Set Your Intention for September!

Welcome to September’s “set your intention” event. My hope is that you (and everyone else!) will post a comment below stating their guitar intention for the month of September. And for doing so, you could be one of two members to win a free year of TAC valued at $197! I’ll explain below, but first…


The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

Because leaving a comment with your intentions for the month will instill a very powerful psychological phenomenon called “commitment and consistency” which is the desire to be consistent with what we’ve said or done. You can use this powerful mind trick to make you a better guitar player. Let me show you how…

Right here, right now, I want you to close your eyes and envision exactly what would make you high five yourself on October 1st in respect to your guitar playing. This is a game called “act as if”.

So act as if it’s October 1st and you’re REALLY happy with yourself.

What did you accomplish that is making you so happy with yourself? Did you learn a song? Finally get over your ambiguous fear of failure and submit a video performance? Did you complete the entire October Practice Plan even though you’ve fallen short the last couple months? Did you play your first open mic? Did you play a full song for somebody? What did it feel like? Was it awesome?

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter how big or small your intention is for the month. If you have a crazy month of traveling, aim super low. As a matter of fact, if you’ve had a tough time being consistent with your guitar, just aim low. Let’s go for an easy win this month.


Leave a comment as though it’s October 1st and you’ve ALREADY completed your desired actions. Also, make sure it’s very specific and measurable (not opinion based). And make sure it’s attainable and relevant to your overall goals.

Once you submit your comment, you’ll get the October Intention badge (10 points). Now all you have to do is get 15 more points to get the October Action badge which will automatically enter you into the drawing for a free year of TAC worth $197.

Here are some example comments:

Example 1: I got the wizard badge! This feels great because I’ve been trying for the last two months have have always fell short!

Example 2: October was super busy so my goal was to learn a “starter” song and submit the performance. I’m happy to say that not only did I successfully do this, but it only took me a few days of focus!

Example 3: I played “descending chords” for my wife! She’s heard me talking about learning guitar but I’ve never been brave enough to play for her. Now she’s super supportive and she’s driving me to learn more songs!

Example 4: I submitted a performance for a Wednesday solo badge. It wasn’t pretty, but now I can say that I’ve submitted a performance and now it doesn’t seem like a big deal!


  1. Leave a comment with your October intentions
  2. Complete any one thing on TAC (practice plan or song lesson or any performance submission)
  3. Make sure your profile photo is updated with your photo (prerequisite for getting the Action badge)
  4. That’s it! You’re automatically entered to win a free year of TAC!

Frequently Asked Questions (Don’t see your question? Ask it in the comments below!)

Q. Does my intention comment need to be something I do on TAC?
A. Nope!

Q. Do I only get the badge if I complete my intention successfully?
A. Nope! It doesn’t matter to me if you are successful or not. The point is to set clear goals and be intentional about our learning.

Q. Why do I need to have a profile photo? I’m shy!
A. If we were all hanging out at a BBQ jam session and half the people had bags over their heads, it would be really hard to connect with them as humans. The real power of TAC is human connection. Show us your face!

Q. So you’re saying that the new monthly “Action badge” is what automatically enters me into the monthly drawing for a free year of TAC and in order to get the Action badge I need to 1. leave a comment below 2. do ANY single thing on TAC and 3. have a profile photo?
A. You’re a quick learner! Yes, it’s as easy as that:)



  1. Profile photo of Michael S Young
    Michael S Young

    I want to have Freight Train down pat in the next couple weeks. Ive always been awestruck by fingerpicking but intimadated by it. Now I see its not so bad after all.

  2. Profile photo of Phil M
    Phil M

    Made the commitment to join a group and stay on a practice plan for a full year. I’m signed up and finding a way to get in at least 10 minutes a day, but more if I can get away with it!

  3. Profile photo of Laura R
    Laura R

    A bit late to making an intention, but here goes. My intention for September: master the F cord and practice every day.

