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Say hi to Lynne R!


St.Andrews,Manitoba ( Canada ) is where I live but 80% of my summer ( May1st -mid Oct )is spent on an island in Rosina Lake , N.Western Ontario.

# of Years Played

I took lessons for 2 yrs in the late 90’s but quite completely because of the demands of my career and family. After retiring in June 2012 ,I picked up the guitar again and muddled along with a few online courses. But I was frustrated and discouraged with my progress  until I discovered TAC at the end of Feb/2015 . Since then,I have played on a daily basis and am loving it.

Favorite three bands

  • The Guess Who ( Burton Cummings)
  • Santana
  • The Eagles
  • But my all time favorite performer is Ian Tyson

How many guitars to you currently own?

5 – 2 Martins, a Taylor GSMini,a Takamine nylon string  and a Fender Heartfield electric

Why is it important for you to improve at guitar?

I love everything about the instrument and want to master it as best I can. It is challenging and brings me great satisfaction to see even a little bit of improvement.

Why are you an active TAC member?

Actually, I really wish that I could be more active. I only have Internet access about 6 days a month during the summer and am always about 2 weeks behind. I miss reading all of the comments on a day to day basis and following the various forums. It is a very interesting ,supportive community. It is nice to know that there are a lot of other people out there who share this fascination with the guitar. TAC has worked for me because it continuously challenges me and keeps me moving forward.

What convinced you to submit your first performance video?

When I first joined, I never had any intention of ever submitting a video….but I guess that I just got caught up in the enthusiasm of the group. It gave me a huge sense of completion to finally submit videos of the songs I had learned. You were my first audience.

What else would be cool for people to know about you?

I am still trying to figure out why Dom nominated me for this….he is a hard act to follow but I guess some one has to do it.

I am a retired rural physician (after 35 yrs of practice) who has been married for 44 yrs (yes,to the same man) and has raised 2 daughters (both good citizens). Second only to the guitar is my passion for the great out doors. Each year we took our girls on wilderness canoe trips from the time they were toddlers until they moved away to go to University.  I have down hill skied for 35 yrs (even in Montana) and took up golf 4 yrs ago so that we would have something to do in Mexico where we spend 2 months of the winter. As you already know, I spend the summers at a remote island cabin where I love to canoe and fish (fish tremble at the very mention of my name!) That’s about it folks. In my next life, I would really like to come back as a guitarist.


  1. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    Hi Lynne,

    You and I have something in common. Our next life goal is the same. By practicing smartly and purposefully I hope to positively effect karma so that I may be reborn a guitar wizard like Tony P and others: Joe Bonamassa comes to mind.

    You seem to live so purposefully. It makes me smile as it seems you have found joy.

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thanks Jeff. Retirement is wonderful…the icing on the cake ,so to speak. It is nice to have an enjoyable ,pleasant challenge like guitar to replace an interesting career. Your time will come soon enough?

  2. Profile photo of Ryan B
    Ryan B

    Exciting to see a Canadian featured! I’m on here from Saskatoon. Keep up your playing, Lynne!

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thank you Ryan
      I have been to Saskatoon …..it is a beautiful city. Nice to meet another Weastern Canadian. Looking forward to seeing you play

  3. Profile photo of Adolf Martin W
    Adolf Martin W

    Hi Lynne
    Being myself a fan of Texan cowboy balladeer Don Edwards, I also have several Ian Tyson CDs. Lots of great songs! Have you read his autobiography “The Long Trail”? – Quite a character this man!
    I also like your outdoor life. Reminds me – although being a Swiss boy – of my younger years canoeing in Wisconsin and Canada (e.g. Sault Ste. Marie to the East, northern shore of Lake Huron, then up the Spanish River). No guitar with me then for romantic hours, but harmonicas…
    Enjoy and keep fit!

