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The TAC Spotlight is a weekly focus on members of Tony’s Acoustic Challenge who have posted at least one performance on the forums and are especially active in the community by showing exemplary support or inspiration for other TAC members. All TAC Spotlight featured members are nominated by other TAC members.

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Say hi to Stephan B.!


A suburb of Montréal QC. Canada

# of years played

I started to play bass around the age of 12 or 13, & the bass has been my main instrument until five years ago when I have mainly switched to the guitar.

Favorite 3 bands:

Old school: Eagles & the Beatles

New school: Simple Plan & Rascal Flatts

I also realy like Blackhawk for their good songs & vocal harmonies.

How many guitars do you currently own?

A total of four, one classical nylon strings, two electrics & one acoustic (Gibson Song Maker)

Why is it important for you to improve at guitar?

For me it’s matter of personal satisfaction. When I manage to learn and play well a song, a riff or a scale, it gives me a sense of pride & a feeling of accomplishment.

What convinced you to submit your first performance video?

This has started as a challenge to put a small footage of me playing on YouTube & it advancing in a self evaluation of my playing, it was very rewarding.

What else would be cool for people to know about you?

If you read any of my reply or comments & see some misspelling or funny turn of phrase, don’t worry I’m not drunk.


  1. Profile photo of Duane W
    Duane W

    Stephan, Congratulation on your Spotlight selection. It is encouraging to see a bass player become successful at TAC. I too started in the bass clef at age 9, now over 50 years later bass guitar still feels like home, but guitar is becomeing less foreign. I look forward to hearing more of your guitar work.

  2. Profile photo of Stéphan B
    Stéphan B

    Thank you everybody for all of your positive remarks! It’s always rewarding. I was glad to be chosen for the TAC Spotlight.
    I like the new concept of monthly lesson. Good idea Tony and your team.
    Looking forward to the next one on the Spotlight. Keep on strumming!
    Salut et à la prochaine!

  3. Profile photo of Michael D
    Michael D

    Congrats on the spotlight, Stephan. Dig your performances…well deserved.

  4. Profile photo of Dru

    Bonjour, Stephan! Ca va? I love your videos and sense of humor. Your playing inspires me to try harder. Enjoy the limelight.

  5. Profile photo of X

    Hi Stephan. Loved reading about you in your spotlight. I remember your posts with the titles in french that I puzzled over 🙂 Probably puzzled over more than I should have had too — I was a french major in college long ago! Have really enjoyed the sound of your playing that you’ve shared with us.

  6. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author


    Congratulations on your spotlight and thank you so much for being here on TAC!!! Your videos are a treat to watch and I appreciate you sharing your playing. Your Gibson sounds so good always, and you have wonderful tone!!! Thank you for being such an awesome contributor!!!


  7. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    Hey Stephan! Congrats on your week in the Spotlight. You have a perfect stable of instruments IMO. Keep posting the videos!

  8. Profile photo of 1973.

    Congrats man! You remind me of a guitar teacher I had when I was 16. He was one cool dood. He drove a Caddy and had gold top Les Paul. I was like WHAT????

  9. Profile photo of Tony

    Congratulations Stephan! Enjoyed learning a little more about you. Looking forward to hearing more of your playing!

  10. Profile photo of DeeDee L
    DeeDee L

    Hi Stephan,

    Enjoy your week in the spot light. It’s a well deserved recognition. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    Congrats on your spotlight Stephan!
    My sister-in-law, and her son lived in Montreal for many years. My nephew still considers it his real home.
    You are very talented, and always look forward to your posts. you have a very special style that shows through on each performance.
    Enjoy your week! 😉

  12. Profile photo of Bradley A
    Bradley A

    Stephan. I have enjoyed your performances very much. You play with such a nice touch for each song, and always very well done. I was very happy to hear from your classical side too. So glad you are here, and thanks for your contributions to this great community!

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