  4. Profile photo of Nathan I
    Nathan I

    My goal is to work on my rhythm playing and timing and to do the daily exercises. I stopped doing the exercises and just noodle and work on the songs I know but have not perfected. I want to get back on the plan.

  5. Profile photo of Richard B
    Richard B

    I had great multi goals for each month….and nada….so, I’m just going to do one day each day, and once I make it through the month, I’ll add stuff next month. First goal, hit it every day!

    1. Buddy

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    1. Graceland

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  6. Profile photo of Michael D
    Michael D

    I can’t believe October is over. September flew by,; however, I have finally achieved my goal of getting my wizard badge. I need to restart the streak that ended in June. I have also played out at a local open mic night, and hooked up with some of my coworkers for a fun beer infused jam night. I also have finally learned and posted Rough and Rocky!

    1. Elouise

      Mais c’est énlbvaptauoe tout ça )))Bon attention au plagia,le dessin de la patate écrasée semble tout droit sortie d’une planche de Midam ;o)

    2. cheap car insurance

      Another stellar performance, Quirkster. So when's the CD coming out? And what'll ya title it – Quirky and the Zany Zombies?Need a lead guitar player? I do vocals, too. Me & two hot babes could back you up. And I know lots of drummers that're DEFINITELY zombies. Call me.

  7. Profile photo of John Wooten
    John Wooten

    My first intention here is to simply: master my way around the TAC website and on the fretboard with basic scales

  8. Profile photo of leslie c
    leslie c

    Pleased I have got this far with TAC lessons and October I am going to try even more, to improve
    playing music on Guitar.

  9. Profile photo of Alan C
    Alan C

    Well, it is Oct 1st, but my Sept Intention was to pull the trigger on getting a new guitar and signing up for the TAC course. I’ve been successful so far and am on my way to finishing the first lesson in Guitar 101. My old skills are starting to come back – callouses are starting to form (yikes) and I’m eagerly looking forward to October’s fun!! I may be too late to the game for this Sept Intention – but I think I’ve already won 🙂 ~ Cheers!!

  10. Profile photo of Bryce Evans
    Bryce Evans

    Since it is already October, I am excited to start the TAC system and complete all 20 lessons in my first month as a member.

  11. Profile photo of Chris

    I wasn’t able to earn the guitar wizardry buff last month and haven’t been able to get back on track after this summer, it makes me sooo happy that I managed it this month!

  12. Profile photo of Jim T
    Jim T

    I met a fellow worker who plays guitar and he has been working with me. I have been learning many new songs, the down side is I have not been able to give the time I was to TAC. I am keeping up with the lessons, but not able to get to all the new song lessons. My intent is to keep doing what i am doing and try to spend more time on TAC and get more wizard badges.

  13. Profile photo of Fred R
    Fred R

    September was a quick month. I am pleased to report I was able to keep up with my TAC lessons, (though not often M-F!), and learn a medium difficult song. This has been good for my brain as well as fingers.

  14. Profile photo of Tony D
    Tony D

    Wow- It’s October 1st already and my cross picking is much cleaner and faster. I guess working every day on my cross picking really paid off!!!

    1. Lynell

      ich herkomme, heißt das nicht “Brotzeit”. Sondern: &#r&20;Schulb8ot2#8221;, eigentlich “Stulle”. Schmeckte aber wahrscheinlich genauso.Du versuchst hier, die “Glubberer” auf eine Stufe mit einem Weltverein zu stellen, ja? Vorsicht!

  15. Profile photo of Dave A
    Dave A

    Was too busy last month. This month I will finish the Strumming Course and post 2-4 more songs. I have 3 flat-picking songs in the works, but I also want to learn a fingerpicking song to post, too.

  16. Profile photo of James G
    James G

    It’s October. I joined TAC mid-September and my goal was to get familiar with Tony’s content and start learning. I’ll set some big goals for October when I have a full month to tackle it.

