Tony’s Top 3 Martin Guitars for Fingerstyle

Today I want to share with you my top 3 Martin guitars for finger style under $2,000. This is a cool category of guitar because generally we’re looking at smaller body guitars. We’re also looking at guitars that sometimes have a little bit wider nut width and maybe a little bit shorter scale length so they’re easier to play finger styles, some of those weird chord variations that we use.

My Top 3 Martin Guitars for Fingerstyle

Martin000-15SM3. Martin 00015SM

This is a classic traditional looking guitar. It’s a 12-fret body neck joint. It’s all solid mahogany. The top, back, and sides, all solid mahogany. It yields a really cool, really lush warm tone, and it just begs to played with finger style. It’s got slotted head stock. It looks the part and it plays the part really well.

000-17BlackSmoke2. Martin 00L17

This is a brand new model from Martin. I think because it’s a 00, it’s a smaller body size and it has a sloped shoulder, it has this really barky, almost aggressive response that really works well for blues finger picking and even some alternate tuning stuff. It’s really heavy on the fundamental and it’s really easy to finger pick as well.

And last but not least, actually this is my number 1 finger style guitar from Martin for under $2,000.


This is the Swiss Army knife small body guitar from the folks at Martin. You can plug it in. It’s got a Fishman F1 analog pickup. It’s a smaller body size, Sitka spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, super comfortable, and it has a longer scale length. You can still finger pick it, but just in case you want to throw a pick in there or maybe use finger picks and a thumb pick, it’s a great match.

Those are my top 3 Martin guitars for finger style under $2,000. Chances are if you’re watching this video, you’re in the market for an acoustic guitar. You might be buying your first or you might be buying your 10th. I want to help you. I’ve created a buyer’s guide that features guitars of all different categories across all different price ranges. All you have to do to get it is click the link. Go ahead and click the link, grab that buyer’s guide, and good luck on your guitar purchasing journey.

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  1. albert

    Just bought the 00l17 …im totally smitten with this guitar..glad to see you share the sentiment!

  2. Profile photo of ken k
    ken k

    Nice choices – I have the GPCPA4 also. I played a ton of guitars before picking this one. I thought it was the best “value”, or bang for my buck. Plays beautifully plugged as well.
    Ken K
    Middleport, NY

  3. Profile photo of Robert P
    Robert P

    The Martin 00-28vs is excellent for finger style but at a higher price point , though the 00028ec is also quite good but has the added benefit of a better neck and being a great all around instrument and very comfortable to play

  4. Profile photo of Mark A
    Mark A

    I had to sell a 2002 Taylor 814 – CE several years ago and wanted to replace it but didn’t want to spend $3,000 So I chose the Martin GPCPA4 It’s my favorite guitar and I questioned the ritchlite fretboard but the only thing that I noticed is that the Ritchlite was not as dark as the ebony. I sent Martin an email telling them how flawless the guitar was and how much better it sounded than the Taylor in my opinion. Martin agreed LOL Its at the Luthier having a bone saddle made. The luthier said, We’re keeping the action the same and I agreed! Says a lot about Martin set up from the factory

  5. JiM A

    Tony, Doesn’t the 4 have Sapele back/sides? Or do you have another PA model In mind?

    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Great catch!!! Sapele indeed 🙂


    1. Profile photo of Tony P
      Tony P Post author


      Extremely close 🙂 I had to limit it to three (which was very difficult 🙂 ). The 000-17SM is a great fingerpicker!!!


  6. Profile photo of Ryan F
    Ryan F

    I’ve got a GPCPA4-Shaded, and man do I love it. It has such a rich, deep low end, but it doesn’t overpower the high end tones. It’s my first and only “big money” guitar, and I definitely made the right choice.

  7. Profile photo of Keith

    Tony, I’d love to see the same with the new Taylors. Cheers!

  8. Profile photo of Val M
    Val M

    Great List. I love it not only cause of the Value but because they are Martins, I have A Taylor 810 Brazillion Rosewood, have had Gibsons like the J45 but there is nothing like a Martin

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