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Hi Adolf. Nice to meet you. I am really surprised that someone from Switzerland has heard of Ian Tyson. Yes,he is quite the character. He has performed in Winnipeg on numerous occasions and we saw every show. He once stopped singing in the middle of a song to not ask but tell a rather enhibrated , noisey individual to shut up because this was his show. He then waited until the man was escorted out before he would continue….the crowd gave him a standing ovation for that! Yes,I have read that book. In fact we have a personally addressed and autographed copy( long story behind that). Interesting to hear that you have experienced the Canadian wilderness. I hope that you heard the Lones and the Wolves because their call truly exemplifies the lake country. My province of Manitoba has 100,000 lakes ( at least,that is what it says on our air license plates ). I visited your beautiful country as a student when one could travel in Europe for 5$ a day ( and I did!). At that time,students could purchase a one month First class Eurorail pass with unlimited use for 100$. Those were the days! If you are ever in my neck of the woods again,perhaps we can strum a few chords and do some canoeing. Take care

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thanks Coobie…..interesting name….is it your first name,surname or nickname?? I like it .

  4. Profile photo of Donald L
    Donald L

    Congratulations Lynne from another Canadian. I am half way between Montreal and Ottawa, near a town called Hawkesbury. I know about Ian Tyson…but more so when he was with Sylvia. I listen to a lot of Quebec music… they have a tremendous amount of very good acoustic music… I think that it is their favourite instument..next to the fiddle and the button accordion. I have been a member of TAC since the beginning…I was a ” beta” member. I like many played a bit as a youngun and then took it up again upon retirement.
    My time is spent keeping my lovely wife of 41 years happy, riding horses,and playing guitar.

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Riding horses…….you are one up on me! That is something that I have always wanted to do but never did. I lived in Nova Scotia for 4 years and was exposed to Acadian music which I imagine is similar to the music from Quebec. As for Ian Tyson….he is a legend. Ian and Sylvia were great together but sadly split up. You should check out some of his later music on iTunes….. If you have a little bit of cowboy in you,you will appreciate all of his ballads. I will look for you on the Stage. Very nice to hear from a fellow Canadian. Thanks

  5. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P


    Congratulations on your spotlight!!! I really appreciate your progress as well as being able to see you play!!! Thank you for sharing your performances with us all. It is great to learn more about you and your love of nature hits home for sure. Thank you for being a member here and for cheering everyone on as well. What a treat to hear about your guitar collection, the GS-mini is ridiculously comfortable, and for a little bugger it really has wonderful tone. Again, thanks for sharing Lynne and congrats to you!!!


    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thank you Tony. I am really enjoying TAC because it gives me new things to “practise” every week. There is a difference between” learning “guitar and “practicing” guitar as you know. I learned a lot of theory back in the 90’s when I first started ( did not appreciate the value of it at the time…so much theory that I could not see the forest for the trees) but I certainly see the value of it now that I am actually playing the instrument. You and your team have created a great site! The forum and all of the other extras are fantastic. It is great that you have encouraged people to “post” their efforts . I truly see the value in that now that I have participated and I strongly encourage others to do so. Thank you once again …….you have me playing the guitar once again in stead of just admiring them in their cases !

  6. Darleen

    Hi Lynne,
    Kudos to you for making the spotlight.

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thanks Darlene. Still astonished to be in the spotlight….i’am usually a side line kind of person. But it really is nice to communicate with so many different people who all have that same love for the guitar……so I am not the only one out their who opens up the guitar case and marvels at that wonderful smell. I am sure you know what I mean. Have a great day!

  7. Profile photo of Maggie

    It’s so nice to learn a little more about you, Lynne… Congrats on the well deserved recognition!

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thank you Maggie…..I am looking forward to seeing you in the spot light soon. You are very talented and you make it look so easy. I will run out of years before I can play half as well as you.

  8. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    Congratulations on your Spotlight.
    You are a very interesting individual with many talents. I am so impressed with the progress you have made in such a short period of time. My beloved Sharon is from Toronto, most of her family stills lives in that area, so I am partial to her fellow Canucks 😉
    Once I post this I BELIEVE ti shows up at the top, so if I am right, I’ll have to say the next sentence this way: WHY did I nominate YOU? Simply read all the very nice and admiring comments below this, then couple that with what I said about you here, and add one more thing. I NOMINATED YOU BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! 😉
    Oh, and ME?, a tough act to follow? Thank you for that, but there are SO many folks here that put anything I do here to shame. I just want to entertain, and some day I too want to come back as a guitarist. 😉 Enjoy the heck out of your well-deserved week in the Spotlight.

