TAC Jamboree 2016

Last updated – April 25th

The long talked about, long awaited 2016 TAC Jamboree announcement is finally here! The goal of this event is to meet each other in person, partake in some amazing group workshops, play around the campfire, have an official dinner event each evening with a very special open mic and other musical entertainment, and enjoy beautiful Bozeman/Big Sky, Montana! All events, workshops and campfire jams will all take place at the Buck’s T4 Lodge.

The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

Dates: Friday June 17th – Saturday June 18th
Location: Buck’s T 4 Lodge (visit on Facebookvisit their website)

Event Itinerary Coming Soon!

About the venue

Buck’s has been a favorite for decades and is the perfect venue for the first annual TAC Jamboree. We’ll have multiple campfire jam sessions and a nightly dinner followed by music performances (Friday) and a very special open mic event on Saturday night – shall we call it “The TAC Show”?

Located along the Gallatin River just outside Yellowstone National Park in the shadow of Big Sky and Moonlight Basin resorts. All rooms include full hot breakfast. Nationally acclaimed dining featuring wild game, steaks and award-winning wine list. Whitewater rafting available on property, blue-ribbon fishing located nearby. 45 minutes from Yellowstone’s West Entrance and 90 minutes from Old Faithful.

Buck’s T4 room cost: $155 per night (single or double room) NOTE: You do NOT have to stay at Buck’s but all workshops, entertainment, and jams will be held here.

Logistics: Fly into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) and drive about 45 minutes into the mountains to find Buck’s T4 Lodge near Big Sky, MT.

Although it will be the most convenient, especially for impromptu camp fire jams, you don’t have to stay at Buck’s T4. The Whitewater Inn is down the road and there are more hotels up at the ski area about 20 minutes away.

That being said, there are only about 15 rooms remaining at Buck’s so now is the time to reserve them!

Here’s what to do now:

  1. Click below to buy your tickets (and get the limited time discount!)
  2. Call Buck’s T4 and reserve your room for Friday June 17 & 18. Mention the “TAC Retreat Group Rate”
  3. Leave a comment below letting everyone know you’ve got your tickets! (And leave ideas, questions, and feedback!)

*Note: For people traveling with family members who would also like to attend the Jamboree: Buy one ticket for yourself then buy another “Family Member” ticket for family members who’d like to attend dinner and/or the workshops. Kids 12 and under are free of charge.

Call Buck’s at 406-995-4111 and reserve your room now!

**Save almost 50% by booking now (Prices increase on June 1st 2016)

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*Note: This is the early bird price. The final price for this workshop will be US $595.
*Note: The price doesn’t cover the cost of accommodation, flights, etc..
*Note: Family member tickets are all access and are intended for spouses and significant others.


  1. Sergeant David M Winstead

    We are here at Buck’s T4 lodge and looking forward to the next two days.
    Dave and Bernice from Nevada

  2. Profile photo of Arve

    This would be awsome, but flying in from Norway would be a bit to expensive. But maybe I’ll be able to join next year.
    Anyway, enjoy your stay folks.

  3. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    Does anyone know what time the activities start on Friday? I want to book a flight but I don’t know if I need to fly in Thursday evening or Friday morning?

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      I would recommend flying in Thursday evening as we will get things rolling Friday morning 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled for the itinerary announcement this week 🙂


  4. Profile photo of Duane W
    Duane W

    First music related vacation since ’96. No kids and no camping this trip. 🙂

  5. Profile photo of Will C
    Will C

    Great fun. My wife and I are traveling from Oregon and have family in Thompson Falls, MT to stay with on the way. Will be camping at Redcliff.

  6. Profile photo of Marcus N
    Marcus N

    This is so awesome, what a brilliant idea and really good rate to (- flight). I wish I could come but, all annual holiday with family is now taken up. Really hope you all have a great time and look forward to the post jamboree feedback. Maybe 2017 if there is a Jambo 2 ?

  7. Profile photo of Stephen Henderson
    Stephen Henderson

    Greetings from Boise,

    I just registered for the TAC event. I’m really looking forward to it. Does anyone have recommendations on a nearby campground? I’ll be bringing my little popup tent trailer. Don’t need much… just a basic campground.



