeper into the July lessons!

  19. Profile photo of Wade W
    Wade W

    It’s August 1 and I’m so happy I completed the whole July Practice Plan.

  20. Profile photo of Bob Wittenstein
    Bob Wittenstein

    I’ve learned three songs and submitted three fingerpicking performances. Can’t believe my fingers can move about so independently!

  21. Profile photo of Pat C
    Pat C

    Okay, Time to get on with it. I plan on finishing at least 1/2 of the lessons for July. Seems my issue is ti spend way too much time on each lesson to really get them down before moving on but with so much material to choose from I really need to get more variety and not spend so much time on perfection. Although…nothing really wrong with perfection either.

  22. Profile photo of Charlie D
    Charlie D

    August 1st already and I have had a good month of regular practice. Managed to keep ar it and do a few improvs/solos and learn a new song and post one on line. It’s good to be King ( or at least feel like one) !

  23. Profile photo of Don Howard
    Don Howard

    Aug 1. July was good for me (even though I got a week late start). I finally learned to play the Tony P G chord in transition. I also made a ton of improvement on my fretting technique and now get better fingertip position on the strings.

  24. Profile photo of Steve T
    Steve T

    I intend to practice/play my guitar at least 6 days a week for the entire month.

  25. Profile photo of Patt T
    Patt T

    Log in daily rather than every couple days so I will spend more time on each lesson

  26. Profile photo of Janet H
    Janet H

    Relocated from CO back to MT in early July – crazy busy! But now have unpacked and intend to learn a new song!

  27. Profile photo of Duane W
    Duane W

    Not real sure where July went, or everything I accomplished guitar wise (it really felt like a hyper speed blurred continuation of June) but these are the things I think I remember getting done. The band got back together after 7 months off to play a gig with 9 days notice. It went great if you can ignore the heat fatigue from load in/out and standing for 4 hours. The audience and venue owner were all very happy at the end of the evening. A good sign! We’re hoping this can become a semi-regular gig. I played 2 solo shows during the last week of the July. Small appreciative audience (normal for solo original performing songwriter events). Rehearsals for the gigs really cut into TAC time, but I manage to keep up with daily exercises (if a couple late completions still count). Posted “Chord Shape Conundrum” solo zone a few days late but got it done and had fun. Finished “Fingerpicking Jumpstart” including learning and posting “Freight Train”, completing the requirements for the July Wizard Badge. I think I’m slowly improving and getting a tentative hang of fingerpicking guitar. The skinny strings and using thumb and fingers together at the same time still feels a little foreign.

  28. Profile photo of Paul H
    Paul H

    It’s August first and I have recorded two songs out of three in the works for performance badges: Arkansas Traveler, Brenda’s Blues, and St.Ann’s Reel.

  29. Profile photo of Petra A
    Petra A

    Now that I am back here, I want to attend classes more regularly again. At least 3 times a week.

  30. Profile photo of Trey C
    Trey C

    In the month of July I got on TAC 3 times a week and completed one lesson each day! That’s 3 lessons a week!

  31. Profile photo of Erick K
    Erick K

    During July I completed my residual lessons from June and two weeks of July lessons. I also added two July lessons to my list of personal favorite lessons.

  32. Profile photo of Ron L
    Ron L

    In July I finally completed the last of the Bluegrass licks in Tony’s 76 quick lessons. It’s taken a long time but it’s a great feeling to have all 76 lesson complete!!!

  33. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    I intend to do a finger style song for this month’s challenge

  34. Profile photo of Bradford L
    Bradford L

    I need to change my strings, which are really dead, Jim. Oh, and after a few months of being an annual member, I’m going to get this thing started. (As soon as I catch up at work, that is). No really, I’m going to try to get on TAC at least a few times per week, and build from there.

  35. Profile photo of Thomas M
    Thomas M

    On August 1 I have learned one finger style song and posted it on YouTube and in the community.

  36. Profile photo of David W
    David W

    It’s August 1st and I have learned my first tune using a slide. 🙂 Looking forward to learning more!

  37. Profile photo of X

    I’ve memorized and performed 4 songs from my group classes. Lyrics and chords and licks. I’ve looked through the the July TAC lessons and done the ones I have time for. I’ve performed one TAC song. I’ve worked on my alternating thumb bass. I’ve gone to bed at a decent hour every night knowing that I’ve put the right amount of guitar practice in, but that my wife family and friends know that they come first.

  38. Profile photo of Bradley A
    Bradley A

    July is over, and I have finally posted a flat picking fiddle tune from the lessons here!

