Set Your Intention for June!

Welcome to the very first “set your intention” event. My hope is that you (and everyone else!) will post a comment below stating their guitar intention for the month of June. And for doing so, you could be one of two members to win a free year of TAC valued at $197! I’ll explain below, but first…


The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

Because leaving a comment with your intentions for the month will instill a very powerful psychological phenomenon called “commitment and consistency” which is the desire to be consistent with what we’ve said or done. You can use this powerful mind trick to make you a better guitar player. Let me show you how…

Right here, right now, I want you to close your eyes and envision exactly what would make you high five yourself on July 1st in respect to your guitar playing. This is a game called “act as if”.

So act as if it’s July 1st and you’re REALLY happy with yourself.

What did you accomplish that is making you so happy with yourself? Did you learn a song? Finally get over your ambiguous fear of failure and submit a video performance? Did you complete the entire June Practice Plan even though you’ve fallen short the last couple months? Did you play your first open mic? Did you play a full song for somebody? What did it feel like? Was it awesome?

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how big or small your intention is for the month. If you have a crazy month of traveling, aim super low. As a matter of fact, if you’ve had a tough time being consistent with your guitar, just aim low. Let’s go for an easy win this month.


Leave a comment as though it’s July 1st and you’ve ALREADY completed your desired actions. Also, make sure it’s very specific and measurable (not opinion based). And make sure it’s attainable and relevant to your overall goals.

Once you submit your comment, you’ll get the June Intention badge (10 points). Now all you have to do is get 15 more points to get the June Action badge which will automatically enter you into the drawing for a free year of TAC worth $197.

Here are some example comments:

Example 1: I got the wizard badge! This feels great because I’ve been trying for the last two months have have always fell short!

Example 2: June was super busy so my goal was to learn a “starter” song and submit the performance. I’m happy to say that not only did I successfully do this, but it only took me a few days of focus!

Example 3: I played “descending chords” for my wife! She’s heard me talking about learning guitar but I’ve never been brave enough to play for her. Now she’s super supportive and she’s driving me to learn more songs!

Example 4: I submitted a performance for a Wednesday solo badge. It wasn’t pretty, but now I can say that I’ve submitted a performance and now it doesn’t seem like a big deal!


  1. Leave a comment with your June intentions
  2. Complete any one thing on TAC (practice plan or song lesson or any performance submission)
  3. Make sure your profile photo is updated with your photo (prerequisite for getting the Action badge)
  4. That’s it! You’re automatically entered to win a free year of TAC!

Frequently Asked Questions (Don’t see your question? Ask it in the comments below!)

Q. Does my intention comment need to be something I do on TAC?
A. Nope!

Q. Do I only get the badge if I complete my intention successfully?
A. Nope! It doesn’t matter to me if you are successful or not. The point is to set clear goals and be intentional about our learning.

Q. Why do I need to have a profile photo? I’m shy!
A. If we were all hanging out at a BBQ jam session and half the people had bags over their heads, it would be really hard to connect with them as humans. The real power of TAC is human connection. Show us your face!

Q. So you’re saying that the new monthly “Action badge” is what automatically enters me into the monthly drawing for a free year of TAC and in order to get the Action badge I need to 1. leave a comment below 2. do ANY single thing on TAC and 3. have a profile photo?
A. You’re a quick learner! Yes, it’s as easy as that:)



  1. Profile photo of leslie c
    leslie c

    Finally got through the recording and posting stage I am very pleased with my self
    looking forward to improving on that effort, Got my Wizard Badge at last.

  2. Profile photo of Michael D
    Michael D

    Well, I completed half of my June intention by posting “Will the Circle be Unbroken;” however, I did not finish the June lesson plan. My intention for July is to complete the June plan and the July plan.

    1. Profile photo of Michael D
      Michael D

      I forgot something! I also am going to finally finish and post, “Don’t this Road Look Rough and Rocky!”

  3. Profile photo of Drew B
    Drew B

    I just joined at the end of June. My intention is to work as much of June’s lessons as possible and then start July of on schedule.

  4. Profile photo of Ashley D
    Ashley D

    I joined this site late in the month of June. My intention is to as much of the June practice sessions that I can and then do July properly 🙂

  5. Profile photo of Chris F
    Chris F

    I’ve fell a few paces back into my old ways (playing stuff I already know for drunk people haha) and really want to learn a new song and start back on the practice plan.

  6. Profile photo of Mark V
    Mark V

    Another late start month for me but what a relief to finally complete the TAC Essentials Course Maintenance Guide. I was able to finally change strings on guitars….now everything sounds good. Word of the day: Clarity!

  7. Profile photo of François

    Quite simple: I’m using June to work on the things I had postponed because of my job. I’ll learn a new song and complete the strumming, flatpicking and fingerstyle jumpstart because it’s always good to rework the basics!

