TAC 2.0 & Other Announcements

It’s that time of the month where we do a round up of updates, announcements, and a sneak peek into what’s coming.

Much of this was covered in the August Member Hangout Q&A. If you missed it, click here to watch the replay.

The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!


We had a blast as usual but we also completely changed up the format. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Keep this new format? Go back to the old format?

Click here to watch the replay.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Three winners of the give-away

The winners of the Annual Member give-away:

  • Grand Prize: Brad L won the Martin Dreadnought JR!
  • Acoustic Care Package #1: Wayne T. W.
  • Acoustic Care Package #2: Catherine C.

This Annual Membership drive and give-away had a larger purpose of course. 

Behind the scenes we’ve been working hard on a major redesign of Tony’s Acoustic Challenge.

To make sure that the next phase of Tony’s Acoustic Challenge is the best it can be, we’ve hired a team of developers to turn our vision into reality. This major upgrade requires resources, and those who’ve upgraded to annual recently have been an important part of making it possible to allocate the much needed resources to the development of TAC 2.0.

A big thanks to all who’ve upgraded! It means the world to us, but most of all it’s a big does of validation that TAC is a valuable part of your lives.

We haven’t set an ETA of TAC 2.0 but we expect to see the finished version late next week (third week of August) and then we’ll begin testing. If everything checks out, we should be able to launch in September!

To see a sneak peek of TAC 2.0 and leave your feedback, visit this forum thread where we made the announcement last week.

NEW: Tony’s Buyers Guide

Tony has just released his 2015 Acoustic Buyers Guide! The quickest way to get your hands on it is to click the link below:


NEW: Wednesday Improv Change

To create more focus and make things more intuitive and fun, the Wednesday Improv section of Practice Plan has changed. 

In the past Tony would teach the scale one week, then the following week he would give you the backing track and have you improvise over a chord progression using the previous week’s scale.

Now every Wednesday contains all elements: Learn the scale, download the backing track and improvise over Tony’s progression, then record yourself and submit for feedback!

Everyone is LOVING this new format. And there’s now a forum to post your video submissions called “Solo Zone”. 

Go watch a couple of the 20 video submissions!

A PRACTICE PLAN EXPERIMENT: Simplifying Practice Plan

This week we’ll be trying out a simpler, more focused version of Practice Plan. Tony has made a quick video for you to check out that explains what he’s up to.

The main point of this week’s experiment is to get your comments and feedback on this new format!

Click to watch Tony’s video message to you

COMING SOON: Tony’s Acoustic Foundation Tool Kit

One of the most requested additions to TAC is a sort of “getting started” course that will get you off on the right foot and fully prepared to get the most out of Practice Plan and the Song Lessons.

Well, production for “Tony’s Acoustic Foundation Tool Kit” is in full force and you can look forward to seeing this in the next several weeks. Stay tuned!

ANNOUNCEMENT: iTunes Podcast version of The Acoustic Letter coming soon & Another Martin Dreadnought JR give-away

If you didn’t win this month’s drawing for the Martin Dread JR, you’ll soon have another chance at it.

Soon we’ll be launching the iTunes Podcast version of The Acoustic Letter. We’re excited about this because we’ll be able to make it a more structured feed of guitar reviews, quick guitar lessons, and interviews, plus we’re hoping to expose Tony’s awesomeness to people who’ve yet to discover him.

How you can help:

Once we launch the podcast, we’ll really need the help of TAC members to subscribe, watch, and leave reviews within a very compressed time frame so the iTunes algorithms treat us favorably and launch us into the “New & Noteworthy”.

As we get closer to launch day, we’ll give you more specifics on how you can help.

For helping us complete this important launch mission, we’ll be raffling another guitar!

Leave your thoughts and feedback below!


  1. Profile photo of Joseph Piczko
    Joseph Piczko

    I suggest an additional, simple melody version of the tabs. The newer student would find this easy to learn, and it would serve as a basis to build on the full version. I think “Wildwood Flower” is a good example where this might be helpful.

