Taylor GS Mini Review & Give-Away!

Here’s a review of a Taylor GS Mini which also happens to be the exact guitar we’re giving away on the April 6th live Hangout Q&A. I’ve been a fan of this versatile and affordable guitar for a very long time. In this video I play it for you and go into detail about why it belongs in everyone’s Guitarsenal!

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  1. Profile photo of Mike A
    Mike A

    Bought a GS-Mini before moving to Kazakhstan over a year ago. Best decision I could have made. Easy to travel with, fits in the overhead with room to spare. I pick it up at least once a week, when I do not feel liking lugging around my 214.

  2. Profile photo of Mark L
    Mark L

    I took the easy way,ordered a 2016 Taylor gs mini e koa,should be a fun little guitar,what do you think about getting a hard case?

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P


      I think the hard bag does a great job for protection, but if you are traveling extensively and thinking about checking it at all a hardcase would be a huge help. Congrats on the new GS-mini 🙂


  3. Profile photo of Mike M
    Mike M

    A few months after buying my first guitar I was going on a 2-week driving trip and didn’t want to leave my playing behind. After watching many of Tony’s reviews of smaller guitars, I decided on the GS-Mini with mahogany top. It is really a nice to play and has great sound for its size. A few months later, I signed up for TAC (Jul-2015) and found that the GS-Mini is also ideal for the online sessions. In the evening when I’m relaxing and want a deeper sound, I go to my Taylor 324. I’ve found the GS-Mini easy to move around and keep near my computer for the lessons; great sound and easy on the fingers. And as he said in this review, it is a great price for all that we get.

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