Top 25 Acoustic Guitar Questions Answered

These are the most popular questions as voted up by Tony’s Acoustic Challenge members during our monthly live hangouts. Sort of a “best of TAC Hangouts” if you will!

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  1. How to Care For Your Acoustic Guitar
  2. 4 Crucial New Guitar Adjustments to Consider
  3. Is the top of an acoustic guitar the most important? How about pick guards?
  4. How to Practice Guitar
  5. Are Blue Chip Picks Worth the Price? Red Bear? Fast Turtle?
  6. Should I use a humidifier in the guitar case?
  7. Is it dangerous to leave acoustic guitars in the cold/heat?
  8. 3 things to consider when buying an acoustic guitar between $1000 – $4000
  9. Best Guitar Under $700 Street Price?
  10. How to Wind Acoustic Guitar Strings (String Change Tips)
  11. Spruce Guitar Tops (What You Need to Know)
  12. How to Increase Acoustic Guitar Humidity
  13. How to Increase Right Hand Accuracy on Acoustic Guitar
  14. Do Bridge Pins Change Acoustic Guitar Tone?
  15. Does a Strap Button Affect the Value of My Guitar? (Best Placement?)
  16. Torrefied vs Non Torrefied Guitar Tops
  17. Coated vs Non Coated Guitar Strings
  18. Pros & Cons of Ordering a Custom Acoustic Guitar
  19. Is it bad to repeatedly tune a guitar from alt to standard?
  20. Is It Bad to Hang My Guitar On The Wall?
  21. Is An All Solid Wood Guitar Worth the Added Cost?
  22. 3 Best Beginner DADGAD Songs To Learn on Acoustic Guitar
  23. What is Cross Picking?
  24. Fingerpicking with Fingernails, fingerpicks, or fingerpads? What’s best?
  25. How often should I change guitar strings?


  1. Tom Gearty

    Thank you so much for your videos a/b’ing equipment. You helped make my decision process so much easier in my latest purchase (2015 Martin HD-28). Make sure you stay busy on those! (PS- I’d love a “GPCPA1+ vs. 814/914ce” battle at some point. Might help with my next purchase!)

    My question- when Tony a/b’s these guitars for us, are they both strung with the same type/gauge strings? Ive tested some otherwise great guitars with a certain company’s strings that make me put that guitar down after 30 seconds of play, but (once changed out for a different company’s set) totally changed my mind.

    Still awesome work either way, but I’d be interested to know how “apples to apples” these battles are!

    Thanks for helping us out! Hope to make it up to MT at some point this summer and plan to stop by and see you all.

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