TAC Spotlight: Karol D.

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Say hi to Karol!


Born and raised in Southern California where I currently live.

# of Years Played

I started playing when my son was in high school and started taking in home lessons. He and the teacher were having way too much fun. That was about 15 years ago. I just dabbled until about 4 years ago when I got more serious.

Favorite 3 bands:

John Mayer

Rolling Stones

BB King

How many guitars do you currently own?

I have six electric guitars, one acoustic with a new one on the way, one electric bass and a ukulele.

Why is it important for you to improve at guitar?

I have to constantly be learning! Guitar gives me a sense of accomplishment, personal challenge and mental stimulation.

Why are you an active TAC member?

I became an active TAC member for the accountability and encouragement. The environment on the forum is non-threatening and very positive. The daily practices were just what I needed to get me going each day. My biggest stumbling block has always been deciding what to practice or what to do next.  TAC makes the decision for me!  And once the guitar is out, I’m motivated to keep playing. Watching the performance videos on the forum motivates me to learn those songs too.

What would you tell TAC members who don’t think they would be good at writing songs?

Learning a little music theory really helps in songwriting! Once you know which chords go well together, it’s just a matter of embellishing and substituting to make it interesting. Hey, if Bob Dylan can make a career out of three chords, you can write a tune or two!

What convinced you to submit your first performance video?

I watched the videos submitted by other members and read the comments and that gave me the courage to submit my first video. It’s a safe place to share,

Tell us the story of your first open mic?

I’ve never played an open mic. I work with Junior High Special Ed students and I have taken my guitar to play for them in the classroom. There are several other adults in the classroom so I was nervous but it went  well. This year I’m teaching the students Someone to Lava and hopefully they will perform in the spring talent show.

What else would be cool for people to know about you?

I’m a science and trivia junkie as well as a music theory junkie. I’ve been married 33 years. We have a son, a daughter, one grandson and a grandchild on the way.


  1. Profile photo of Michael S
    Michael S

    Karol – Way to go. Folks like you inspire me to keep learning when I get a bit lazy and play the same stuff over and over. It’s so important to keep the mind active, be curious and try new things. Thanks for reminding us.
    Michael S.

  2. Profile photo of Keith V
    Keith V

    Congratulations, Karol! When I see you and other folks who have made the choice to never stop learning, it inspires me to stay curious and remain open to new ideas! My guitar teacher is working with me on expanding my understanding of music theory, so I’m sure he thanks you for the inspiration, too!

  3. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author


    Congratulations on your spotlight!!! I am very happy that you are here on TAC, your positive attitude, and your kindness are contagious. Thank you for posting your videos and for being such an active member here. I too am a trivia junkie, we have been playing The Logo Game as of late and it is very cool random trivia from some popular (and not so popular) brands. Thanks again Karol!!!


    1. Profile photo of Karol D
      Karol D

      Thanks Tony! I forget that you are probably silently watching what we post on the forum. Kind of like Santa Claus, you know when we’ve been bad or good! LOL.

  4. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    Congratulation Karol! You are a great player, and a well deserved week in the TAC spotlight! It’s always great to watch your videos- keep posting!! And music theory- that is impressive- it’s been on my wish list for a while now.
    Congrats again, and see you around the forum!

  5. Profile photo of Karol D
    Karol D

    Thank you all for your kind and generous comments. This community has a very special spirit, I’m grateful I found you.

  6. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Hi Karol, you are my kind of person, someone who never wants to stop growing and improving and has a thirst for knowledge, that’s cool!

  7. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    Congrats on your week in the spotlight Karol, and 33 years of marriage!
    I love seeing your different collection of instruments and how well you play them. Keep it up!

  8. Profile photo of Dru

    Hey, Karol!
    Your love of music comes through in all your posts. It’s easy to see that you are a kind, smart, and dedicated person who communicates through music, so I was not at all surprised to hear you work with challenged kids. I love your posts. Keep strumming! I am somewhat of a science geek, too. Yay boson particles!

  9. Profile photo of Lynne R
    Lynne R

    Congratulations Karol.I enjoyed reading about you and can identify with all of the reasons you gave for wanting to play and improve on the guitar.

  10. Profile photo of Bruce B
    Bruce B

    Karol, I always love to watch your videos because you are definitely enjoying playing music on your guitars. As we’ve said so often, You Rock!

    Congrats on all your achievements on TAC!

  11. Profile photo of Tony

    Congratulations on the Spotlight Karol. I’m new to the Forums, but I have enjoyed your playing and your posts!

  12. Profile photo of BillG

    Carol, thank you for the work that you have been doing with the special ed kids! Teaching is one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone. I really enjoy your playing and I am sure the kids do too.

  13. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    Karol, you rock star you 😉
    Congrats. Well deserved and about time. I am so happy for you and another congrats on a grandchild on the way. We have another grandchild on the way also. Keep on rocking and inspiring us all. I enjoy every video you make.

  14. Profile photo of Vic G
    Vic G

    Congratulations on your spotlight Karol. It’s good to know that you dabble in music theory like I do. Your posts always puts a smile on my face. Keep ’em coming.

  15. Profile photo of Roeland

    Congrats on the spotlight Karol! It’s always nice to see you around the forums, an inspiration to us all!

  16. Profile photo of Dave H
    Dave H

    Karol – enjoyed reading about you. I really like your approach of “I am just going to run with this” and you make it work. Always enjoy your posts and thanks for taking the time for the write up.

  17. Profile photo of DeeDee L
    DeeDee L

    Hi Karol,
    Congratulations! I, too, am a So. Calif. native and still reside here not many of us around these days. I enjoy your posts. Keep them coming and enjoy your week in the spotlight.

  18. Profile photo of Emma S
    Emma S

    Hi Karol, congratulations on the Spotlight, I’ve enjoyed reading more about you

  19. Profile photo of X

    Hey Karol:

    It’s always a pleasure to hear what you play and create for us. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote above. You have a strong musical ear — you use the music theory that you’ve learned very effectively. I’m thinking that one of these days you’ll find people to play with live, and you’ll love it. Thanks for all your contributions to our community! Hope to hear you play many, many more songs for us.

  20. Profile photo of Duane W
    Duane W

    Karol, Congratulations! A well deserved accolade. I’m sort of new here but always look for and enjoy your posts.

  21. Profile photo of Charles B
    Charles B

    Congratulations Karol and well deserved too! You were instrumental in getting me to make my first post, your comments are always encouraging a big THANK YOU. Glad to see you in the spotlight!

  22. Profile photo of David W
    David W

    Hi Karol
    Congratulations on the Spotlight! I always enjoy your Wednesday solos.
    I Googled and watched “Someone to Lava” – it’s a fun film – the kids are going to love learning it!

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