    1. Kevin B.

      Here is a website for you: http://www.forestcamping.com/dow/northern/gallcmp.htm
      There are a few different campgrounds in the Gallatin Canyon within roughly 6-20 miles from Bucks T4 and Big Sky. I live in Big Sky so feel free to ask if there is anything else you need. In order of proximity to Buck’s T-4 and rough mileage from the Hotel:
      – Red Cliff Campgournd – 6 miles
      – Moose Creek Campground -10 miles
      – Swan Creek – 11 miles
      – Greek Creek – 12 miles

      All of thes are approved overnight campgounds (only option for a camper in the Gallatin Canyon) with outhouses, picnic tables and fire rings. They are all just off of the highway and have some Gallatin Rivierside sites except for Swan is a little more off the highway, with some Swan Creekside sites.
      – KOA – Bozeman Hot Springs. 35 miles. If you are interested in hot springs, pools, showers, work out room etc… roughly 45 minute drive to Bucks.

      My recommendation would be for Red Cliff. It is accross the river from the highway, so there is at least a little noise buffer. They will all be at least a little crowded to full at that time.

      Best –

  8. Profile photo of Maggie

    I procrastinated, but I’m in!!! So very excited to hang with everyone!!!!!!

    1. Profile photo of 1973.

      Ya, this is going to be EPIC…. Doh! I said it again….

    2. Profile photo of Vic G
      Vic G

      Glad you were able to figure things out so that you can join us.

  9. Profile photo of X

    My brother is coming so we will have a mando and maybe octave mando player. Don’t think he’s bringing my neice. She sings and plays 4 string guitar at open mics and writes her own songs. At age 15! But hanging out with us old folks would be torture for her

  10. Profile photo of Paul H
    Paul H

    Just bought my ticket, and will get a +1 for my better half, Susan. We are planning to drive from Oregon and make this a tourist adventure. It does bother me that this is happening during time when windsurfing is at the top of my priority list, but we all need to make sacrifices for the sake of our art, right? Looking forward to meeting plenty of new friends.

    1. Profile photo of Vic G
      Vic G

      Glad you’re joining us Paul. Looking forward to meeting you too. It’ll be a lot of fun.

  11. Profile photo of Michael S
    Michael S

    I would love to come, and was getting ready to register, but checked my calendar and have already committed to attend a church-related weekend for our Associate Pastor’s ordination at Annual Conference. I hope to be able to make one of these. I have never been to Montana and would really like to mix with other guitarists and see some of Big Sky country. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Tony, et al.

  12. Profile photo of Sheriff Dave
    Sheriff Dave

    Talking to Joel made me take a closer look at attending the TAC Jamboree. With the lower fee for my wife, I decided to go for it. I took Joel’s advise and called Buck’s T4 Lodge. I reserved a room and bought my ticket for the Jamboree. What a hoot! We are looking forward to being there and meeting fellow TAC members. Maybe get to do a little jamming, maybe even some singing. Hope you all like cowboy and old western songs. It’s about all I know but it’s what I love!

    1. Profile photo of Vic G
      Vic G

      David. Sorry to take a while to welcome you, but I’m glad you’re coming. Looking forward to meeting you!

  13. Profile photo of John H
    John H

    Bummed I can’t be there. Can you shoot some video at some point that the rest of us less fortunate souls can watch at some point?

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      You got it 🙂 There will definitely be some documentation 🙂


  14. Profile photo of Jim D
    Jim D

    Wish I could make it, but my son is graduating from high school on the 17th. But the TAC Jamboree sounds like a hoot. And lord knows we could use more hoots.

  15. Profile photo of Markov

    I wish i could make this … but maybe next year…..big 40 ..hint hint….. (Hopefully the wife is reading my posts 🙂 )
    Hope to see lots of posts from the inaugural TAC retreat 🙂

  16. Profile photo of Mark A
    Mark A

    Wish I could make this trip but unable to due to taking care of the grandkids, Looks like an awesome time though. Looking forward to seeing videos and pics this summer

  17. Profile photo of Dennis

    I’ve been away from the forum for a few months. My first visit back in many weeks and look what I found! I was fired up about this when we were talking about it in the beginning. I plan to sit down with the family and work out the logistics this weekend. Woohoo!

  18. Profile photo of Roger L
    Roger L

    Booked room and TAC. Big stretch for me but …. I’m doing it. Montana here I come.
    Also wondering like the queryJeff S put out re: spouses. Ellie would only be interested in the campfires as a spectator and joining for dinners if that isn’t disruptive. She is coming down as a tourist and we will be adding another week after the retreat to our holiday plans. She will be active during the day on her own.

    1. Profile photo of Joel

      Hey Roger,
      We’ve decided that for spouses/family members to attend we will be adding a +1 fee of $150

      That way they can participate in as much of the event as they want to, and we can cover all of it cost wise.

      We will work out the details of it later, for now you are set just having purchased 1 ticket.

      1. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
        jumpin' jeff s

        Thanks Joel, that is great news. Let us know how you want to collect once you get it figured out.

