Tony Polecastro & Bob Taylor (Interview)

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    Doctor How

    This interview was awesome to watch. Such a human. Do you have the Andy Powers interview as well?

  2. Rick West

    This interview with Bob gives me hope for the future. So many companies have so much waste, and not thinking about the future, it makes me sick. It nice to see a company that is thinking ahead and cares about people and the environment.

  3. Justin Gossett

    This interview makes me love the Taylor company even more. My pride and joy guitars are my two Taylor’s my old USA made Baby Taylor and my go to 2000 model 310CE. The fact that their business model is looking ahead for many generations down the road says a lot, they could be all about most profit right now, but thinking generationally instead of just for one lifetime says so much about them. The two I own were passed down through my Grandfather to me, and someday they will be passed on to my kids and grandkids. Taylor will be around for centuries to come, and mostly because of a business model like this.

    Thanks for this interview, and thank you Mr. Bob Taylor for taking the time to speak with us.
    Justin Gossett of Georgia.

  4. Jerry Ormon

    Hi Tony, I was blown away by the Bob Taylor interview – A fantastic, remarkable piece of work by both of you. I feel like I want to hear more from Andy Powers. Maybe a future interview. I did subscribe because I saw a side of you I didn’t know existed. Perhaps you guys can craft guitars and players to last as long as classical music.Jerry

  5. Bob

    Hey Tony, love everything you put up and that was a most fascinating interview. Quick comment/observation: what is that guitar you are holding during your post-interview words?

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Thanks for your comment, I am glad you dug the interview. That guitar I am holding is a custom Martin that I designed on a factory trip about three years ago now 🙂


  6. Thomas Wood

    After this video I went into my studio and I looked at my 15 guitars in a whole new way. I have 3 guitars that I found in garbage cans that I always looked at as just junk that looked cool hanging on the wall. But after this I called my Luthier buddy and arranged to have them rebuilt into fantastic beautiful instruments. Keep up the incredible work Tony!

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