  8. Profile photo of Stephen Henderson
    Stephen Henderson

    I’m going to attend the TAC Jamboree!… I’m going to learn a new song, and I’m going to take the strumming and flat picking courses!

  9. Profile photo of Cameron B
    Cameron B

    Apparently I left a message here, but I can’t find it anymore. Just in case it is always my intention to complete the entire months plan doing a lesson each and everyday. Going forward I am going to push myself to learn two songs a month (at a slow pace) instead of just one. So far on track 🙂

  10. Profile photo of Sheriff Dave
    Sheriff Dave

    I intend to fall back and start the introduction to finger style picking, then I’m going to learn freight train!

    1. Profile photo of Mark V
      Mark V

      Another late start month for me but what a relief to finally complete the TAC Essentials Course Maintenance Guide. I was able to finally change strings on guitars….now everything sounds good. Word of the day: Clarity!

  11. Profile photo of Glenn A
    Glenn A

    We’ll for June I have been working on building my skills using a thumb pick. So far 23 days into the month I am at a point where I can say “yea I can do this”.

  12. Profile photo of Ray W
    Ray W

    Even though this was a ridiculously busy month I managed to fit in at least 10 of the daily lessons and also used my TAC inspired guitar skills in public at the day long tailgate party at a Jimmy Buffett concert.

  13. Profile photo of Maggie

    Even though I got a late start this month, I completed 10 of the daily lessons! Even though I’ve been busy with other guitar/music related things, it feels really good to get back to the fundamentals and to work toward improving my technique.

  14. Profile photo of Ron L
    Ron L

    I’ve had to be away from home for the last 2 weeks, without my guitar, but I’m still going to do my best to complete all of the June lessons.

  15. Profile photo of Francis E
    Francis E

    This is a late start, but I just got back from a 3 week vacation ( no internet but I had a guitar with me!) I got caught up on the June practice plan and learned “The Beaumont Rag”.

  16. Profile photo of Mary Elizabeth VonDras
    Mary Elizabeth VonDras

    I love all of the new features on TAC!

    During June, I intend to listen to the entire Elizabeth Cotton cd that I picked up this past weekend at the “Erie Canal Museum” in Syracuse, NY! “Freight Train” is one of the songs, and listening to her play it will be great ear training, as well as fantastic motivation to learn to play it myself! Maybe I will be able to learn some of the other songs on the album by ear.

    I intend to practice for at least a few minutes every day this month!

  17. Profile photo of Steve S
    Steve S

    I got started a little late in June with the site but still managed to finish the June practice schedule by doubling up. After a 30 year hiatus from playing the site has me motivated again! I actually look forward to practice!

  18. Profile photo of Kevin S
    Kevin S

    Things are coming along well! I have learned some new tricks in strumming, I have completed my strumming jumpstart and my flatpicking jumpstart which required me to learn how to record video. I am really pleased to be reading tabs for the song that I need to complete the flatpicking jumpstart. I have also finished the guitar 101 and learned a few new things. The greatest thing is learning a new melody and feeling I can competently read the tabs but also interpret the notes to be able to play in time and on tempo. I have also tried to challenge myself to do the monthly challenge. And though I still have to improve my technique, and speed, I can see some marked improvement.

  19. Profile photo of Don Howard
    Don Howard

    Whew! I made it through June. It was a rough month, with travel and projects for work. Still I managed to complete all the lessons. I can tell I’m getting more accurate. (now if I’d just get faster!) Also, it was my birthday in June, so my wonderful wife gets me a new guitar!

  20. Profile photo of Curt T
    Curt T

    After a long layoff I’ve managed to stick to my daily practice schedule. Feels good!

  21. Profile photo of Matt

    Life’s been pretty hectic, but I completed the June Practice plan on time by committing to practice every day.

  22. Profile photo of Justin K
    Justin K

    After just getting back into playing guitar after a year away I’m developing a habit of practicing every day to get over the initial beginner hurdle.

  23. Profile photo of Jack M
    Jack M

    For the first time in months I’ve picked up my guitar everyday, crazy late night, early morning work schedule or not!

  24. Profile photo of Tim F
    Tim F

    I played in front of people as an accompaniest while my son sang!

  25. Profile photo of Heidi H
    Heidi H

    After 2 1/2 months without being able to even TOUCH a guitar, let alone look through lesson plans, I FINALLY started re-building callous on fretting hand fingers in mid-June, and by July 1 have actually completed the Flatpicking Jumpstart program! Flat picking (or any use of a pick) is my weakest skill, so what a perfect way to get back in the groove and learn valuable skills! 😀

  26. Profile photo of Dakotajoe

    On June 1st, I set a goal to finally learn Blackberry Blossom. I accepted that challenge months ago and had let it hang there for far too long. I’m so happy to have finally finished it! So what to learn next? Hmmmm…

  27. Profile photo of Bruce G
    Bruce G

    I intend to learn a new song this month; one that is more difficult than those that I’ve been piddling around with.

