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Say hi to Trace!


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

# of Years Played

I’ve played off an on for about 20 years but I have really dug into plucking the steal for the last 8 months or so, sparked by a song by the Foo Fighters. As I listened to the lyrics of Something From Nothing I thought, hey… I think I can play that…. and sing it… So, I sat down and got to work on it. A few hours later my kids were saying, Dad, you sound like him…. I laughed, no way, but it gave me a spark, and the fuse was lit…

Favorite Three Bands

My current favorite 3 bands are Foo Fighters (haha), SHEL, and all the collective tunes from everyone on this site. We can call it the TAC’erz… I love listening the fresh voices and tunes… Dom, Maggie, Mr. Young, Adam with his killer covers, and others… Not to mention the solos…. OSM!!!

How many guitars do you currently own?

We currently own 5 guitars to include one rockin’ starter axe with a built in amp/speaker. We had 6, but let someone borrow the multi-colored stringed acoustic… haha… I say “we” because we share all of them… 🙂

Why is it important for you to improve at guitar?

Improving at playing the guitar is important to me because it’s a skill that no one can take from me… hahaha… I stole that from a old VoTech commercial.

Why are you an active TAC member?

I’m active because the people are great! When you look at how everyone expresses themselves here you can’t help but notice the intimacy we all share. When I watch their videos or listen to their songs on other sites like soundcloud, I imagine that we are just hanging out playing for each other somewhere. It’s so cool… In fact much of the work done by all on TAC has taken the forefront of music I listen too on the regular basis. THANKS EVERYONE!!! KEEP IT UP!!!

What convinced you to submit your first performance video?

The way we motivate each other to share our work is what pushed me to submit my first performance video. Each of us has quirks that make the tunes sound just a little different or we have a little something that we do that may help someone else be able to knock out a solo or wade through one of the killer songs that Tony has for us to learn.

 What’s the one thing you’d tell other TAC members who don’t think they’d be good at writing songs?

The one thing that I would tell others about writing songs is: Don’t fool yourself, of course you can… It doesn’t have to sound like everyone else. The folks on this site are soo good at bouncing ideas off of, so do it and DON”T BE SCARED!

What else would be cool for people to know about you?

I’m a weather geek, especially when late spring or early summer roll around. Starting about the third week of May you’ll find me researching Oklahoma Mesonet data, analyzing CAPE (convective available potential energy) on twisterdata.com, or watching for the LLJ (low level jet) funnel moisture to Oklahoma from the gulf of Mexico…. Then when the nasty clouds come in you’ll hear me talking about a clear slot or a couplet… haha… I could seriously go on and on about that stuff… Many, many moons ago, Jen (el jefe) and I literally followed a funnel cloud on a SeaDoo once… It touched down a small tornado just shortly after we bailed off the pursuit when I saw a hail core coming. This is not recommended… but exciting…


  1. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author


    I just want to echo back some of the love shared here!!! You do indeed rock, and your outgoing fun attitude is awesome!!! The rotating names, the fun vids, the original song about my broken finger… the list goes on, and I must offer up some digital high fives for it!!! Keep rocking, and doing what you do!!! Thank you so much for being here and helping this awesome community be what it is!!!


  2. Dru

    Your light-hearted and open approach always make me smile and inspires me. Thanks for lighting up the TAC community.

  3. Profile photo of Roeland

    Congrats! I’m not around long enough to give you a substantial declaration of love, but by the looks of all the comments, I think it’s safe to say: You rock! 🙂 Can’t go wrong with a picture like that anyway hehe, enjoy the spot lights!

  4. Profile photo of Vic G
    Vic G

    Hey Trace. Well deserved the spotlight ’cause you’re a rock star. Always enjoy your vids. Congrats.

  5. Profile photo of Tony M
    Tony M

    Trace sorry I’m late to the party. You rock dude, and you entertain also! I too am interested in meteorology ,except I run from storms.

  6. Profile photo of 1973.

    thanks everyone. I had my press agent make up a bunch of stories about me for the spotlight, in fact that picture is not really me. It’s my twin Twace… hahaha… twuck….

  7. David Cagle

    Trace – I always enjoy your entertaining videos and antics. As a original Okie born in Chickasha I am a storm watcher as well. I never chased one on a Sea-doo but have been on a 46 foot Morgan Ketch that was laid on its side by a squall that turned on us. My poor wife was in the head at the time and thought it was the end of life as she knew it. It is nice to see you enjoy playing as a family as well. Keep on Foo-ing!