  39. Profile photo of Carel M
    Carel M

    Every month is great. And august is already running .My Martins are crying for more so what else can I do than play them

  40. Profile photo of Michael M
    Michael M

    It’s August 1st and I can’t believe I completed the July practice plan!!!

  41. Profile photo of Donald L
    Donald L

    Despite the hammers a hammering and the saws a sawing, I posted 2 wed. solo improvs and learned and posted anew song. Back on the Wizard road. The hammers and saws are from an extension we are building onto our old country home.

  42. Profile photo of Steve A
    Steve A

    July has been a busy month so I am happy to have completed all the things required for the July Wizard badge.

  43. Profile photo of James S
    James S

    My dawg don’t got no fleeze, so mebbe I kin kick this here procratination bug in the ass and get ‘er done!

  44. Profile photo of Dave B
    Dave B

    Wow I can’t believe I earned two wizard badges in a row, and learned the song banks of the Ohio!

  45. Profile photo of Susanne P
    Susanne P

    In July I learn “Big sandy river”. First August I can do it as desired as could be.
    Second: I want to make the practice plan.
    Thanks a lot for all you are doing.

  46. Profile photo of Jim Bean
    Jim Bean

    Leave a comment as though it’s August 1st and you’ve ALREADY completed your desired actions. Also, make sure it’s very specific and measurable (not opinion based). And make sure it’s attainable and relevant to your overall goals.

    Um uhh So, I was traveling in the magical forest chilling, playing my lute with one of those dancing goat men things that play the pan flute. I thought that it was August 1st so I celebrated a completed month of life. Drinking ale with some angry apple trees, that enjoyed throwing their rotten apples at the dancing goat man thing. I woke up to realize it was July. My beautiful lute music was a ting and jing from a 2 string busted up cigar box guitar. I hope to have at least one of my guitars in the shop finished. Move my studio to another room. Have a more extensive understanding of the fret board. Be a more fluid improvise for off the hip jam sessions. Find some local people I can play music with at least once a month.

  47. Profile photo of samuel b
    samuel b

    I just joined. I have a hard time practicing my guitar so my goal is to practice at least 15 minutes a day. I have played on and off for over 30 years and I’m still not very good. I sure hope we can fix this

  48. Profile photo of Greg W
    Greg W

    Its August and I finally submitted a solo for the chord shape conundrum leason….

  49. Profile photo of Marcel L
    Marcel L

    My intentions for July are earning my first wizard badge and learning Bill Cheatham so I can play it at a summer camp in three and a half weeks.

  50. Profile photo of Taylor P
    Taylor P

    July was an incredible month! I earned my fourth Wizard Badge, bought a wizard hat for recording, and got a new guitar!

  51. Profile photo of Roy G
    Roy G

    Great hangout in July. My goal is to complete the July Practice Plan.

  52. Profile photo of Keith H
    Keith H

    In July I intend to be better at maintaining a consistant practice schedule!

  53. Profile photo of Jimmy

    Yay !
    I completed the entire July practice plan !
    Definitely can tell that I am improving !

  54. Profile photo of Kenneth H
    Kenneth H

    This month I hope to get a lot of playing in and I hope to learn freight train.

  55. Profile photo of Francis E
    Francis E

    I finished learning the July lesson, BIcycle Built for Two, plus learned Pete Huttlinger’s arrangement of Si Bheag, Si Mohr.

  56. Profile photo of Russell S
    Russell S

    Man! It’s August and I can walk without a cane! I have managed to learn a new song and all is right with the world!

  57. Profile photo of Eve D
    Eve D

    This month I was able to get disciplined and stick to a persistent practice session every day, even in the midst of haying season.

  58. Profile photo of Pat Horwath
    Pat Horwath

    Finished Swallowtail Jig before Aug 1st and chose a new fingerstyle song. Finally figured out how to record with an old DSLR camera to get first performance badge.

  59. Profile photo of Pete C
    Pete C

    Completed and submitted my performance of Goodnight Irene and earned the July wizard and action badges.

  60. Profile photo of Roeland

    Been on vacation for a long time, July will be the time to catch up with my lessons. Let’s do this!

  61. Profile photo of Em H
    Em H

    I spent at least 10-20 minutes playing (and sometimes much more) everyday in July rather than spending a couple of hours on only one or two days a week.

  62. Profile photo of James S
    James S

    In July, I actually practiced every day for 5-10 minutes like the practice plan is intended instead of doing the entire lesson plan in one day!

  63. Profile photo of Christopher D
    Christopher D

    July is over! I’m so happy that I got my first wizard badge (This is my first month on TAC) and built a good habit of playing guitar everyday!