    1. Profile photo of Kim S
      Kim S

      Although I just started on 10 June, I intend to earn the “Wizard” badge for the month of June… My ring and little fingers on my left hand tend to stray and “disobey” me from time to time but I am determined and they are stuck with me….!

      1- Complete June Practice Plan
      2- Perform any Wednesday solo
      3- Get any Song Performance badge
      4- Complete any song lesson

  28. Profile photo of Chris R
    Chris R

    I declare my intention to “nail” the Tiny Hammers exercise from April.

  29. Profile photo of Erick K
    Erick K

    This month I completed the first two weeks of the June practice plan, I used 5 of the May warmup practice sessions during June, AND I got really good at 3 of the May practice sessions that I especially enjoyed.

  30. Profile photo of Daniel N
    Daniel N

    I’ve been a member for about a year now. I’m finally going to complete a whole months lesson plan. Travel will not get in the way. Well at least I vow to work around it.

  31. Profile photo of Neal

    This month i’m finally going to find the time to get back into completing the monthly practice plan! Work has been way too busy and getting in the way so i’m anxious to get back to normal and pick up that guitar every day.

  32. jammybilly

    Yaaay! I did it! After several months without picking up the guitar, I got back on it (thanks to Tony’s motivational new video to potential new members on why they should join TAC) and completed the June practice plan. Feels good!

  33. Profile photo of Leonel B
    Leonel B

    By the end of June I want to perform “freight train (easy)” that I have been practicing for a while and also if possible “the smoke has cleared”.

  34. David Wright

    1>Get two songs into my head: Bonemassa’s “Jelly Roll”, Collective-Soul’s “Shine”(yeah OK electric guitar on that one)
    2>Find one of your practices for helping alternating up-down strokes with accuracy (perhaps someone can point me in right direction)
    3>Clean Up the high frets on my Gibson Hummingbird

  35. Profile photo of Tony A
    Tony A

    In addition to what I am learning and practicing on TCA, I have been working with my book, “Fingerstyle Guitar” by Hal Leonard” that I have owned for some time. My intention for June is learning three of the basic fingerpicking patterns with basic chord changes.

  36. Profile photo of RT W
    RT W

    June intention/goal: Finish June Lesson plan and complete the Goodnight Irene song lesson. I think I will get through the lesson easily, but perfecting it will take time and I suspect coming back to it again in a few months.

  37. Profile photo of Randy A
    Randy A

    June is a busy month. I am traveling and my guitar had to stay home, as did my dog. After seeing my wife’s luggage, there was barely room for my small bag and backpack. I’m on a dream trip to Pennsylvania that includes a trip to Nazareth to the Martin guitar factory and the annual “Evening With Chris Martin IV!” My goal for the remainder of June is to finish the strumming course. I am glad to see a strumming course, since that is what I usually do. I also hope to have time to stop at my high school friend and guitar guru for some picking’ and grinnin’. Maybe I will have a new guitar and won’t have to borrow his old D-28!

  38. Brian S

    FINALLY posted my first vid performance! Thanks everybody for all your positive feedback. What a great community.

  39. Dru

    I am so happy I buckled down in June and focused on two goals: 1. I completed the Strumming Course! I have always been more of a melody player, and strumming patterns were a mystery or just boring. But now I know how to discern and create my own patterns and play them consistently through a song with some variation and interest. I learned it’s not all just 1-2-3-4. Goal 2: Because I am a better strummer, I went to the local jam in town that recently started up. I did pretty good matching other people’s strumming, threw in some arpeggios for interest, and had a good time.

  40. Profile photo of Roger L
    Roger L

    My intention is to get back on track. The last three months I have been busy with other things and it has impacted my guitar time. Catch up and learn a new song.

  41. Keith V

    After a few really busy weeks I made the time to learn a new song and submit the performance!

  42. Profile photo of Garrett

    I started another guitar savings account for a 000-18 or a 00-15e retro. I’ve also learned 2 scales I can integrate into chord progressions so that I can be better at improvisation.

    I’ve also mastered 2 new songs and got the July wizard badge.

  43. Profile photo of Tracy T
    Tracy T

    I plan to get caught up. Just finished mays lessons and will be done w June’s by end of the month.

  44. Profile photo of David R
    David R

    What a month. Late spring has so many projects that pulled my time but I was able get daily practice in for two solid weeks instead of piling some days together. Recorded Billy in the Low Ground and got that submitted. How about them Penguins.

  45. Profile photo of Ben D
    Ben D

    I’ve kept up with the daily lessons (after a couple of distracting busy months of letting it slide).