    I suggest that every tab include pick direction, chords, measure numbering , and section labeling . For example, Section 5 in the video lesson would be labeled as such on the tab. When the student is practicing on is own and has difficulty with a certain part of a song, he would know which section in the video lesson would offer help. This may also be done by referring to measure numbers, i.e., Section 5, Measures 12-14. A student might like to know the chords when he joins others in a Jam, or in a duet alternating lead and accompaniment.

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P


      Thank you for your thoughts on the songs and introducing the idea of a simple melody arrangement as well. I think you read our minds, as we were just discussing an approach that would allow someone to see the basic melody of the tune amidst the arrangement. The labeling of sections and other notation including pick direction all should be fully integrated by now, every song/tab posted will have either PIMA notation for fingerstyle, or the down/up direction for flatpicking. Thank you again for your feedback!!! As I have mentioned before these are all things that we are taking into consideration for the development of TAC 2.0. Sincere thanks to you!!!


  2. Bruce Stains

    Forgive me as I am less eloquent than other folks posting. For those of us inexperienced, I like the idea of a structured practice plan with achievable goals. Perhaps an environment where work in progress does not disappear as the two-week window slides to the right. Is there the possibility of a “tiered” environment? The data is already there but I, for one, could use a little more time to stay current as opposed to always playing catch-up. All of that said, I’m enjoying this more than a camel has fleas.

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P


      Thank you for your input!!! I appreciate your thoughts on the tiered environment, as we develop TAC 2.0 we will be looking at member feedback and incorporating as much as we can. Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts!!!


  3. Profile photo of pog s
    pog s

    i would like to upgrade to the annual plan, if it’s a help=!!! POG

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
  4. Matt

    Yes! All of this sounds promising. A simplified, one-stop shop, practice plan is a great idea.

    The Acoustic Foundation Tool Kit is exactly what I’ve been hoping for. Need a solid foundation to build a house or a musician in this case. Really looking forward to this one.

    You guys are having fun and the members are engaged and interested! Keep up the incremental improvements. You’re on the right path for this journey!

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P


      Thank you so much for your comments they are greatly appreciated!!! Glad you like all of the experiments that we are trying 🙂


  5. Profile photo of Benjamin S
    Benjamin S

    Before even seeing TAC 2.0, I have the following comments:

    1. TAC is already very successful. Bravó to Tony and his team for not resting on their laurels and working to make it even better for us.
    2. The proof is in the pudding (or in this case the playing), but the new, more tightly focused practice plan sounds like an excellent idea to me. I think it will be an improvement of an already strong plan.
    3. I understand it will be easier to “friend” others in TAC 2.0, and I look forward to that.

    That’s all I have for now! Have a great weekend, all y’all!

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P


      Thank you so much for commenting, I am glad to hear you like the site and also are excited for the launch of TAC 2.0!!! All the member feedback is helping shape the next version, so a big thanks is in order to you and all of the members!!!


  6. Profile photo of X

    Please keep the new hangout format. It makes TAC an even more fun, friendly place. Like Joel said in a post, I think it’s something that differentiates TAC from other sites. Hey, a thought — would it work to let 1 or 2 people “call” in during the hangouts for a few minutes? Think that might expand on the home-like feel. Not shock jockey kind of stuff, more like what you’d hear on a game show on public radio.

    Love the new Wednesday concept, and the Solo channel. Big fun. Next idea – Tony dresses up in costumes when he’s doing the rhythm tracks to give it more atmosphere.

    Foundation Toolkit: super idea. I’ve been seeing messages from members who are just getting started, and this would help them.

    For long term things we members want to keep people thinking about, would it make sense to have some kind of virtual bulletin board? Announcements? Reminders? Yeah, I’m thinking about the TAC Retreat aka Guitar Jamboree about which I’d like to keep reminding and make sure new members find out about. But there are probably other events, announcements, etc.

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P


      Thank you so much for your thoughts 🙂 I love the costume idea… I will have to see what we can come up with 🙂 Truly thank you for your feedback, it is great to hear!!! Glad you dig the new hangout format as well!!!


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