    1. Lorena

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  17. Profile photo of Sean F
    Sean F

    After going back and reading the instructions that precede this task, I completely the requirements to earn this months Wizard Badge.

  18. Profile photo of Sean F
    Sean F

    After being away for a few months, I plan to earn this month’s Wizard badge.

  19. Profile photo of Kelster

    I transcribed the intro to “Now That I’ve Found You” for by music class. I first wrote it out in tablature, then used that to write it out in real legitimate sheet music!

  20. Profile photo of Tony

    I’m happy to have earned the Wizard badge and learned a new Mark Knopfler waltz picking tune called Monteleone. Yeah, I know this is late….guess I forgot. My memory seems to be going to hell in a handbasket! 🙂

  21. Profile photo of Charlie D
    Charlie D

    Busy month, but managed to regain my wizard work ethic! As an extra I am also managing to work on a song for my niece’s wedding in october, that my daughter will sing!

  22. Profile photo of Scott C
    Scott C

    Despite work pressure and schedule, I have been able to find time to fit in practice sessions a few times each week and feel like I am keeping up forward progress for improvement.

  23. Profile photo of mike r
    mike r

    Looking forward to October to continue to improve my speed. Especially after my wife laid down the challenge when she said…”Ha! He finally got you” …referring to the DDU speed challenge. September showed speed improvement, but, improvement is needed.

    1. Deandra

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  24. Profile photo of Bryson L
    Bryson L

    It’s the start of October and while I had somewhat of an inconsistent start in September, I got back on my feet and worked my way up to the highly coveted wizard’s badge!

  25. Profile photo of Till

    September was a good month… I have Bern practising soloing and feeling more confident now…

  26. Profile photo of Bradley A
    Bradley A

    In September, I got caught up on August lessons and finished September in a more weekly, and sometimes daily way. Also, shared a bluesy/jazzy chord progression that has been developing for the last month or so…

  27. Profile photo of Francis E
    Francis E

    For September I learned the new song lesson, I Know You Rider. Since this song is in DADGAD tuning, I decided to learn another DADGAD tune, Samuel by Denis Turbide.

  28. Profile photo of Michael S
    Michael S

    My GPP is Guitar ADD, so I set a goal on September 13 to practice the TAC plan each day for a minimum of 15 minutes. I did it and it feels awesome. I see a definite improvement in my commitment and playing skill.

  29. Profile photo of Don L
    Don L

    I completed the September lesson plan and I fell more confident every day.

  30. Profile photo of Anthony G
    Anthony G

    To understand the process matters. Be confident that every day I get better for myself.

  31. Profile photo of Lynne R
    Lynne R

    End of Sept. And I am finally caught up on the lessons I missed earlier in the month while vacationing.

  32. Profile photo of Emma W
    Emma W

    I am going to see steady increases in my playing technique, and be more focused on what I practice; with less noodling.
    I am also going to make sure I spend enough time on my bass guitar, drums, and piano; in order to see the same improvements there. 🙂 I can do it !!!

  33. Profile photo of Dakotajoe

    September was great, I practiced both guitar and bass for at least 45 minutes a day. This included a lot of improvisational work using my new Trio Plus pedal. Awesome indeed…

  34. Profile photo of David R
    David R

    It’s October 1st and its great to see that even though I joined a bit later in September I was able to get through all the monthly practice!

  35. Profile photo of Michael D
    Michael D

    October is hear, and I have reached my goal of playing and singing “Crowded Houses’ “Better be Home Soon,” and I have brought “Blackbird” up to speed. I was difficult given my schedule, but I also completed Sept.’s Wizard Badge, I have not done so in a few months and it feels pretty good to get another one under my belt.

  36. Profile photo of Thomas

    I will get back to playing every day, practicing for at least 15 minutes, and not drift from the lessons or my daily cadence.

