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The TAC Spotlight is a weekly focus on members of Tony’s Acoustic Challenge who have posted at least one performance on the forums and are especially active in the community by showing exemplary support or inspiration for other TAC members. All TAC Spotlight featured members are nominated by other TAC members.

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Say hi to Markov!



# of years played

10 years on and off with a couple of year hiatus when we had our child. Last 3 years I’ve been trying to step it up to the next level 🙂

Favorite 3 Bands:

Pearl Jam

At the drive in

And so i watch you from afar – if you’ve not hear these lads check em out, a local N.Irish band, best band I’ve ever seen live. http://youtu.be/wABtJGNSl8c

How many guitars do you currently own?

6 and a uke, with hopefully a 7th on the way (once i finish building it 🙂 )

Why is it important for you to improve at guitar?

After performing with local artists, it really inspired me to get better

Why are you an active TAC member?

I was getting lessons for a couple of years from an amazing teacher, unfortunately she had to go back to Australia. I couldn’t find a good replacement teacher and started looking online. Ive tried many different online sites over the years, but none were what i was looking for. Your site is different, the daily challenges and the emphasis on daily practice has really helped my playing improve. I don’t get a huge amount of time to practice with work and family commits, but a small amount of daily practice is better than a couple of hours once a week. Also you’ve a huge selection of great songs that i really want to learn. Theres a great community spirit on the forum, and you inject great personality into the lessons, they’re full of life 🙂

What convinced you to submit your first performance video?

The wizard badge :). Up till now id always put off recording myself, a certain amount of fear of putting myself out there perhaps…it just gave me that extra little incentive to take the next step and get recording.

Tell us the story of your first Open Mic?

Wasn’t quite an open mike, but my one and only gig was with a band formed from local singer songwriters into a kind of supergroup, for world culture day. There is no real venue in our town so we came up with a novel solution. We knocked out the window of a local shop (with permission) and did the gig right onto the street.

What’s the one thing that you’d tell other TAC members who don’t think that they’d be good at writing songs?

I’d like to know myself, i think i’m at the stage where i’d like to try it.

What else would be cool for people to know about you?

We all had make up names in a band i was briefly in, mine was Markov polaroid, but the real name is Paul. When i play i’m Markov 🙂

I’m making a classical guitar in a course. Love it, its fascinating the work involved, and hope to make many more.


  1. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    Hey Markov. Congrats on being featured. Enjoyed hearing your story. Look forward to seeing you more on TAC.

  2. Profile photo of David P
    David P

    Congrats Markov, great story on busting out the window! I am going to check that band out, right after I play some myself now first. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  3. Profile photo of Vic G
    Vic G

    Congratulations Markov. Hope you enjoyed your week in the spotlight.

  4. Profile photo of Michael D
    Michael D

    congrats on spotlight! Cool you got to knock out a window and play some music. Enjoy you posts too!

  5. Profile photo of Markov

    Thank you all for the kind comments. I’ll post some pics of the guitar when it begins to resemble something more than a few sheets / blocks of wood :). At the rate i’m going its probably goint to be a year before its fully complete 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Scott C
    Scott C

    Congratulations on your spotlight. ‘And so i watch you from afar’ is on Pandora, will give it a listen. So far sounds good.

  7. Profile photo of Duane W
    Duane W

    Markov/Paul, Welcome to TAC and congratulation on Spotlight selection. Interesting story about first gig, unique solution to common “no place to play”. I admire your courage to actually build a classical guitar. My skills are limited to bolt on parts for electrics. limited soldiering and minor adjustments to acoustics.
    I look forward to seeing / hearing more from you here at TAC.

  8. Profile photo of leslie c
    leslie c

    Well done Paul, Im from near Southampton in England
    Great to read your spotlight, I am gonna check out the link youve
    placed in your Spotlight
    Happy [email protected] great drink well it is if it comes from Dublin

    I miss Rory Gallagher, and Phil Lynot and the rest of the Irish
    Have a good weekend Paddy me Boy

  9. Fred R

    Congrats, Markov! Your inspired effort to play often and build a guitar is making us all think about keeping on with getting better–and experimenting!

  10. Profile photo of Robert G
    Robert G

    Very nice Markov / Paul and Congrats! Impressed that you’re building number 7. I’d like to think I could but seems to be a bit intimidating for me. I’ll be interested in seeing and hearing you play that new, hand made instrument.

  11. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Markov, very cool to hear you are building your own guitar. And congratulations on the TAC Spotlight recognition. Keep those posts coming!

  12. Profile photo of pog s
    pog s

    checking out the band…where in Ireland are you? I lived there for a year with my 3 kids and traveled all over.

  13. Profile photo of Dru

    Hi, Markov! how nice that you are in the spotlight. I think it’s wonderful that the guitar you are making is a nylon string.

  14. Profile photo of Lou Q
    Lou Q

    Hi Markov

    Great spotlight, thanks for the tip on ASIWYFA. I really liked what I heard from them this morning. Hope they will come to NY so I can see them live!

  15. Profile photo of Lynne R
    Lynne R

    All this time I thought you were the only TAC member from the USSR. Looking forward to hearing you play your home made Classical guitar.

  16. Profile photo of Emma S
    Emma S

    Hi Markov/Paul, Great to see you on the Spotlight. Can’t wait to see the guitar you have made and hear you play it.

  17. Profile photo of Mike K
    Mike K

    Nice to meet you Markov! aka Paul. Looking forward to seeing the build, I find the construction and materials of guitars fascinating as well. Thanks for the insight.

  18. Profile photo of Jason T
    Jason T

    Congrats, Paul! or em….Markov! Love the story about the stage name and busting out the window for a gig! Can’t wait to see that lucky number 7 guitar!

  19. Profile photo of Tony

    Congratulations on your spotlight Markov. Your story about building a guitar is very interesting – you’ll have to keep us posted on how it turns out. I’d really like to see and hear it once it’s completed. Glad that you’re here at TAC – enjoy your week.

  20. Profile photo of Greg W
    Greg W

    Congrats Markov! Thanks for the band link, ill be checking that out!

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