The Bluegrass Roller Coaster

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Today we’re going to learn a little bluegrass roller coaster lick. We’re talkin’ “roller coaster” because you’re going one way then all of a sudden you get jerked in the other direction!

Like most of the Quick Lessons, you’ll be able to add this to your playing almost immediately (and that should feel pretty darn good).

The lesson video is just under 2 minutes. If you spend a few minutes learning the lick and another 10 minutes playing it, you’ll have successfully checked today off your calendar as a fully successful day of taking your guitar out of the case and practicing!

Coming soon: There will be a lot more Quick Lessons like these, but I’m really excited to send you some of my “famous song Quick Lessons”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!


  1. Chris Farley

    I feel like this lick is a great way to get back to G from the D chord in the sense that it ends the I-IV-V progression nicely.

  2. Profile photo of Patt T
    Patt T

    Nice, could you show us exactly what you are doing with the G chord, Thanks

    1. Profile photo of Roy Sieh
      Roy Sieh

      I believe he’s picking the 6th string on the 2nd fret, doing a hammer-on to the 3rd fret of the same string, then strumming a G chord (both 1st and 2nd strings on the 3rd fret, the rest open) in a down, pause, down-up pattern – rinse and repeat. He’s only strumming the open strings in the “down-up” motion.

      Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, and good luck!

    2. Profile photo of Roy Sieh
      Roy Sieh


      Just noticed something: You should have a look at the ‘Bluegrass Rhythm’ lesson!

  3. Profile photo of John White - Canada
    John White - Canada

    I really liked this one, great beat and the slide into 5th fret is a nice touch that gives me something to perfect on. Thanks team.

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