  37. Profile photo of Erick K
    Erick K

    I nailed ‘Bury Me Beneath the Willow’ and marked three daily lessons as favorites (they are August lessons, but hey…). I spent time with my guitar every day in September, developing my muscle memory.

  38. Profile photo of Andre M
    Andre M

    I’m glad I’ve gone through all the lessons in September practice plan, and managed to do some from August (as I just signed up in September)!

  39. Profile photo of Arve

    September is over and I finally managed to publicize another video. A few months since last time, but I’m finally there. Can’t wait to get started on October and a new song.

  40. Profile photo of Cody

    September was my first month as a member of tonys guitar challenge and I’m so excited to have completed all the practice sessions and learned a new song!

  41. Profile photo of Petra A
    Petra A

    September is very busy but I have to set my goal to reach it….It is October, 1st and I have managed to finish another song lesson and the bigger part of the September practise plan.

  42. Jo Rigg

    What kind of “single thing” can I do on TAC if I’m not already a member? And how do I “document it if I do?

  43. Profile photo of Jean E
    Jean E

    Going to try to read Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People before the month is out!

  44. Profile photo of Josh W
    Josh W

    September was a great month to slow down after all the travel last month. Glad I took the time to relax at home and I scored my second wizard badge!

  45. Profile photo of Christopher B
    Christopher B

    I finished another month and finally started to make progress with using a pick, hitting the right strings without looking each and every time.

  46. Profile photo of joshua c
    joshua c

    Im gonna try to learn two songs this month and finsh the daily practice. Things are going well and its getting easier to learn the lessons quicker keep up the good work!

  47. Profile photo of Pat Horwath
    Pat Horwath

    Wow, although I fell behind in Aug, I was able to fall forward in September and polish off Swallowtail Jig, spend more dedicated time on the “Hard” daily lessons (which have felt more like the impossible dream leaving me frustrated). It felt great to start and finish I’ll Fly Away and begin a new song before Oct 1st. Been waiting for two months for the daily temps to drop below 100 degrees and finally drove the three hours to and from my luthier Chris to adjust the old Martin after the neck reset, new nut, saddle, frets, pins and tuners and check the action on the Gibson after new nut, saddle, frets, pins and tuners so that they sound and play just right.

  48. Profile photo of Janet H
    Janet H

    Moved back to Helena MT in July and there are some of my old haunts here with live music and chances for open mics. Maybe time for me to try it out! (??)

    1. Sagar

      It’s amazing how you manage to keep your carbs so low .. i have tried but it seems i don’t feel well if my meal di8d7#n21&;t contain a good deal of veggies …and that spikes up the carb a bit … i am also still not quite comfortable with eating less veggies and fruit … i feel i would miss on a lot of nutrients

  49. Profile photo of Bart H
    Bart H

    From now on I try to join the Blue Grass & Folk Jam at Ghent every 4th tuesday of the month.

  50. Profile photo of marc mentat
    marc mentat

    wow time is running, already october the 1st. this was the best practice month, i did all fingerpicking practice lessons for september and in addition to that i learned the starter freight train!!

  51. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    I intend to help my wife learn how to play her new nylon string Cordoba C7, with much patience.

    1. Sandra

      Oh, da freu ich mich schon drauf. Bin ja noch nicht ganz sicher, ob ich es auch kaufen soll, aber wenn du so begeistert bist, könnte es demnächst in meinem Warenkorb landen ;)Achja Frage: Liebesgeschichte dabei? Drekecisbeziehung drinnen?

  52. Profile photo of Richard B
    Richard B

    I finished all my daily workouts, and got Freight Train up to speed….now to see about making a video of me playing it.

  53. Profile photo of David S
    David S

    With August behind and its extended vacations I decided that I would do a couple of songs in September as well as all of the weekly solos. More commitment paid off in spades.

