Taylor Koa GS Mini ★ Detailed Review

I’ve reviewed the GS Mini standard and since then I’ve been flooded with questions about the GS Mini Koa. This is, indeed, a beautiful guitar. If you’re still left wondering which one tickles your ear more, stay tuned for my comparison between the GS Mini standard and this Koa. Click here for the most current price: http://amzn.to/2aHsvwn

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  1. Dell

    aah naughtius, how are you? just thought i’d pop on here to see how our mighty neighbours are getting on. hope sk and ruskin are still alive as th&71#82ey;ve gone very quiet since we last spoke. still i suppose they’re composing monologues to describe why little old albion have just beaten the european champions. we know what we are…. etc etc. all the best.

  2. Guy

    Hi Tony,

    Your Guitar has a stunning top, really !
    I’m thinking to buy one too…

    I had the opportunity to test in a local store, along with a Mahogany.
    I found the sound of the Mahogany “compressed”, i don’t know how to explain my feelings better (be gentle, I am French and my English is limited on such topics).
    There was like a lack in the high, a little deaf.
    What the KOA version seems correct.
    Great guitar !

    I watched your video on the Martin Deadnought Junior, and your comparaison video… I hoped you compared it with the KOA version…
    Could you give me a quick comparaison here ?


    Oh by the way, great beard !

  3. PickerDad

    Great review. Your catalog of reviews is a treasure. Can’t wait to hear the Koa vs. Sitka.

    My ears may be just too old, but I’m hearing it a little thin on the deep bass. The 6th string just about disappears. Agree?

  4. Profile photo of Brett L
    Brett L


    Thanks, as always, for the reviews. I’d love to see a comparison of the GS Mini and the Guild Jumbo Junior. Both are a ton of value in great small packages. Would love to hear your perspective.


  5. pete ridlon

    Hey brother. How’s the guitar Master Jedi?
    I just picked up a 2009 Martin 000-15m off of Reverb’s website. This guitar reminds me of it a lot. A nice small body, a 14 fret board, and a terrific sound. The 000 is all mahogany, so now I’m curious about the sound difference between them.I guess I’ll have to go and try one out. Thanks for the vid! (padawan) Pete 🙂

  6. David W

    Great guitar, great sound, great review. Thanks, Tony!

  7. Michael Rapp

    I have a mahogany es Mini. I put in a K&K pure mini pick up (non preamp.) Bought it to travel with (travels great!) but has become my go to guitar because of sound and playability. Best couch and patio guitar for sure, but stands on its own. If I had one guitar, this would be it.

  8. Daniel Hamilton

    Thank You Tony. I own one of the first Koa mini GSs and it has beautifully book matched bear claw digits on the lower soundboard! It has the magnetic ES1 system as opposed to the Piezo ES2 system it comes with now. You can also string it with Nashville tuning if desired. In regard to the description of layered Koa back and sides that Taylor incorporates in the construction of their Mini GS and 214ce-K DLX, perhaps some clarification would help. On the Taylor Guitars website it describes the Koa Layered wood as follows: “Like Taylor’s other layered wood options, layered Koa features an all-wood laminated construction, in this case with interior and exterior layers of beautifully-figured koa veneer separated by a middle core layer of poplar”. So, you have Koa, Poplar and then Koa again. Thanks again for all your great reviews.

  9. Tim Janda

    The headstock in the vid looked a lot like a Martin from the front, like a Taylor from the back. Oops! BTW, I have one of these and the scale makes it so comfortable to play, I’ve become totally spoiled and hardly play my other guitars, not to mention the coolest semi-soft travel case which makes it super lightweight and convenient for transporting.

  10. Doug Howe

    Hi Tony,
    Your video contains a brief flash of a Martin guitar neck and you mention that the GS mini uses the Taylor Es-T electronics. The guitar presented clearly shows this model contains the Taylor ES2 system. Is this a “Hi I’m Tony Danza” moment?

  11. Profile photo of leslie c
    leslie c

    Don’t understand why the Martin Headstock is illustrated
    in the discription of the Taylor Koa GS Mini Guitar
    Any answers please
    Other than that I think this little guitar is a gem to behold
    I have played one in a London Music shop, not a Koa a spuce
    top It blew me away at the loudness and tone of the GS Mini
    Great review Tony loved it and the sight of the Koa GS Mini
    Thank you

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Just a small editing mistake, it should be back to normal now 🙂


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