  64. Profile photo of Alrock

    I thought I’d never get around to finishing the ‘Acoustic Foundation Builder’, but hooray for me…I did it!

  65. Profile photo of Emma S
    Emma S

    Can’t believe it’s August 1st. I’ve written another original song. I’m so glad that I have learnt 2 flat picking songs, I’m starting to feel more comfortable holding a pick.

  66. Profile photo of Scott B
    Scott B

    July was a good guitar month. I used the fact that my classes were complete to devote more time to practice. It is paying off in terms of speed. Keeping this up I will be ready to play for people come colder weather which is sure to come as we move in to fall.

  67. Profile photo of Jason T
    Jason T

    In July I cleaned up my playing and made all my current songs smoother….

  68. Profile photo of Jim T
    Jim T

    My intention is to get more work done faster, I may have missed my June Wizard badge by a day or so. Next month I am going to try and complete the requirements sooner.

  69. Profile photo of Adam H
    Adam H

    Wow, first month done using TAC. I’m closer to having the funds for my new guitar and with the songs I’ve learned I’ll be ready to put it through one heck of a welcome home jam.

  70. Profile photo of Ben M
    Ben M

    July again was a very busy month for me and I am happy to manage uploading my first “performance video” for TAC 😉

  71. Profile photo of Ron A
    Ron A

    i intend to get Don Miller and I in on the Flash sale. When will that happen?

  72. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    Inspired by Karol’s “mac dad” lesson last month, I developed my improv skills by learning and applying some music theory. Now it doesn’t sound like I’m strangling a bag of cats when I play along to Tony’s backing tracks!

  73. Profile photo of Robin D
    Robin D

    I, also, didn’t finish the fingerpicking jumpstart. I have just begun Freight Train and it will have to wait until I get the new nylon string guitar (sometime in July). Then I’m ready to roll! So for July I will at least make progress on Freight Train and probably make most of my way through the practice plan.

  74. Profile photo of Daniel E
    Daniel E

    I made major progress in my guitar playing this month! Completed sessions 13,14,and 15 in my Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Course that I am taking side by side with TAC. And I completed a whole month of perfect practice!!

  75. Profile photo of David A
    David A

    July was a busy month. While I still worked on my daily practice plan. I also worked on learning some new songs. I was great to even post a performance of Bluegrass Rhythm.

  76. Profile photo of David S
    David S

    It was pretty hard to spend enough time indoors in July to get in enough practice time let alone post some performances but I had decided a little discipline was needed so I set a goal of uploading at least 1 flatpicking and 1 fingerpicking song. The discipline worked and I managed to exceed my goal.

  77. Profile photo of David Cagle
    David Cagle

    July was a wonderful month as the custom “Little Sister” guitar that I have been waiting for since December finally arrived and it is more than I expected. I have also gotten my Wizard Badge for TAC and am in the drawing once more and I can finally play Blackberry Blossom up to speed and along with the backing track.

  78. Profile photo of Adolfo M
    Adolfo M

    That wasn’t too hard. Two full monthly practice plans completed! After the Easy versions of the songs the Standard versions are becoming so much simpler too…

  79. Profile photo of leslie c
    leslie c

    I want to learn another song to play on The Stage
    get another Wizard Badge to my collection
    Improve Finger picking style playing
    I enjoyed June but I want July
    to be even more fun and learn even more

  80. Profile photo of Lou Q
    Lou Q

    I’m glad I was able to play my guitars everyday in July, finish up the acoustic foundation lessons and complete another song lesson! And complete the wizard badge.

  81. Profile photo of Sheriff Dave
    Sheriff Dave

    I didn’t have enough days left in June to finish the finger picking jumpstart and to learn freight train, so I am going to continue with that intention in July. I intend to learn Freight Train, record it, and submit it for a solo performance. I am also close to recording Big Sandy River to submit.

  82. Profile photo of Garrett

    It’s August 1st and I have finished the July Wizard badge and I’ve practiced 5 days per week. I’ve also saved more money for an 18 series Martin.

  83. Profile photo of Keith V
    Keith V

    My intention is to learn a fingerpicking song for this month’s song submission, and to take a photo to upload to my profile!

  84. Profile photo of Drew B
    Drew B

    This will be my first full month with TAC. My intention is to complete the full lesson plan and gain a Wizard badge.