  46. Malcolm Spencer

    I want to speed up my delivery of Big Sandy River to 80bpm and play it to my own backing track. (SMART targets focus the mind)

  47. Profile photo of Ken G
    Ken G

    On the evening of June 30 I nailed both the intro and outdo of Claptons Unplugged Lonely Stranger.

  48. Ken K

    For June – two major objectives
    1 – actually post a starter song
    2 – finish rebuilding my boat, so I can use a new cheaper guitar I purchased to take on the lake and practice.
    – we all have the things we need to unwind : )

  49. Profile photo of Pat Horwath
    Pat Horwath

    So life pulled many hours from guitar in April/May, but in June the calluses returned, I finished Fingerpicking Jumpstart, became intimate with the notes in the the C and G scales and mastered Billy in the Lowdown playing with eyes closed backward and forward! I wasn’t intimidated with the “Hard(er)” daily lessons moving on without self criticism.

  50. Profile photo of TomD

    Thank goodness for June! I finished learning the song for my niece’s wedding, AND got reinvigorated using the TAC site. Not necessarily daily, but the skill sets that interested me. (tiny steps!)

  51. Profile photo of Ryan B
    Ryan B

    My intention for this month is to up my practice game. Rather than just doing the Practice Plan, I am going to work on a part of a song lesson each day. I am picking a song that isn’t at the beginner or easy level in order to push myself. Right now I am working on “Don’t this Road look Rough and Rocky”. Going well so far!

  52. Profile photo of Bruce B
    Bruce B

    This month I am going to finish learning Shady Grove to add to my repertoire!

  53. Profile photo of Brett L
    Brett L

    Alright!! Got my June Wizard Badge and completed all of the 101 courses. Also, played my June song for my family. Looking forward to July!!!

  54. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    I have a huge step closer to doing finger-style guitar playing!

  55. Profile photo of Lynne R
    Lynne R

    i have finally learned all Five of the minor pentatonic boxes and can meander about the fret board without difficulty

  56. Profile photo of Gary o
    Gary o

    Good intentions for Gary o in June 2016, Get that new Action Badge, The Wizard Badge, Finish 3 more lessons for May, Do all my June lessons, getting a late start on the 8th due to a motorbike/river/lake trip to Arkansas, Submit a Wednesday lesson and maybe even post it. Play a song for the camera like Bluegrass Rhythm. Get a Blackberry Blossom lead on my Ukulele. A 3 day canoe trip on the North Platte. Lots of fly fishing guiding, and a few home projects. I better get started. GO

  57. Profile photo of Robin D
    Robin D

    I learned the fundamentals of fingerpicking (a totally new thing for me). I started with the Practice Plan and then the Fingerpicking Jumpstart. This opened up new horizons for me!

  58. Profile photo of Bart H
    Bart H

    I would like to play ‘The Longest Day’ by Megafaun together with my cousin Yvan on june 21th.

  59. Profile photo of Dan on the Run
    Dan on the Run

    This month I have learned to fingerpick St. Anne’s Reel and can now string together Brenda’s Blues, Last Steam Engine Train and St. Anne’s Reel into a tidy 3 song set to play to my family and friends.

  60. Profile photo of Bradley A
    Bradley A

    Wow June is over, and I finally shared a performance of an arrangement that I did of one of my favorite songs!

  61. Profile photo of Justin W
    Justin W

    I have started working on Blackbird by the Beatles! Its not as hard as I thought it was. I have also been more motivated to pick up my guitar, something I have been struggling with lately.

  62. Profile photo of Peggy L
    Peggy L

    Today is my first day, and I crunched crickets. So fun! I’m still looking at all the stuff on the site. Enthusiasm is high, and I can hardly wait for tomorrow. P. aka shyclown

  63. Profile photo of Markov

    This month I aim to get daily practice in, which will be tough & i also want to conquer a new tune

  64. Profile photo of Jarret C
    Jarret C

    As I’m a beginner, my goal for the modest is pretty modest. I’d like to be able to transition between chords a little easier. Learning a short song – or even something fun that I can play in a loop – would be a bonus. So far, I’m really enjoying the structure and variety on the website. Nicely done!

  65. Profile photo of Duane W
    Duane W

    June 2016 (R.I.P.) WOW, not only did I survived the nearly 3000 mile road trip for the TAC Jamboree in MT, but had a wonderful time doing it. Managed to keep up (most days) / complete all the daily lesson while planning/packing/driving/making music and learning during the first 3 weeks. Being back home not spending all day in the car is REAL NICE!!! I have a greater appreciation of our google fiber internet speed, getting daily lessons and posting a solo zone video from a hotel’s “free internet” is not like doing it at home. Now I have memories of actual people not just photos and posted videos of friends here at TAC (Dom my lips are forever sealed, what happens at Buck’s stays at Buck’s). It was an exciting and busy month! July is bound to feel mundane by comparison.

