The NEW Forum Is Here!

The Forum is Here!

The long awaited forum upgrade is here!

The ULTIMATE Guitar Practice Routine

Just show up every day, and I'll tell you what to play!

Now you can:

  • Get real time feedback much like Facebook chat
  • See who’s typing, who just posted, and who’s online – in real time!
  • See what’s new in seconds, not minutes
  • Zero page reloads
  • Flawless mobile performance
  • Easily embed videos that pop-up “no distraction” style
  • Upload photos much easier and view in a “no distraction” pop-up

We’ve seen a sharp spike in activity in the forums since the upgrade and members have been responding very positively!

Things just got a lot more fun around here!

The actually upgrade happened late last week and it didn’t go too smoothly for Firefox users. The importing of the old forum caused a couple hiccups that broke the forums for Firefox users and possibly some Safari users.

But the problem got solved quickly.

If you’re still having Firefox issues: Please clear your cache to experience the changes.

Have fun with the new forums!


  1. Profile photo of Jorge V
    Jorge V

    It looks pretty good to me! I like that I can search for other members postings easier now, now I can look up videos of the songs I’m learning performed by others. Really cool!

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