  85. Profile photo of David Schmidt
    David Schmidt

    OK, I’ve finally upped my game by enrolling in a structured practice plan. Not only was I able to keep up with the July practice plan, but I was also able to hit some of the lessons I hadn’t gotten to in the “Month of Perfect Practice”. I even forced myself to upload some videos of myself playing. Not as bad as the open mic’s, since I can re-record till I’m satisfied, but still exposing myself more than I’m comfortable, though it’s getting better already.

  86. Profile photo of Richard S
    Richard S

    Whew!!! I is really, really embarassing to review my July intention. I have in fact learned each song to the best of my ability at this time, but many attempts have sounded pretty darn sorry. IT IS AUGUST first and I am HAPPY TO ADMIT I have relearned one of the more difficult songs so that it sounded pretty good and recorded it with the proper microphone at the proper angle, so as to avoid the doppler and flange effects that plague so many of my recordings. THOSE RUN ON SENTENCES ARE A BEAR TO GET OUT!

  87. Profile photo of Ron

    Boy, July flew by! I’m so happy I was able to learn “John Henry” on banjo. I’m really pleased with how hard I worked on dialing in “June Apple” and I got another Wizard badge, life’s good…

  88. Profile photo of Gary o
    Gary o

    I am glad I didn’t get caught practicing on More Pretty Girls than One by my wife and I got another song badge. Its nice to get another Wizard badge but it sure takes a lot of takes submitting a performance.

  89. Profile photo of William F
    William F

    I can’t believe I finally completed my first practice plan. That wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

  90. Profile photo of Lee M
    Lee M

    July has been crazy busy, but, I was able to clean up Descending Chords and post my first performance! I’ve also got Freight Train nearly ready to post as well! Might save that one for August!

  91. Profile photo of Greg C. W
    Greg C. W

    My July intention is to finally post a performance. If I do a solo I like I’ll post that too!

  92. Charles Bruno

    1. Same as June, get through the finger picking jump start course.

    2. More practice time, and better utilization of the time.

    3. Get the front yard leveled, and a water wise plan in place.

  93. Profile photo of jammybilly

    I remember I did this for June and although I did not complete June’s practice plan, just leaving a comment here helped me commit to picking up my guitar (it worked Tony!).

    I had 8 days annual leave and I worked my way through the Foundation 101 Course. I completed the majority of it, practicing for around 3 hours a day during my time off, the only bit that foiled me was the mini-bar F chord bit at the end. However the F chord is coming as my fingers get stronger and I intend to keep going back over the older Plans to try and nail the bit I still need to complete and to see if I can improve my speed from “slow” to “medium” of the things I did complete.

    So I am here again to commit to July’s practice plan and hope that Tony’s magic Wizard spells on my brain will help me practice for 10 mins a day and maybe even help me submit a performance of some sort. It’s been 14 days of practice in a row so far, lets see how long I can keep this guitar malarkey going!

    Thankyou Tony!
    Andrew (jb)

  94. Profile photo of Jason S
    Jason S

    My July Intention is to get back and complete the weekly lessons, do a new song and get that wizard badge!

  95. Profile photo of Peggy L
    Peggy L

    I am training to retire – 2 years away. And I plan to learn at least 1 song a month. July is too darned hot to be outside much so I’m gonna practice! REALLY! Except for that week I go to Colorado Springs.

  96. Profile photo of Dave A
    Dave A

    The month of July flew by and though I was busy I was able to post one finger-picking song and a flat-picking song. I even completed 2-4 of the 76 Quick lessons. Hard work for a beginner like me!

  97. Profile photo of Lynne R
    Lynne R

    it’s Aug 1 and not only do I know all of the pentatonic minor shapes ,but I can now play all of the corresponding minor scale shapes as well.

  98. Profile photo of Slimfinger

    MY intention is to actually learn one easy song. My attention span is so short , that I can never complete anything. I am going to do my best to stop practicing without a plan .



  99. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    It is August first, and I finally did it! I completed all of the Starter and Easy Songs and can now move on and focus on the Medium Songs. I enjoyed progressing through all of those songs, but I really enjoy the challenge that comes with tackling the harder Medium Songs. I completed this milestone once before, but Tony dumped a bunch of new songs on us all at once, so I had to work my way through those new songs. I will steer clear of the Hard Songs for now and save them for when I am ready. Also, June 19th marked my one-year anniversary as a member here at TAC, but I signed up to be an Annual TAC Member on July 15th 2015, so this past month I renewed my Annual Membership.