  19. Profile photo of DeeDee L
    DeeDee L

    Okay guys. I bought 2 tickets. This is going to be totally awesome. We will be road tripp’n it. Yeehawww! I just need to book room now.
    With Smiles,

  20. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author

    It has been great seeing all the comments here, I am so excited for this. Also, thank you for helping one another out with reservations and planning and such, I am so pumped to meet all of you. Quick note, when you call the lodge to reserve your room make sure to mention the “TAC group rate” There have been 30 rooms reserved for us TAC’ers 🙂 Of course if you all have any questions just let us know 🙂


    PS For those of you who can’t make it we will miss you for sure, but we will certainly post photos so you can see what went on at the inaugural TAC retreat.

    1. Profile photo of Joel

      Also, we just reviewed the contract and you should all be able to get discount rooms a day before and a day after the event. So if you are planning on coming early or staying later, keep that discount in mind and make sure to request it!

  21. Profile photo of Ron L
    Ron L

    I just bought my ticket & booked a room at Buck’s T-4 for the 17th & 18th. I was also told there were no rooms available for Friday UNTIL I mentioned the TAC Retreat. I plan to arrive a couple of days early to take in the sights, Yellowstone for sure. See ya there!

  22. Profile photo of Joseph S
    Joseph S

    Wed Jan 27

    Just got off the phone with Reservations at Buck’s T-4 No rooms available for the 17th one left for the 18th . Going to have to go to plan B as soon as I can figure out a plan B. Traveling from NY and staying 7 nights to take in the sights for our first trip to Big Sky Montana. Any suggestions please PM

    Thanks Joe S

    1. Profile photo of Joel

      Hey Joseph, thanks for reporting this. This should not be the case since they are supposed to be holding rooms for our group. Did you tell them that this was for the TAC Retreat? We have over 30 rooms held for us right now!

      1. Profile photo of Joseph S
        Joseph S

        Hi Joel

        I did tell them it was for the retreat they put me on hold to check availability and said there is only one room left for Saturday night . Is there someone at the hotel handling the room block we can ask to speak with or can you verify it.
        Joe S

        1. Profile photo of Neal


          I live in Bozeman. If the rooms truly are all booked as per what Levi wrote in the description the area around Bucks T-4 is basically an entire resort. Tons of hotels that are an easy short distance away. If you’re up for hiking, fishing, zip lining, etc. you’ll probably be checking out these other places anyway. Its awesome you’re taking a whole week so if you have any questions on must sees let me know. I’d definitely plan on doing yellowstone if you’ve never done the drive before. Cheers!

          1. Profile photo of Joel

            Hey Neal! Since you live in Bozeman will you be able to make it to the Jamboree?!

        2. Profile photo of Ron L
          Ron L

          Joe, I would give Buck’s T-4 a call back. I was told the same thing as you until I mentioned the TAC Retreat & then I had no problem.

          1. Profile photo of Neal

            planning on it Joel just trying to figure out logistics first on whether i want to drive out to big sky every both days or grab a hotel up there, we live on opposite side of town unfortunately

  23. Profile photo of Mary Elizabeth VonDras
    Mary Elizabeth VonDras

    Count me in for next year! No money this year (yet! I’ll put the call out to the universe,) Maybe there can be a Google hangout session during the weekend so we at home can enjoy a few vicarious moments with you in Bozeman!

  24. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    Joel, Levi,Tony,
    I got my ticket booked my room…wondering if there is a +1 rate so my wife could join us for dinners. She is likely sight seeing the rest of the time. She is not into guitar, well not like I am. Is it necessary to purchase another ticket to avoid total exclusion? or is there room for say a groupie rate? (Remember this is the woman who banned “Smoke Has Cleared” from our house for 6mo,…okay I might have overplayed it a little) Please advise.

  25. Profile photo of Dru

    Got my ticket. Need to grab a room. I love the idea of a gathering on Thursday in Bozeman. I am probably driving… Can fit more guitars that way. lol.

  26. Profile photo of BillG

    I am in. Just bought my ticket. Looking forward to meeting everybody and maybe by then I will be ready for an open mic.


  27. Profile photo of Joseph S
    Joseph S

    Very excited about the event going to sit down over the next day or two and see if my wife and I can put this trip together last year we attended the Greeley Colorado Blues fest why not the Montana Tac Jamboree. Could not think of a better way to spend our first trip to Montana.

    hope to se ya soon
    Joe S

  28. Profile photo of Zach M.
    Zach M.

    Would love to come!! Alas, will still be in Albania and prepping to head to Afghanistan this summer…maybe next year :))

  29. Profile photo of Carel M
    Carel M

    Wish I could be there.Unfortunately it is too expensive to come from the Netherlands but it is great to make such a meeting possible Tony.