  66. Profile photo of Matt W
    Matt W

    I completed the Flatpicking Jumpstart course in June. In my spare time I reviewed 50% of the Acoustic Foundation Builder to solidify my muscle memory, understanding of the fretboard and ability to switch between common chords seamlessly.

  67. Profile photo of gary m
    gary m

    Hi Friends, well July has begun and I’m as happy as a Fourth of July down, down, up parade!
    I’ve completed lessons 3 and 4 of the Last Steam Engine Train and can’t wait for more.

  68. Profile photo of Alrock

    To perform Brenda’s Blues… been putting it off for too long!

  69. Profile photo of Dave A
    Dave A

    Hello! I intend to finish the Flatpicking Course, post one more fingerpicking song, and a flat picking song before the end of the month.

  70. Profile photo of Arve

    Finally got my first wizard badge, and also memorized Freight Train. What a month! Gotta reward myself with some more guitar playing.
    My pinky is finally getting stronger and I’m now way better in keeping the rythm throuout the songs.

  71. Profile photo of Donna W
    Donna W

    I plan to get Freight Train up to a decent speed and memorize it. Also plan to practice daily if possible for an upcoming performance at the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park on Sunday June 26

  72. Profile photo of Mark B
    Mark B

    My intention for the month is to complete a weekly action plan. Haven’t completed one in it’s actual week. I’ll move on to completing a monthly plan when I can complete a weekly. Also to pick a song to learn this month….Leaning toward “Wildwood Flower” right now.
    I think it probably takes me longer than most folks to learn these lessons. Seems I have to go back at least a second day to get minimally proficient at any of these little lessons. However; it feels good to finally get one.

  73. Profile photo of Matt W
    Matt W

    My intention for the month of June is to complete the flat picking jumpstart and to revisit the Acoustic Foundation Builder course to solidify the information learned. I completed the course but Tony mentioned repeating the material for greater depth of learning. So that’s what I’ll do in June.

  74. Profile photo of Sonya B
    Sonya B

    I intend to complete the introductory finger style lesson, learn Freight Train, and practice at least 5 days a week.

  75. Profile photo of Ron

    Find balance between playing banjo and Guitar. I look forward to the daily lessons, I struggle through the fingerpicking ones. My goal is to finally submit a fingerpicking tune, so hard to get away from using a pick.

  76. Profile photo of Pete C
    Pete C

    To acquire the June wizard badge and make further progress on learning Chet Atkins version of Don McClean’s “Vincent”.

  77. Profile photo of Anna K
    Anna K

    In June, I completed AFB, Jumpstart lessons, Bluegrass Rhythm, worked on Shady Grove (minus the performance vids) and jumped on some of the daily lessons.
    -This makes me happy, Tony! I can do this!!!

  78. Profile photo of marc mentat
    marc mentat

    i’m setting my intention for june right now –> i am going to design a real cool prototype of a rotorblade and will not stop until all assembly-drawings a finished

  79. Profile photo of Dave B
    Dave B

    My intention for June is to complete a full month’s practice plan (June), and achieve my first Wizard Badge.

  80. Profile photo of Jonathan S
    Jonathan S

    I completed all of the practice sessions for June and managed to submit a video of my first song, Banks of the Ohio, despite full blown terror about having anyone hear me play. It feels great to get past that initial fear and just dive in the pool.

  81. Profile photo of Jason T
    Jason T

    My intention for June is to keep working on “Detroit Moan.” It’s such a fun song, and I absolutely love acoustic fingerstyle blues….I have been working on it for about 3 weeks now and it’s still rough around the edges, but I’m getting there! Maybe!

  82. Profile photo of Emma S
    Emma S

    WOW!!! I can’t believe it’s July the 1st and I have finally posted my performance of ‘Red Haired Boy’ at full speed. So glad I did the Flatpicking Kickstart Course to ‘iron out’ some bad habits and am able to flatpick with more confidence.

  83. Profile photo of Chris

    I knew this month would be short on time for practice, but nevertheless I conjured the Wizard badge! It’s always such a relief to accomplish. And after months of consideration, I even posted a performance on the Forum! All the comments and positive feedback gave me a rush of inspiration!

  84. Profile photo of Christine M
    Christine M

    My guitar and I sat down together and completed the Freight Train lessons! Woo hoo!

  85. Profile photo of Steve A
    Steve A

    June was a great month with my guitars – got my 5th Wizard Badge, posted my 5th song, and finished the Strumming course. I also setup a home ‘studio’ to improve my recordings.

  86. Profile photo of Kelster

    I have moved on to Stage 2 of my Major Scale lessons, instead of continuing to wallow around in Stage 1.