  54. Profile photo of David Cagle
    David Cagle

    I am so glad that I did not set an intention for September because God has blessed me with just what I needed. After setting intentions in July and August and being frustrated by life interfering with MY intentions, I decided to offer myself to whatever transpires and the blessings are more than I could have imagined on my own.

  55. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    It’s October and as well as getting the Wizard Badge I’m learning music theory and trying to implement it into a song. Learning by reading, watching AND doing is really helping cement these ideas!

  56. Profile photo of Dave H
    Dave H

    Good Golly Miss Molly, where does the time go? Keep working the picking and blues licks.

  57. Profile photo of DeeDee L
    DeeDee L

    It’s Oct 1st and only 12 more Fridays until Christmas. Egads!!
    I had put the song Dee by Randy Rhoad’s down for a bit. I picked it back up and can finally play it so that it doesn’t sound so chopped up.

  58. Profile photo of Emma S
    Emma S

    I’ can’t believe it’s October 1st, where has the year gone? lol. Really pleased that I have learnt and performed a cross-picking song and finally posted a performance of the ‘Bluegrass Rhythm’ song YAY.

  59. Profile photo of Mackeye

    I can’t believe its October 1st and the temperature is finally cooling down from the hottest summer on record. This is the first time that I accomplished back to back wizard badge competitions by learning Descending Chords and performing Wildwood Flowers without looking too bad. I’m actually getting better at playing and finding my confidence growing.

  60. Profile photo of Corrado M
    Corrado M

    It was a very hot september at my home. But now it’s October, my favourite month: no more hot weather, leaves are falling, great colours of the nature and I learned two more songs!

  61. Profile photo of Ron

    Wow, I can’t believe its October! I’m so pleased that I’ve earned another Wizard badge. I’m also happy that I learned John Henry on banjo.

  62. Profile photo of Joey V
    Joey V

    Oct 1st? I’ve learned a new song and have completed all October’s lessons.

  63. Profile photo of Julie I
    Julie I

    This thread of comments is weird…already in October? 🙂
    Intentions for September are to actually try a solo and post a song…
    Song could be doable but solo? I don’t even know how I can do this? musical creation is far at this point.
    Tony, how can a beginner put a solo together? HELP

    1. Midge

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  64. Profile photo of Lou Q
    Lou Q

    Glad I kept up with the guitar practice. It is slowly paying off with better playing.

  65. Profile photo of MrBiLL

    I’m so glad I completed another month of lessons and learned a new song! Yea!

  66. Profile photo of Duane W
    Duane W

    September raced by and my brain is is in massive overload with music. Completed the TAC September monthly practice plan, and posted a Wednesday solo zone submission. Non-TAC music stuff: For the band, learned 6 new songs ranging from Association to Traveling Wilburys, Every Brothers and Clapton. Recorded acoustic guitar tracks and assembled photos for short video that’s been in the “planning stages” for months. Played original songs at 6 “regular, lunch time” coffee house gigs with long time friend. Oh, went to play some bass at a couple Tuesday night electric blues jams Think that’s all, or all that I remember for now.

    1. Dorie

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  67. Profile photo of David P
    David P

    October already?? How did that happen, sure am glad I kept my wizard badge streak alive! I also started working on St. Annes Reel, which seems to be really tough! Along the way I motivated my wife and son to restart their guitar lessons now that it is school season again.

  68. Profile photo of Joseph S
    Joseph S

    Wow it’s October already, really worked on my bar chords exercises to get them to sound clean it’s getting better but still need’s more work just got to keep it up.

  69. Profile photo of Vince S
    Vince S

    Holy #%@! Sept.went by so fast,I missed my birthday,but celebrating my finger picking with St.Anne’s Reel and I Believe in Father Christmas with very little mistakes!

  70. Profile photo of James H
    James H

    It is October 1, and I finally took a guitar over to my neighbors place earlier last month and did a little porch playing after months of being asked to.Pretty much C+W around here,and I am basically a Rock guy,but some Bluegrass riffs from TAC should keep them entertained a bit.