    Cheers, Carel

    1. Profile photo of X

      Few things would make me happier than hearing you play live Carel. Hope we can make it happen some day!

  30. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    I am in!! I just booked my 2 day early bird TAC reservation, and got my hotel all taken care of- I will be flying out on Wednesday, and going home Sunday. Hoping to get some hiking and/or horseback riding done on Wednesday or Thursday. Getting airline tickets tonight- This is so exciting!! I can’t wait! Yaaaaaay!

    1. Profile photo of X

      Yeah Carol! So looking forward to playing music with you.

  31. Profile photo of X

    Bought my ticket. I am not road tripping from Chicago though — it’ll be by air! Probably going to be getting there on Wed or Thurs, and leaving Sunday. Or Monday. I need to get in a little fly fishing on top of everything else! Happy to give a beginner lesson to any newbie fly fishing enthusiasts, and happy to coordinate an outing with others interested. Not that my casting is much these days…

    1. Profile photo of X

      Reserved my room. Just for 17th and 18th for now. Hoping to stay with my friends (who live in Bozeman) other days. My brother might come along. He plays mandolin (and is a way better fly fisherman than me). I’ll also talk to my local friend about fly fishing excursions. When he talks about places you need bear spray, I tend to want to skip those. 🙂 I’ll bring a ship load of song charts for sing/play alongs.

      Can we get a running total of how many people have signed up, say ever week or 2? I just want to know if us enthusiasts need to do some evangelizing to reach our attendance minimum. Not that I just want us to get to the minimum!

      1. Profile photo of Dru

        Thanks for offering to bring song sheets. What a nice idea!

  32. Profile photo of Levi

    Something to consider is a possible unofficial gathering in Bozeman Thursday night since a lot of people are coming in early. There are plenty of hotels in Bozeman. This can be organized much later once we have a head count and more ideas:)

    1. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
      jumpin' jeff s

      We are coming in Thusday night also. We don’t fly in untill 8pm but we are talking about musicians right? Count me in, my wife too.

  33. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    WE are booked! Trace we’re bunkin with you brother. lol
    Just so you all know. When I called the 800 number i kept getting bumped to a call center and the folks there couldn’t book the TAC Retreat. They said it might be best to call the direct phone number 406 995 4111 instead.
    And TAC special rate is for FRI and SAT only, so expect to pay more for additional nights.
    Now, for a car and a way out there…………..
    Trace? Come North first and pick us up? 😉

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Yes, glad you will be there!!! Also, big thanks for posting that number!!!


  34. Profile photo of TomD

    Whether I get to go or not, this is an awesome idea! Thanks for putting this together. Now, just to clear my schedule.

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      You are welcome!!! I hope you can join us!!!


  35. Profile photo of Vic G
    Vic G

    I’m in. I’ve never been to Montana so I’m likely going to arrive in Bozeman a day or two early to do some site-seeing and finishing off the week at the TAC Jamboree/Retreat. I’d be happy to help coordinate activities for anyone else who’s planning on arriving early.

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Awesome Vic!!! Looking forward to getting all the TAC’ers in one place!!! Fun will be had by all!!!


  36. Profile photo of Josh R
    Josh R

    This is going to be awesome. Glad it all came together. I’m sitting down to night to work out the logistics. Pumped!

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Yes!!! I am so pumped the ball is rolling now in a big way 🙂


      1. Profile photo of Josh R
        Josh R

        After many discussions with my wife, checking the time-off schedule at work, and and looking up various flight options, looks like a no go for me this year. Totally bummed. -Josh

        1. Profile photo of X

          🙁 Sorry to hear that Josh. I hope things clear up and you can make it, but if not, you’ll be sorely missed.

  37. Profile photo of 1973.

    Seriously? No comments yet? This is sick… I’m looking at a serious road trip plan from OKC hitting spots for some strumming here and there (gas stations, rest stops, police stations..), definitely stopping off in Ft. Collins, then on to Bozeman. Only thing is, I just may be campin out… haha… THE ENTIRE TIME!!! It’s summer brosephs…. I’ll wash my ass when I get home. haha….

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      LOL I am looking forward to this big time!!! I want stories of your travel, lots and lots and lots of stories!!!


    2. Profile photo of X

      You’d better make it! Oh, remember, it’s Griz season that time of year… But probably not at the resort.

      1. Profile photo of 1973.

        booked a sweeeeeeeeeet (that’s suite for you common folk). this will be an OSM trip indeed… I really hope I can get my son (10) to jam with all of us (he steals my guitar tho, haha). any other kiddos comming. our little girl (8) is our back up singer….

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