  87. Profile photo of Charlie D
    Charlie D

    This month I travelled quite a bit but brought my small travel guitar and managed to learn Tony’s arrangements of Good Night Irene for fingerstyle and Arkansas Traveller for picking and kept pace to attain the June Wizard Badge to make it 3 Wiz months in a row!

  88. Profile photo of Susanne van K
    Susanne van K

    This month I have learned a fingerpick song from Muse; unintended and I earned the Wizardbatch!

  89. Profile photo of Jessica

    This month I finally gave into my curiousity and joined the acoustic challenge. I mastered ‘I’ll Fly Away’ as my first song completed on TAC. I consistently practiced 4-5 days per week for 30min sessions and I succeeded in prioritizing my guitar practice. I can’t believe I improved my chord progressions (G-D especially) timing/fluidity and started playing the F chord with decreased string buzzing! I’m feeling more confident and hopeful that I can actually do this thing! 🙂

  90. Profile photo of Jim T
    Jim T

    I am trying to learn two songs this month, one finger picking and the other with a pick. Also keep up with the TAC practice plan. I have had this goal since I joined TAC and so far have had success every month. I attribute most of that success to TAC, because of all the members and staff support. Since joining I have been inspired by all the members, and try to play every day.

  91. Profile photo of Rachel C
    Rachel C

    This month I completed my first month of perfect practice! I’m super proud of myself for making the effort to set aside time everyday to do this but one thing I learned from this experience is that consistency is key.

  92. Profile photo of Paul

    This month I finished the entire month’s practice plan!

  93. Profile photo of Vic G
    Vic G

    I’ve got my June Wizard Badge and achieved it awesomely. But best of all, I had a super time at the TAC Jamboree by meeting my TAC friends in person, jamming with Tony P and other fellow TAC-ers, was overjoyed by playing in front of everybody to share my talents and picked up some new licks and techniques from the other attendees. What a month!!!!! (5 exclamation points of OSM-ness)

  94. Profile photo of Adolfo M
    Adolfo M

    Wow, cutting my own new bone saddle and completing two practice plans in my first month! Ready for more…

  95. Profile photo of Greg C. W
    Greg C. W

    My intention for June is to submit my first performance. I have my apprehensions. However, all of the TAC community members have created an environment that has given me the confidence to take the leap into the “deep end of the pool”!

  96. Profile photo of Gerry S
    Gerry S

    In June my goal was to practice every day and learn two new song. One song flatpick and the other fingerpick.

  97. Profile photo of Tom M
    Tom M

    In June I didn’t complete all the lessons but I did practice every day! Woo Hoo! I can hear a different in the way I play!

  98. Profile photo of Jason S
    Jason S

    I am stoked that I was able to complete my 3rd wizard badge! That is 3 solid months of consistent practice and making my guitar playing a priority!

    I have not had this level of consistency with guitar lessons in the past!

  99. Profile photo of Lisa B
    Lisa B

    I FINALLY FINISHED ALL THE LESSONS and SUBMITTED A SONG! WAHOO! Where does the time go? I tend to start out strong at the first of the month and then get farther behind as the month progresses…but this month, I stayed in the pocket!

  100. Profile photo of Steve T
    Steve T

    This month, I hope to finally get a wizard badge. Up to this point, I have been reluctant to post up my songs.

  101. Profile photo of Michael D
    Michael D

    I intend on finally recording and posting “Will the Circle be Unbroken.” I will also complete the June lesson plan! Oh, and I will finally learn the fret board.

  102. Profile photo of Dave H
    Dave H

    The last couple of months I have been working on flat picking. Great lesson exercises and songs. The goal is to be able to play Forked Deer and Billy in the Low Ground with my eyes closed – no errors. Come July 1 I will be able to say YES!

  103. Profile photo of DeeDee L
    DeeDee L

    Wow July 1st now that’s thinking ahead. I am super stoked as I finally can play Randy Rhoads song Dee gracefully and faster as I’ve been working on this song for at least 2 or 3 months.

  104. Profile photo of Scott B
    Scott B

    The first half of the year has come and gone. Time flies. I am happy to report that the two weeks of cross picking lessons in the June practice plan really increased my confidence using a pick. That is what I like so much about this site, namely we get to sample different styles and techniques in a friendly and supportive environment. My one regret is missing out on the TAC retreat, as I had other travel come up. But, it is high on the list for next year.

  105. Profile photo of Marty

    I’ve got the Wizard Badge by learning and performing Bluegrass Rhythm as well as every daily lesson And performing the weekly solo(s).

    My new Jerry Donahue Tele is a fantastic edition to my practice guitars!

  106. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    This month I learned and played Everlong by the Foo Fighters. This will be my first non-TAC song and, gulp, one that involves singing! 🙂

  107. Profile photo of Greg W
    Greg W

    In June I played Tonys arrangement of the Wildwood Flower cross picking version without mistake and posted a video.

