Taylor 562ce 2016 12 String ★ Guitar Review

If I were to buy a 12 string guitar (I don’t currently own any) it would be this Taylor 562ce…

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  1. Profile photo of Andrew D
    Andrew D

    So let me get this straight Tony, you wear a Taylor tee shirt when you review a Guild Guitar and a Guild tee shirt when you review a Taylor Guitar. I’m guessing your parents read a lot of Dr. Seuss books to you when you were growing up as a kid.

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      LOL good catch!!! I had to even the score 🙂


  2. Mike Cull

    Tony P—Get that guitar—I assure you there’s a magic about it unlike any 12 string made…I played both the all mahogany in your review and the cedar top model (552 ce) extensively when they arrived at my Taylor dealer here in Santa Barbara. Need I say, the owner, employees, and ALL the players that frequent their establishment were totally beguiled…12 strings that sound that good and play like a 6 !!! I returned to buy the 562 within 2 weeks but both were sold. Do not shed a tear. As fortune would have it, I wandered in a short time later to find they just received a 562 ce with a Lutz Spruce TOP —an order unsure would happen. Of course, I bought it and will testify under oath that these short scaled 12 strings will modify your experience of what can be played and done on 12 string well BEYOND the standard concepts… A PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR GUITARsenal !

  3. Wayne Anderson

    Tony, great to see you back doing guitar reviews, really have missed them! This Taylor 12-string, I don’t know if it’s because I listened to this review late, through headphones so as to not wake anybody up, but this is the sweetest sounding 12-string I think I’ve ever heard.


  4. Dan

    I need to tour Taylor. I live 20 minutes away from the factory. Beautiful sounding guitars.

  5. Profile photo of PickerDad

    I’m not sure what happened on my PC, but I’ve been seeing the 756ce review mixed in with the 562. It’s nost likely the fault of my PC, which hasn’t been rebooted for a while, but I thought you might want to know. Anyhow, these comments are about the 562

    Wow, what a sound! It reminds me of some of the backup on Gordon Lightfoot’s early albums, by Red Shea. Yes, I’m that old. I grew up in Toronto and had the pleasure of hearing them close-up at the Riverboat Folk Club, and this guitar brought all those memories flooding back. Damn you, now I want to buy one of these too!

  6. gloria lum

    I like your review. I like the sound of this 12 strings Taylor guitar. I am a beginner. I do appreciate what you do for us. It would help us in the future to choose a good guitar. Thanks very

  7. Dan Waldie

    Hi Tony
    Just listened to your review on the Taylor 12 string. Question: should 12s be tuned half step down or ok to leave in normal tuning? Love your reviews. Great site.

  8. Mark Allen

    I’ve always stayed true to the Guild F412 when it comes to 12 strings but that Taylor sounded great. I need to check this one out

  9. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    Lovely guitar Tony. I can see why you’re falling for it. What with that and the Taylor baritone you’re going to lose your reputation as a Martin man!

  10. Rob

    I purchased this guitar when they first introduced it. Like you, I touched it and OMG, I had to have it. Mine, however, has the cedar top. Sound is so pure and the more I play it the more I love the instrument. I have had a number of 12-strings, and this one just so much fun to play, and the sounds, are even better.

    1. Profile photo of PickerDad

      Cedar top makes it a whole new guitar. I was lucky enough to get a Laskin in 1974, just after he opened his first shop. He let me try both Sitka Spruce and Cedar. To my ears there was no comparison. There was a huge shortage of cedar at the time, but luckily for me, he used the last of his cedar on my guitar. Now that it’s 40 years old, it’s sublime. I’m looking for another guitar now. Most of what I try is Spruce, of course. It’s very precise and bright, but it’s going to be painful to buy one. My Laskin has such a sweet and unique, warm voice, everything else is disappointing. I had a chance to try similar Taylors. one spruce, one cedar, and it’s still no comparison. Spruce produces distinct individual notes (which may cut through better in a band and may be easier for less talented recording engineers), but cedar has a single sound that I can only call a voice, Like a gifted songstress.

    2. Profile photo of PickerDad

      I should mention that I’m very much a finger-style guitarist, which inevitably influences my opinions and choices.

  11. Pecos Bill Jarocki

    Great review, Tony! Pretty amazing and BIG sound from a small bodied 12.

  12. Britton Mistele

    Sweet sounding 12-string…nice review Tony! I might be in the market for one of these, as I like the all-mahogany sound and the joining the body at the 12th fret. Keep these great reviews coming!

  13. Profile photo of pj-pete

    Guitar Jedi Master Tony.
    Nice work pickin’ the 12! It don’t look easy, but you did it!
    12’s are not my style but it DOES look like a beautiful git-fiddle. Thanks to your reviews I’m pretty happy with the 710e, even if I did have to trade in my D-35. Although both are great guitars, I give the edge to the 710. I wish I could afford the ‘boat of em!’
    Adios muchacho. ‘padowan’ Pete. 🙂

  14. Profile photo of Peter B
    Peter B

    Gorgeous instrument — sounds best at the top of the neck (and how can you go wrong with Mahogany?)