  100. Profile photo of Brooke S
    Brooke S

    It’s August 1st? Really? I’ve been driving kids all day every day, racking up those miles, but I still earned my first WIzard Badge! (Ever seen an ultra-light Traveler guitar? I plug it into the car’s aux jack. It’s the best thing I’ve bought in years.) I’ve been telling the kids that I wanted to earn a Wizard Badge and they all think it’s super cool. It’s possible they expect magic after that. So to earn that, I had to work up a song. I kind of lean easily to fingerpicking, so I decided to dig in and learn a flatpicking song! And I even submitted it! Check it out!

  101. Profile photo of Dave H
    Dave H

    Busy July, but glad I learned and got the badge for Bicycle built for Two.

  102. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    I had such a valuable experience in June performing my first open mic that I worked daily in July to have four tunes Live Stage Performance Ready. Big Sandy River, Cherokee Shuffle, Blackberry Blossom, and Angeline the Baker. I can now play play all four of these tunes in succession smoothly and error free with repeatable consistency. In fact I have become so familiar with all these tunes that I can easily deviate and continue to keep time remaining in the correct key not effecting the flow of performance.

  103. Profile photo of David P
    David P

    August 1sr already?? July really flew by, busy at work and play, but glad I found time for my 6th consecutive wizard badge. Finished Detroit Moan for the performance and continued teaching my son with the lessons we started in June( with Tony’s help of course)

  104. Profile photo of Karol D
    Karol D

    My July intention is to learn Arkansas Traveler and earn my Wizard Badge.

  105. Profile photo of Scott C
    Scott C

    Now that it is August 1st, I am happy that I was able to complete an even higher percentage of daily lessons than last month, post a performance video, and pick a song lesson to learn.

  106. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    July was a busy month. Lots of summer travel and interruptions but still managed to earn a Wizard Badge and learn another fingerpicking song.

  107. Profile photo of Roger L
    Roger L

    My intention for July is to finally get Brenda’s Blues good enough for a performance badge.

  108. Profile photo of Till

    Wow July was hard… but I learned a lot that Makes me able to make Music with others. I learned the Rythm guitar of two new songs (blue Moon and I remember you) by Heart and I got netter in improvisier over all of me. That feels so good!

  109. Profile photo of Tony

    I recorded my own strumming backing track for “Red Haired Boy” or “Whiskey Before Breakfast” in addition to earning the July Wizard badge. I encouraged one person to check out TAC as a potential new member. Experamented with a new hamburger recipe.

  110. Profile photo of Vic G
    Vic G

    All right! Not only was I able to get my July Wizard Badge, but I finally got over that darned picking hump and got my LSET song lesson badge as well.

  111. Profile photo of Richard B
    Richard B

    My intention is to do the practice sessions everyday, and learn ‘Angeline The Baker’. I also intend on making my practice time to be: ‘one half hour’ before noon. Since I work nights, and have my days free, finishing before noon is a good goal. I’ll start at 11:00 and either finish my half hour, or it becomes noon……

  112. Profile photo of Joe A
    Joe A

    August 1st!!! Just finished my 1st full month with Tony. June gave me the lay of the land so I was able to Learn my 1st song and play my 1st solo. Feels great to get my 1st Wizard here at TAC. Thanks for everything!!

  113. Profile photo of Mike K
    Mike K

    I have completed and performed a new song from the flatpicking beginner section, hopefully I will complete all of the beginner section songs soon.

  114. Profile photo of Kelster

    I signed up for Basic Musicianship at the community college. While I learn a lot from Tony (and other sources around the internet), I think there are some things I need to experience in real life.

  115. Profile photo of Jonathan S
    Jonathan S

    In July I got over my nerves and recorded an improvisation session. That also resulted in earning my first Wizard badge. Wahooooo.

  116. Profile photo of Josh W
    Josh W

    I finished the July wizard badge! I joined TAC in the middle of May and spent most of June in the Mojave with no guitar but I finally had the chance to focus in July and now I can look forward to the live hangout and hold my breath for a GS Mini….or dare I hope for the 00L-17?

  117. Pecos Bill Jarocki

    It’s July 1st and I’ve just cleared a backlog of consulting work that was due at the end of Alaska’s state fiscal year. And that means that with no hockey until October I can get my practicing habits established and ingrained into my daily schedule during July. That’s right. Daily. My goal this month is to play every day and get my TACdosage reset. Thanks Tony for all you do, and to my friends here…I wish you the very best for meeting your goals.

  118. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author

    Phew July flew by!!! Now that it’s August 1st I am so happy to have sat down every morning before walking the dogs to work on John Fahey’s tune “Impressions of Susan” Even if it was only for ten minutes, it felt great to know each day I was getting closer to learning the entire tune. Before I knew it I had the whole tune down.

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