  108. Profile photo of Roeland

    This month I’ll start looking into Tommy Emmanuel’s version of Freight Train!

  109. Profile photo of Jim Bean
    Jim Bean

    Become more fluid with the things I’ve already learn. Write two songs and become more familiar with protools.

  110. Profile photo of Gregorio R
    Gregorio R

    This month I will perform a live concert in a competition , I need to learn 2 songs and thanks to TAC, I can do much better my playing in general but specifically the base picking, but I am so nervous about performing in an auditorium.

    1. Profile photo of Gregorio R
      Gregorio R

      We won 3rd. place in the competition. Thanks TAC I could perform and play the guitar far better and feel confident on stage. Thanks Tony!

  111. Profile photo of Tony D
    Tony D

    Whoa, It’s July 1st and I am really playing scales well! My playing is smooth, I am sure of myself and I am finding some great licks in the scale that I have chosen.

  112. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    I performed my first open mic at a musical get together in Big Sky Montana. The terror I felt prior to getting up has dissipated and I am left with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment.

  113. Profile photo of Mel J
    Mel J

    My goal is by July 1st to have completed my June lesson plan, submitted another song (Arkansas Traveler), and continued my progress with Tony’s 76 Quick Lessons by doing 10 more of the guitar licks.

  114. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    It’s July 1st already? Wow and My GS Mini and I have survived a plane trip to Bozeman for the big TAC Retreat! I have learned how to “jam”, picked up some campfire songs, done my 2nd ever open mike, met some fantastic TAC members in person including Tony P, and got to see the beautiful state of Montana!!!!! And earned my 2nd ever Wizard Badge 🙂

  115. Profile photo of Eve D
    Eve D

    I earned the June wizard badge and sang an a cappella song for the Farmer’s Market.

  116. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    This month I submitted a positive and encouraging comment for every TAC Member who posted a TAC song performance on The Stage and I completed a few other personal guitar achievements.

  117. Profile photo of Vince S
    Vince S

    I really got to get the finger picking staccato stuff down also work on Frieght Train.
    Just a great website,glad I joined!

  118. Profile photo of Karol D
    Karol D

    This month I learned Cherokee Shuffle, earned a wizard badge and won a Taylor GS Mini…..doesn’t get much better than that.!!!

  119. Profile photo of Tony

    This month I completed the Strumming 101 course and earned a Wizard Badge. I also completed my 50th trip around the Sun and got my AARP discount card! 🙂

  120. Profile photo of Christopher B
    Christopher B

    I finally learned a whole song, with words, that I can play all the way through (without looking at the words or music). It feels good to not just have the tune down but have the words memorized as well so I can play it whenever I want and for whomever I want.

  121. Profile photo of Jean E
    Jean E

    I intend to complete my 5th Wizard Badge in a row…hit every month so far since I started TAC. And I intend to find the ultimate Martin 00-18 to add to the collection!

  122. Profile photo of Josh R
    Josh R

    I learned my first flat picking song and got my second wizard badge. Focusing on improving my skills feels good. I still made time to record a couple new songs too.

  123. Profile photo of Sparky

    This month I learned two new songs on the forum, I nailed another Wizard Badge, and I’v taken the time to arrange a song outside of TAC.

  124. Profile photo of Lee M
    Lee M

    I took Descending Chords to the woodshed. I got it smooth enough to submit my first performance for TAC!!!

  125. Profile photo of John H
    John H

    Finally….I had a breakthrough month! I got back to working on more consistent participation in the weekly, practice plan, I finished Guitar 101 and got back to focusing on completing Freight Train. It feels really, really good to make progress in my guitar playing…moving FORWARD feels SO much better than falling behind!! It’s all because of you, Tony!

  126. Profile photo of Eduardo B
    Eduardo B

    I can now play 3 of Tony’s review songs!
    – Angeline the Baker
    – Bluegrass Rythm
    – Big Sandy River!

  127. Profile photo of Lou Q
    Lou Q

    I learned to play Freight train by Elizabeth Cotten! I’ve been working on this for two months and I finally got it!

  128. Profile photo of Joe A
    Joe A

    WOW! Last month sailed by. I can’t believe since I joined June 2nd I have completed every days practice and enjoyed it so much. I can really tell the difference already. What a great experience to learn and perform a song. Going to be a wonderful year.

  129. Profile photo of David S
    David S

    So it’s July 1 and here I am celebrating Canada Day down by the dam in scenic Caledonia ON. And I am particularly happy because I posted 4 fingerpicking performance videos on TAC. Not bad for a 61 year old flat picker who has done very little finger picking in his 51 years as a guitarist.

  130. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    Even though fingerpicking is very difficult for me I really want to learn how to do it so I practiced a fingerpicking song all month, completed the song lesson, recorded it and posted it to The Stage.