  15. Gary

    Tony – I love your reviews…and I’m not saying I’m a great guitarist or anything — but for those of us who are not beginners and are looking for more top-end guitar reviews and advanced finger-style guitar focus, are you planning on guitar reviews from any of the top-end guitar luthiers? I understand this is not necessarily your focus, just askin! 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Profile photo of PickerDad

      I assume the problem with luthiers is that they very seldom build identical instruments. I’m not sure what a Guitar Review as we know it, would prove. However, it would be interesting for Tony to visit a luthier’s shop, interview him, and try several guitars. That would help a potential buyer judge one luthier vs. another, and in general, how the hand-made product compares to manufactured guitars.

      1. Gary

        Agreed. There’s no way to accurately judge the nuances of shading and articulation in a simple recording, especially when listening to it over typical computer speakers or a phone — not to mention a far more important factor for guitarists —— playability!! Reviews are, at best, only an introduction to an instrument. Still, they’re valuable in terms of knowing what’s out there. Seeing several models from luthiers in comparison might be interesting.

    2. Profile photo of PickerDad

      I should mention that I’m very much a finger-style guitarist, which inevitably influences my opinions and choices.

  16. Glyn Roberts

    In the last few reviews I have seen from you have indicated that you love the guitar concerned, with no critical remarks. Every guitar – even the most expensive ones – must have strong and weak points. It might be a good idea to have a specific review section on weaker or negative points to balance the positive comments you make. That would add credibility to the reviews. For example on the Taylor 12 string to my mind the rich bassy harmonic sound created by the mahogany top, back and sides comes at the expense of some of the ‘top end’ response. So whether that is the guitar you need really depends how you want to use the instrument and what type of music you want to play with it. It would be a great instrument to have in a collection for use with some types of music (especially in ensemble or band playing for rhythm work and strumming) but maybe not the sole instrument for finger picking and ‘lead’ work.

  17. Peter

    Hi Tony,
    I really enjoy your reviews and you make playing the guitar look easy which we both know it is not.
    Happy that you are doing reviews again.
    Just one request please, when you are doing a comparison would you please summarise at the end which guitar you prefer and why. I know it is subjective but you are very accomplished and gave a good ear and outstanding level of knowledge.

  18. jeff

    Good review Tony, you ask us to comment and to be honest about your reviews. I think
    you are starting out really well. You are covering every aspect of the guitar that I’m interested
    in. One thing of importance ( the most ) to me is the sound , to me its all about the sound of the
    guitar then of coarse there is other issues I want to see and you are detailing them in a very understandable
    way. I think it will be not only fun to follow your reviews but also to watch your reviews evolve as time goes
    by. Bye

    P.S. There is a guitar builder I use to follow that moved to Montana several years ago, would you know his
    work, they are called “Roberts” guitars I was so impressed with his finger style guitars, again cheers

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Dan is an incredible builder, I have spoke to him in the past, but you just reminded me I have to revive that conversation 🙂


  19. Ed Fulginiti

    Re-stringin’ one of these bad boys oughta be a hoot, though, no? A vid on THAT would one day be appreciated. Nonetheless, a sweet-sounding 12!

  20. Terry Starks

    Tony, you said it exactly in that I also didn’t have a favorable experience with a 12 string in the past, so I usually skip these reviews. But really because I trust your reviews I listened to this one and I’m impressed with the tone. Very clear and articulate. Plus it looks good. I’ll keep it in mind if a 12 string is in my future!

  21. Dave

    Love the crisp sound. Always felt a 12 string would be too difficult to play but after your review I’ll have to try one out. Beautiful

  22. Dave

    Wow love the beautiful tones. Very rich. Keep the reviews coming

  23. Stephen Swope

    First I’d like to say ,I love your reviews. By playing the same melodies , using different styles , it was easy to compare the different guitars. You say “I don’t care if you buy the guitar” but won’t you still always have to give the guitar a favorable review , or the manufacturer will get mad and stop sending them to you ? Regardless I still like your reviews the best and have bought several guitars because of them . Good luck in the future.

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Thanks for the comment, my goal with the no sales agenda reviews are to simply present the guitar and explain what I feel it is good at. I won’t ever slam a guitar, it’s just not my place. I would rather say that a guitar isn’t great at a certain style, but excels at another. Guitars are so subjective and there are so many factors I think I woudl be doing a disservice to downplay any guitar 🙂 I hope that helps explain 🙂


  24. Profile photo of Michael S in Illinois
    Michael S in Illinois

    SWEET guitar!! I especially Love the lack of pick guard on it as well as the finish. Clear tones and not a ll too bright. HMMMMM….

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