Tony’s Top 3 Album Artwork (what are yours)

Vinyl is my obsession these days. With vinyl comes artwork that plays a key role in our perception of the music. It’s a part of the listening experience. Here are my top 3 favorite album covers, what are yours?

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I’d like to welcome you to the Tone Taxi today. It’s kind of little a bit of a wintery day here in Bozeman. We’re headed back towards tech headquarters. We’re just up at the ski hill and … We weren’t skiing, we were just scoping out the scene. Joel and I were talking, and we were talking about albums.

I’m the type of guy that loves to go to the store, get a record album, and I like the whole the experience. I like putting the record on the turntable, I like … I’m driving with my knee, by the way. Just so you guys know, the car is totally in control. I like the whole experience. I like opening the package, but most of all, I love the art work on albums.

It got Joel and I talking about some of our favorite album art work, and mine … I’ve got a couple. I think Jimmy Hendrix’s Axis: Bold As Love is just an awesome album cover. I also think Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles is a phenomenal album cover. I really just dig intricate album art work, and I have to have an honorable mention, because Joel was like, “What about Father John Misty I Love You, Honeybear?”, so that’s in there, as well. It is a really cool album.

I think that art work is just so essential to the listening experience. Even though it’s visual, I still think it’s really cool, and I want to know what your favorite album art work is. Please do me a favor. Leave a comment below, and tell me … Tell us what your favorite album art work is. I want to encourage you continue having an awesome day and listening to great music. Thanks for riding in the Tone Taxi.

I just want to make a quick amendment because we were in the car and I didn’t have any albums with me, but this one definitely deserves to be on the list of awesome art work: Sturgill Simpson’s Metamodern Sounds in County Music. I mean, it’s got an old picture, it’s in space, it’s got moons on the back, great art. Really solid.


  1. Profile photo of Gary L
    Gary L

    Lynyrd Skynyrd Then and Now
    Santana Shaman and Supernatural
    All of Pink Floyd’s
    ZZ Top Eliminator

  2. Profile photo of Glenn A
    Glenn A

    Here are my best:
    Disraeli Gears – Cream
    Sgt. Peppers – Beatles
    Electric Music for the mind and body – Country Joe and the Fish

  3. Profile photo of Tony P
    Tony P Post author

    Great albums mentioned here everyone!!! Thank you for contributing!!! I wanted to add a couple that I forgot about… so much great artwork on albums out there. So here goes:
    – Derek and the Dominos, Layla and other assorted love songs
    – The Louvin Brothers, Satan is Real (a beautiful gospel album, with a really cool story behind the designing of the album cover).

    So there ya have it two more amendments 🙂


  4. Profile photo of Mark A
    Mark A

    Maybe not much art work but one of my favorite Album Cover is Foghat Fool for the City

  5. Profile photo of Andy A
    Andy A

    The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin
    Pearl Jam – Vitalogy (+ for the “book” concept)
    Spiritualized – Ladies & Gentlemen We’re Floating in Space

    honorable mentions:
    Yo La Tengo – And Then Nothing Turned itself Inside-out
    Kiss – Destroyer
    Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

  6. Profile photo of Paul W
    Paul W

    The Flying Burrito Brothers: The Gilded Palace of Sin. Love those “Nudie” suits!

  7. Profile photo of Steve A
    Steve A

    R. Crumb’s artwork for Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company was great comic book art, on an album cover. Still have my copy I bought back then.

  8. Profile photo of DeeDee L
    DeeDee L

    Gosh too many to pick from but I choose these – ZZ Top El Loco; Lynard Skynard (Pronounced Leh-nerd ‘Skin’nerd), and Joe Satriani Surfing with the Alien.

  9. Profile photo of Mark A
    Mark A

    There’s so many great Art Album covers but I love Buddy Guy Heavy Love

  10. Profile photo of Ron

    Iron Maiden – The number of the beast
    Grateful Dead – Aoxomoxoa
    Eagles – Hotel California
    Descendents – Milo goes to college

    1. Profile photo of Dom T
      Dom T

      Some explanation:
      The ORIGINAL but limited release of David Bowie’s album. Most of you know it by the Black cover with him throwing a leg high into the air.
      Shady Grove by Quicksilver Messenger Service
      In Search of the Lost Chord – moody Blues
      Grand Wazoo – Frank Zappa
      Abbey Road – because it’s iconic
      Every Good Boy Deserves Favour – another Moody Blues.
      In The Court of the Crimson King – King Crimson. – Inside and outside because it is worthy. Classic all the way……….
      Tales from Topographic Oceans – Yes
      And Bold As Love – James Marshall Hendrix

  11. Profile photo of James H
    James H

    Jimi Hendrix/Crash Landing
    UFO/Lights Out
    Ted Nugent And The Amboy Dukes/Call Of The Wild

  12. Profile photo of Dave H
    Dave H

    Allman Brothers – Live at the Fillmore East – they oozed confidence in this shot
    Cream – Disraeli Gears (you could always spot this album in your pile from a mile away)
    Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request (how many hours did you spend looking for faces in the flowers?)

  13. Profile photo of X

    I’m not a dead head; having a lot of trouble getting their rhythm and melody right in my group class, but I love their album covers. American Beauty…. Also Cream : Disraeli Gears. My dad had that album… Sgt Peppers of course! This is something that we gave up in going to CDs and now EPs: those big glorious, maybe psychedelic or mystical album covers. Funny that in some cases I remember albums because of the art work more than the music. Billy Paul’s War of the Gods….

  14. Profile photo of Lou Q
    Lou Q

    I really miss having a local record store…Yes, all the Roger Dean artwork, especially Fragile.
    Genesis, Duke
    Kansas, Point of no Return

    Now i’m going to have to spend the day going through all my vinyl, Thanks Tony!

  15. Profile photo of Susanne van K
    Susanne van K

    Mike Oldfield – tubelar bells
    Pink Floyd – darkside of the moon

  16. Profile photo of Steve H
    Steve H

    Good suggestions Tony. Sgt Pepper is going to take some beating! I like album covers that get you in the mood for the music even before you play it. Radiohead’s “O.K. Computer”, Sufjan Stevens “Michigan” (done by the editor of Martha Stewart Living!), and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” all do this. They’re also timeless, which is another bonus for those who just buy the t-shirt instead of vinyl/CDs.

  17. Profile photo of Ken G
    Ken G

    Traffic: The low spark of High heeled Boys Pink Floyd: Dark side of the moon Rolling stones: Sticky Fingers

  18. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    How about Styx Peices of Eight for album art? Striking!!
    And how about Boston’s More than a Feeling? I have met people who to this day didn’t realize that the big red “spaceship” is really just an upside down guitar!! Cool.

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