  71. Profile photo of Greg C. W
    Greg C. W

    Oops, meant to do that all in past tense….sorry. Must be my Labor Day brain on vacation!!!

  72. Profile photo of Greg C. W
    Greg C. W

    I intend on learning several new songs including the “Smoke Has Cleared”. And I intend on playing a few of them at Martin Guitar when I pick up my new custom OM!!! Word has it that it’s going through final neck fitting which puts it about 1-2 weeks from completion!!! I’m going nuts with anticipations.

  73. Profile photo of Keith V
    Keith V

    September was a great month. I learned and recorded a new song and improved my cross picking!

  74. Profile photo of Darrell C
    Darrell C

    I kept the improvement going on my right hand flat picking and finger picking but this month I also got it coordinated better with my left hand so I really picked up some speed.

  75. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    Wow, October 1st is here and I can say that I have earned my Wizard badge for the month!! I finally managed to post a video of my first attempt at flatpicking, “Kicking Rocks”, and have also posted one other fingerpicking song on the forum! Also finally changed the strings on my GS Mini and my 110. Gotta stop buying a new guitar every time one of em needs new strings- it’s the strings that are disposable, not the guitar, LOL!!!

  76. Profile photo of Joe A
    Joe A

    September, Always a busy month. Glad I was able to get back on track and get my Wizard Badge.

  77. Profile photo of Gary o
    Gary o

    September my favorite month, the river water cools down, the tricos and October Caddis keep the fish looking up and I switch from guiding fly fishing to Elk hunts as the aspen turn gold. Lots of time in the woods, my favorite is when the snow covers the green pine trees and the wind blows golden aspen leaves onto the snow making the best decorated Christmas tree. I will continue to enjoy my guitar as well. GO

  78. Profile photo of Chris G
    Chris G

    September was an awesome month. I went back and played at an open mic, I submitted videos for Descending Chords and a practice solo, and I recorded and submitted a video of me playing one of my open mic songs. I also practiced daily the easy finger style song Freight Train. So I can record and submit it in October.

  79. Profile photo of Ken G
    Ken G

    Got the sailboat in the dry dock and managed get 2 DADGAD songs under my fingers. Even managed to get the speed challenge sounding good at 170 bpm

  80. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    Can’t believe it’s October already. Managed to complete all the Wizard requirements and also increased my commitment to learning to play songs finger style. Actually learned two songs rather than the usual one.

  81. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    I feel so good because I attended my 2nd bluegrass society jam and this time instead of being a grinner I actually took my guitar out of its case and became a picker. (Grinners and Pickers is how the club defines watchers and players.) I gave myself permission to watch with my guitar in its case the first time as I heard one of my personal guitars heroes had the same experience at his first jam. With this new experience of participation my confidence increased and I play louder and faster as my inhibitions dissipate.

  82. Profile photo of James S
    James S

    ok – will try this again…wow – I sure am glad I got off my lazy butt and completed a lesson plan – September is the first lesson plan I have actually completed ! :O)

  83. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Wow! It’s October 1st already. This month seemed to fly by, the whole year in fact. This month I made a concerted effort to complete all of the Wednesday Solo Lessons. In the past, I always try them and work on them, but sometimes I just can’t seem to create something that is good enough in my mind to submit for the badge. But after listening to John Fahey’s The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death, I started to understand how he assembles and creates his songs together. And I’ve continued to plug away at the daily lessons and learn some new songs along my journey. Overall I am pleased with my performance this month, bring on November.

  84. Profile photo of Sean C
    Sean C

    It’s October already and I did everything to get my first wizard badge! Yeah!

    1. Heidi

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  85. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author

    September was a very busy month and it flew by.!!! Since it’s October first it sure is nice to look back and know that I followed through on my commitment to practice harmony singing every weekend. I can feel that finding harmony is easier and I am gaining much more confidence.

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