Top 5 Videos of Kids Playing Guitar

And for another dose of guitar inspiration, here are 5 Youtube videos that will prompt you to start your guitar on fire!

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  1. Profile photo of Carol M
    Carol M

    Tony thanx for sharing these with us here, they were all just Awesome!! I had already seen Sunga Jung on YouTube and the rest were also just ridiculously talented and beyond inspiring. Yes they do make me want to burn my guitars as I could never ever play that well…. But I’ll trade the matches for a page of TABs and get going anyways. Anyone notice the magnificent model of the Millenium Falcon behind the fiddle player in the last clip?

  2. James Smith

    The love of music and desire to get involved goes a long way for some individual. Sure did show some of us what can be done. Need and desire to make music is certainly shown with these young people.

  3. Stephen Smith

    Check out these Korean kindergarten kids guitar performance. The guitars are bigger than they are and check out the correography on their movements while they play. Truly fantastic.

    Pate link below in your browser

  4. KenA

    And then there’s Quinn Sullivan, who was playing with Buddy Guy at around 6 or 8 year’s old. I’ve got strings older than that.

  5. Profile photo of Brooke S
    Brooke S

    I’m a mom of musical kids who wonders what kind of environment causes THAT to happen. Maybe something you eat while pregnant. Anyway, here’s a super sweet kid I know from a seemingly normal family:
    (WARNING: Not acoustic. Although he kills some Tommy Emmanuel also.)

  6. John

    They’re all great. Sungha Jung impresses me cause he was so young on one of the videos I saw. Also saw Joe Bonamasa at 13 playing with John Lee Hooker & he was amazing.

  7. Daryl Hutton

    Love this it’s great to see and hear young people carrying the torch.

  8. Preston

    Messed up my saturday practice. Ha. Good for them. Pick On Young Un’s

  9. Vince

    Young pliable fingers!Not old and stiff like mine.Love it,There is hope for the future with our young people!

    1. Profile photo of Daryl L
      Daryl L

      This young lady simply hasn’t been alive long enough to play like that, yet she is already playing at a high level. I would love to see what they are taught and how the practice.

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