  8. Profile photo of Heidi H
    Heidi H

    Hey Tace, or “DOOD” or whatever nickname you choose at the moment! 😀 As a “newbie”, and someone who’s naturally shy, I’ve really appreciated your sense of FUN with everything you post on forums, and your videos! 😀 Also, I appreciate your focus on your family, sharing your love of music with your son and others . 😀 I ALSO think the tandem bicycle graphics behind you is too cool! 😀 Happy weather-nerding along with your music! 😀 I trust your storm cellar is outfitted with some music to help you all pass the time if you have to “duck for cover”! 😀 Cheers!

  9. Profile photo of Marco Jimenez
    Marco Jimenez

    Congrats on your spotlight Trace!!! You are sure an inspiration to me and always I look forward to your videos, Cheers bro!!

  10. Profile photo of DeeDee L
    DeeDee L

    Hi Trace
    First and foremost congrats on the spotlight. You definitely deserve the recognition. Thanks for the smiles all the while listening and watching you play the guitar. Dig your fun antics. You certainly are a value to TAC. I too like the Foo Fighters, one of my favs. Keep on rocking!!

  11. Profile photo of Dom T
    Dom T

    CLAUDE! Um, yeah right…..no wait……….TRACE! yea, that’s it………until probably Tuesday. 😉
    I agree with Maggie when she said how she can’t imagine this site without you in it. I am always anxious to see what you are up to next. Not purely for the entertainment value, but for the appreciation of watching and hearing a true talent blossoming right before our eyes. As I have said before, I ‘get’ the whole soundcloud thing, but, especially with folks like you (true entertainers), I absolutely love the video performances. Only they can give us the true intimacy you mention that we all have created in the jolly old land of TAC. You DO sound like the person who’s song you are singing at times, but it is undeniably you doing the singing. Your originals are unrivaled, in my opinion, for the type of music you write. As a songwriter, I truly appreciate the way you make us feel what you are saying. Keep doing what you do, and never change who you are. And a big old CONGRATS on a seriously well-earned Spotlight. Can’t wait until the day we actually get to play together somewhere.

  12. Profile photo of Donald L
    Donald L

    Congrats Trace. As everyone has mentioned, you make this group fun to be a part of. Making people smile and great music……What a combo!!!!!

  13. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    Congrats on your week in the Spotllight Trace! Your enthusiasm for music is infectious and you make things very entertaining around here. TAC is lucky to have you!

  14. Profile photo of Ray W
    Ray W

    Nice to see you in the spotlight, Trace! Your solos are one of the high points of my Wednesdays and your original music is outstanding. Glad you share all of that with us!

  15. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    Trace, congratulations on getting your week in the spotlight!! I nominated you way back- you have always been a stand-out here at TAC. You have incredible talent, plus a wild and crazy side that always makes me smile. Whenever I see a new post from you I think- well aaaallright!!! What a treat! And… What antics is this kid up to now? It’s a joy listening to your videos, and you bring a spark of life to this community in your own unique way. You are clearly enjoying yourself with your music, and you spread that joy to all of us here! Thank you for sharing your talent and humor with us here,
    Rock on!

  16. Profile photo of Adam B
    Adam B

    Trace, thanks for all your contributions to TAC, I am a huge fan of yours! And my wife is a HUGE weather superfan also – her dream vacation is to do a storm chase, so we’re thinking sometime in the next couple years we will head out that way to do a group chase type thing. Who knows…
    But again, keep on strumming and singing my friend, your videos bring a great energy to the forums!!

  17. Profile photo of Maggie

    Oh Trace, I don’t know what life would be like in TAC-land without you… you are a gifted musician and songwriter, and just a seriously fun guy to be around! I always enjoy your music, comments, and posts… congrats on the spotlight!!!

  18. Profile photo of Charles B
    Charles B

    Trace, love the way you play, , you have the cool factor for sure, think it would be a blast to hang out with you. Keep writing songs, you do inspire people and put a smile on their face, keep doing what you do.

  19. Profile photo of X

    I love hearing you play and sing. You always make me smile. Thanks for your music, and for being whoever you decide to be every week!

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