TAC Spotlight: Nate Moody

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Say hi to Nate!


Hickory, NC

# of Years Played

I’ve played guitar for about 10 years. I actually started by stealing my older brothers guitar when he took breaks from practicing, I was taking banjo lessons at the time but ended up teaching myself guitar instead.

Favorite three bands

This is so difficult… I could probably more likely do a top 3 in each genre? But definitely Journey, even after the Steve Perry years. Neal Schon has a huge influence on my tone playing electric, along with Eric Johnson.

As far as acoustic guitarists, I would have to say Tony Rice and Tommy Emmanuel. Both have an incredible level of musicianship that is evident every time they pick up a guitar. If you haven’t heard of Josh Williams- check his stuff out too. He has a few solo albums, and has played guitar and mandolin for Rhonda Vincent.

My favorite singer/songwriters would probably be Keith Whitley and Kris Kristofferson- I could go on forever talking about who I really like.

How many guitars to you currently own?

I currently own around 11 guitars, but only a couple are really significant. I mostly play a Taylor 310ce and my main electric is a 90’s Stratocaster. I have a resonator that’s really cool, and a Fender Lead II. A couple cheaper classicals and about 5 others that I’ve somehow accumulated but done nothing with. My dream guitar is a Collings D2HA and if I ever make it happen, I’ll be sure to call my mom first and post pictures here right after!

Tell us the story of your first solo show…

I’ve been playing with bands on different instruments for 8 or 9 years, but my first solo venture was pretty unexpected. A friend invited me to a songwriters night at a local pub, so we went to check it out. She put my name on the list without telling me and I ended up having to play an original that I finished about 2 months prior. Someone let me borrow their guitar and it was really well-received. I was much more nervous by myself than I had ever been with a group, but it was a great place to start and I’m very thankful, if perhaps the tiniest bit resentful that Rebecca signed me up and brought me into the world of open mics.

A quick thank you

I want to thank TAC for being such an open, inviting community. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time and it’s great to feel like I’m home.


  1. Profile photo of simon thorpe
    simon thorpe

    Hey Nate,your level of playing is excellent,and inspires me to improve on my technique too,great writing and voice too.

  2. Profile photo of Nate

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! It’s truly an honor and I’m glad to be a part of this community!

  3. Darleen

    Hi Nate, ☺
    Two thumbs up for making the spotlight. Thx for sharing your video posts. I enjoy them. Also, enjoyed reading more about you and the first mic story. Hope to see more vids in the near future.

  4. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    Hi Nate, and congratulations on your spotlight appearance! It was great getting to read more about you. It is always a treat to watch your videos- you are a wonderful musician, and an inspiration to all of us! Glad you are here in TAC-Land with us, and I echo what Adam B said above- wish you would post more videos here for us to enjoy!!

  5. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    Congratulations on the spotlight Nate. You may be the only TAC member with a six fret reach. Your musicianship is much appreciated by me and your contribution to TAC makes for a richer experience. I am glad you are here and I agree with Adam more posts bro.

  6. Profile photo of Vic G
    Vic G

    Hey Nate, congrats on your spotlight. Love your playing and it was nice to meet you in person (virtually) in one of our TAC member hangouts.

  7. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author


    Big congrats on the spotlight!!! Your versions of the songs are really awesome and you have such great technique and tone!!! Some of those tasty triplets you plunk in there are unreal!!! Please make sure to share with us all when that Collings D2HA comes into your life 🙂 Thanks for being here Nate, I really appreciate you being a member!!!


  8. Profile photo of David Cagle
    David Cagle

    Nate congratulations on the spotlight. Your playing is inspiring and I hope to see more videos in the future. You don’t just play music, you feel it and express it with passion.

  9. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    Awesome Bate! Well deserved too. Lots of names you mention that I have to agree with, especially Keith Whitely. What a phenomenal story teller. Really pulls the heartstrings listening to his songs.
    Your open mic story cracks me up. Friends do stuff like that, don’t they?
    I know exactly why Rebecca and Maggie would get along just fine. 😉

    Enjoy your spotlight!

    Habe a great and Happy Thanksgiving too.

  10. Profile photo of Adam B
    Adam B

    Hey Nate – it was great to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing your videos on TAC, but my only complaint is that you haven’t shared more! Come on, man! Haha, well I think you know we are all very happy to have you as a fellow member and personally I can say that your playing really inspires me to keep improving, so thanks for everything you’re doing here! -Adam in Chicago

  11. Profile photo of Charles B
    Charles B

    Congratulations Nate!I would love to hear you play that Collings dream guitar!

  12. Profile photo of David W
    David W

    Congratulations, Nate! Your videos are always inspiring – thanks for sharing them.

  13. Profile photo of Maggie

    Nate! Congrats on the spotlight… It was great learning a little more about you and I love that story abut your first solo appearance! I think your friend Rebecca and I would get along well 😉

    Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself!

  14. Profile photo of X

    Congrats Nate! I really enjoyed learning more about you. It’s been great having you in the community, on a hangout, sharing tips on bluegrass picking. Your solos are at a very high level that I’d like to reach some day. It’s a great pleasure to listen to every song you play for us! I’m sure you will find a way to get your dream guitar some day, and when you do I’d love to hear you play it!

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