Top 5 BEST Tommy Emmanuel Performances

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Tommy Emmanuel is an acoustic guitar icon…And he’s also one of the nicest, most genuine, and inspirational artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing. I scoured the internet to find my top 5 best Tommy Emmanuel performances. Click the button to watch this 2 minute Tommy highlight reel!!


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    Greg C. W

    Tony, that’s a great list of performances. I’ve seen Tommy twice (this year) and was amazed and what a great performer and human being he truly is. His cover of Classical Gas got me interested in his music, and his performance of Only Elliot inspired me to pick up the guitar again after many years. Now I play daily!

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    Greg W

    Great list! comes the “but what about…” comments.. Lewis and Clark my all time favorite of his.

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    Mary Elizabeth VonDras

    I first heard of Tommy Emmanuel about a month after I started learning to play the guitar, a few years back, and was smart enough to buy tickets to see him when he played in my city, Green Bay, WI, a few months later! I was completely blown away, but not just by his musicianship. During the concert, he practically gave a little guitar lesson, explaining exactly how he taught himself to play his very complex Beatles Anthology, measure by measure, and he offered heart-felt encouragement to all aspiring guitar players in the audience to spend more time playing, practicing! My favorite piece during the concert was his personal “project,” to recreate the spirit and sound of a Native American performance (mostly woodwind and drums), which had deeply moved him. The sum of this awesome performance convinced me that Tommy is truly a Humanities/Renaissance man of his times: a life-long-learner, an observer and interpreter of human nature, a curious and generous soul who shows respect for the past as well as the courage to create anew,. And to top it off, he’s apparently a very, very hard-working musician, who constantly pushes the limits of his musical comfort zone! If you get a chance to hear him live, don’t miss it!!!

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