What is Hybrid Picking? Here’s how you do it!

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Tony Polecastro here and today, we’re going to look at a C major harmonized scale. Please don’t hit the pause button. I know it sounds scary and nerdy, but it’s not. We’re actually going to use this scale to introduce a really cool technique called hybrid picking, where we use our pick and our middle finger to simulate a finger style but more articulated, almost chicken picking kind of a thing. This is just an introduction so this is how to do it.

First, we’re going to go through this series of positions or mini chord shapes. The first one is this, we’re going to have our pointer finger on the first fret of the B, middle finger on the second fret of the D, then we’re going to have our middle finger on the third fret of the D, ring finger on the third fret of the B. Slide that shape up 2 frets. Both of those fingers are now on the fifth fret. Now, our middle finger’s going to bump up to the seventh fret of the D, pointer finger to the 6th fret of the B.

That shape is then going to move up 2 frets, so your middle finger’s now on the ninth fret of the D. Pointer finger is now on the eighth fret of the B, and then your middle finger to the 10th of the D, ring finger to the 10th of the B. That shape moves up 2 frets, so they’re both on the 12th fret, and then our middle finger slides up to the 14th fret of the D and our pointer finger at the 13th fret of the B. That’s the series of shapes, and the way we’re going to play through this is our pick is going to tackle everything on the D string, and our middle finger is going to tackle everything on the B string.

The first run through, we’re just going to pinch the two strings against one another. The second run through, we’re going to pick with the flat pick first and then answer it with the middle finger. That essentially is going to stagger the notes in kind of an eighth note pattern. You’ll hear the difference once you see the example, so we’re going to have a look at the scale and hybrid picking right now.