  131. Profile photo of James H
    James H

    I really like the 76 quick lessons,there are some real gems in there that I use often in my playing now.I want to learn two new ones a week this month.Really practice and start using them,have them in my back pocket.

  132. Profile photo of Scott C
    Scott C

    This month I submitted one weekly video and I completed just about 25% of the daily assignments. I also logged into the Forum and participated in threads and gave people positive feedback about once a week. I was able to maintain this even though it was a busy month at work and I was away on vacation one week of the month.

  133. Profile photo of Russell S
    Russell S

    This month I have completed the Bluegrass rhythm and have progressed in my strumming and rhythm abilities.

  134. Profile photo of Richard S
    Richard S

    Yes, it’s July 1st 2016. . . already. whoda thunk it? I finally practiced two ragtime songs that I have really loved since seeing and hearing them on the song page. I promised my neighbor, his wife and two fantastic children that I would get over to play my new Taylor PS16ce/brazilian (new as of September this year), for them and especially play those two songs that they have been asking me to play for them. Well, I’ve had the intention to do so and now . . . I HAVE DONE SO!!!!! It feels good and they didn’t even laugh. They loved it

  135. Profile photo of Pecos Bill J
    Pecos Bill J

    I’m intending to watch less hockey and play more guitar, which should be pretty easy because I hate the Penguins and the Stanley Cup Playoffs will be over soon.

  136. Profile photo of David P
    David P

    During the last month I earned my fourth consecutive wizard badge, learned Big Sandy River to improve my flat picking skills, finally got Last Steam Engine Train finished even if at sloooowwwww speed, and started teaching my son to play guitar. All while dealing with a crazy busy summer work schedule.

  137. Profile photo of Till

    I would like to Practice some soloing on all of me…

  138. Profile photo of David A
    David A

    This month I intend to practice at least 10 minutes every day and submit at least one solo performance.

  139. Profile photo of Keith H
    Keith H

    In June, I intend to do AT LEAST three practice sessions each week. I have been away from practice for a while because of a painful right shoulder which STILL does not seem to be getting any better. But I intend to take short sessions of practicing so my shoulder handle it without too much pain.

  140. Profile photo of David O
    David O

    It has been a busy month! This month, I have FINALLY gotten up the nerve to write down the lyrics to a song I’ve been writing, I’ve learned to Jason Isbell’s “Super 8” (including lyrics), I’ve performed Goodnight Irene for the TAC Forum, and I’ve learned to play “Stand By Me” on bass. And I got the June Wizard Badge!

  141. Profile photo of Donald L
    Donald L

    I have to keep improving my impro/ Wed solo lessons. Posting 2 to the solo forum feels great.

  142. Profile photo of Taylor P
    Taylor P

    This month I have received my third consecutive Wizard badge, learned a new finger picking tune, and I won a Martin 00-17 from Tony P and company.

  143. Profile photo of ALLEN K

    June is here, summer is coming on with a vengeance and I intend to do the same. No more pussy footing around, this June I’ve submitted my first performance and it feels great!

  144. Profile photo of Simone M
    Simone M

    This month i have learned Tony P’s The Smoke Has Cleared and it helped me to dig more deeper in open D tuning.

  145. Profile photo of Ron "One Ton Tex" M
    Ron "One Ton Tex" M

    This month I’m fixing to learn and perform 3 flatpicking tunes, 2 fingerpicking tunes, and learn all 10 strum patterns.

  146. Profile photo of David Cagle
    David Cagle

    This month I have continued my Wizarding trend by completing the challenge once again, now if Tony will only do his part and pick my name from the awesome Record Bowl. I have also completed the new strumming foundations course and learned Beaumont Rag!

  147. Profile photo of Ben M
    Ben M

    another great feature here – I really like that you buidl up evrything systematically and I appreciate that you even think on possibilities to utilize psychological trick making learning more easy.

    It seems that I am the lucky first member to set my intention for June 2016 😉

    June has been a great and extremely important month for my. I travelled to three conferences in three different contries, had quite a lot of extremely important discussion on my research and learnte a lot. Besides I moved housing and I even managed to learn the somewhat tricky F-chord on my guitar. That really feels good 😉
    Best regards to all you guitar geeks, ben

  148. Profile photo of Mike K
    Mike K

    I can play Wildwood Flower at the fast pace, I have always loved the song ( listen to Roseanne Cash) and I learned it a few months back but have struggled to play it a quicker pace. The hard work paid

    Tony your promotion of visualization will pay off in your hockey goalie coach debut!

  149. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author

    This month I have learned Mississippi John Hurt’s version of Candy Man, although this tune has some odd hammer on techniques it was wonderful to learn because now those techniques are easier to integrate into my own playing. This is a tune I have wanted to learn for a very long time!!!

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