Taylor 710e Western Sunburst ★ Guitar Review

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  1. Steve

    I just picked up my new 710e western sunburst today.
    Thanks mostly to this review I ordered mine. I’m glad I did. This is the best sounding, best playing and best looking guitar I’ve ever played.

  2. Profile photo of jumpin' jeff s
    jumpin' jeff s

    Nice snap on the high strings I have not heard from a Taylor before. I have always preferred a darker focused tone but darn if this does not come close. How much does it weigh?

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author

      It’s surprisingly light… not quite feather light, but certainly lighter than past 700 series dreads (this one was anyways).

  3. John Husted

    Another great review…like all the rest that came before it. Thanks, Tony!

    Taylors just seem to be getting better and better…

  4. Jim Cable

    Could you comment on the advantages/disadvantages of the slotted tuners vs. standard acoustic tuners?

  5. Profile photo of Brett L
    Brett L


    I love all the reviews. Fun to see so many beautiful instruments.

    If I could make a request, can you include some more modestly priced guitars? Say sub $500? For example, Recording King came out with their EZ Tone Plus (ROS-A9M and RP-A9M) all solid wood for about $300. And there are others is love to hear you play (The Loar LH-200/204, etc.). I could probably send a whole list.

    I love all the higher end stuff but it feels a little out of reach.

    I’m proud to be associated with TAC and love the lessons and community.

    Keep rockin,


  6. Joseph Moore

    Could you side by side the 810e with the 710e ? And explain the duffle differences in tone? Pretty please!

  7. Profile photo of pj-pete

    I agree with everyone on this one Tony. Just a beautiful guitar, plain and simple. I also like the ‘textured’ pick guard.
    Is there any way in these reviews you could give us the MSRP?
    This would help out a lot rather than trying to find it elsewhere. Thanks Tony…great review!

  8. Shawn lynch

    Could you review the taylor 410 ce. Thanks

  9. Brooks Martin

    Great review. I’ve missed your reviews over on Music Villa’s site. Glad to see you are starting them up again for your own channel. When I heard the should-be-patented Tony sound on this review, I just felt like I’d come home 🙂 Thanks!

  10. Michael Medeiros

    Could you please review the Zagar easy play acoustic guitar
    Thank you

  11. Jim

    Hey Toni, I’d like to request some mandolin reviews. Really anything. I think it would be cool to mix it up a little.

  12. Profile photo of leslie c
    leslie c

    WOW, Thats it WOW, SO SO Beautiful love the looks
    and it sounds just amazing, love the slotted headstock

  13. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    That was niiiice! Great tone from the Lutz spruce and I love the looks- the Western sunburst is unusual but very cool.

  14. Britton Mistele

    Great sounding Taylor! Love these reviews Tony!

  15. Profile photo of Leonel B
    Leonel B

    That back Indian Rosewood is incredible. Never seen one like that before! Keep the reviews coming Tony 🙂

  16. Profile photo of Harry H
    Harry H

    Looks great, sounds beautiful.. hey what you expected, played by the one and only Poly Polecastro 😉

  17. Profile photo of Vic S
    Vic S

    Wow , the bass if deep and defined and still clear highs…this is amazing sounding in my headphones !

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