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thanks Dom . You will be happy to read that I have recently stumbled upon a few tech advances with my iPad……so there is hope for me as a “techy”. There are countless interesting people on this site and I look forward to future Spotlights. As for me…I am still shocked to be nominated….I have always been more comfortable on the side lines. Have a great ” picking” day!

      1. Profile photo of Lynne R
        Lynne R

        I am surprised that no one has asked me who Ian Tyson is…….look him up on iTunes and listen to Summers Gone

        1. Profile photo of Dom T
          Dom T

          I was going to ask and forgot. I am old ya know 😉
          I looked him up. Long history of music from a duo in the ’60s right up to a new album this year, with an ‘Alberta cowboy break’ in between. Nice stuff.

          As for your nomination, I pay a lot of attention on TAC, and I can sniff out the talent even when they try to keep a low profile. Just enjoy your time, you certainly should be proud of your accomplishments, and I am just helping folks by pointing them out.

          1. Profile photo of Lynne R
            Lynne R

            Ian’s latest music is not good…..his voice is pretty much shot now( he is in his 80’s). Lost Herd is one of his best of many CD…..I have all of them. If you are into ballads,you will really enjoy him. He was great in hid day!

  9. Charles B

    Very interesting read, would love to spend my summers fishing and canoeing! Glad you found TAC Lynne

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      It’s a dream come true…..bought a one acre island 20 yrs ago on a lake with only one other cabin ( the owner lives in Calgary now and we have only seen him 3 times)
      There is no public access to the lake so in effect,we have the whole lake to ourselves. It’s the best place in the world in my humble opinion .(and I have seen a fair bit of this world in my day). We consider ourselves very lucky to have found this island paradise . Cheers!

  10. Profile photo of Kirby K
    Kirby K

    Congratulations on your nomination, Lynne, fellow Canadian. I’l bet your island home is wonderful place to be. Tranquility and nature are a powerful combination. Good to read that your TAC participation has been helpful in your guitar playing progression and encouraged you to post your playing. Good for you!

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Hi Kirby…. Where are you from? I don’t think that there are very many Canadian TAC members. I will look for you on the Stage

  11. Profile photo of X

    Hi Lynne, I really enjoyed reading about you, and there are things about your lifestyle that I really envy. I have gotten great pleasure from listening to you play! And I can imagine how great it must be to play guitar in such beautiful remote places as where you go. There’s a great thing about guitar — you can take it almost anywhere! I look forward to hearing more music from you.

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thanks Mark. I have been following you on the forum……when do you find time to work?? I am impressed by the number of songs you can play and sing. As for my life style……it was a long time coming and I am enjoying every minute of my retirement as I am sure you will when the time comes.

  12. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    Congratulations Lynne, on your spotlight nomination!! It was cool to read more about you- our lists of guitars are very similar!!
    Glad you are now finding time to enjoy your guitar playing, along with the great outdoors- hope to see more of your posts around TAC-
    Carol M

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Thank you Carol……. I must say that the GS mini has become my go to guitar. It is just so comfortable to play compared to the others and the sound is impressive for a small guitar. I just bought the Martin 000-15 SM and am enjoying finger style with a lighter gauge string compared to the med string on the Mini.

  13. Profile photo of David Cagle
    David Cagle

    Congratulations on the nomination Lynne, from a Minnesotan who loves the boundary waters lakes area and the northern wilderness. I certainly understand wanting to go south for two months in the winter as well. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and post some more of those videos when you find a moment in your busy retirement. Happy pickin! Dave

    1. Profile photo of Lynne R
      Lynne R

      Hi David C
      We actually were in your neck of the woods this summer….. Visited some American friends at their cabin in Ely ( hope I spelled that right) . It is amazing how much bigger the trees are 5 hrs south of Ontario. The White Pines are gorgeous! Their cabin is very close to the entrance of Boundary Waters and so we did some canoeing in the area. The International wolf and bear museums were very interesting as well. And your Saskatoons ( Indian plums as you call them) were very plentiful. It’s a beautiful state !

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